Spring has sprung, and around here, there’s also a spring in our step. How could there not be, compared to this time last year when it seemed the whole world shape-shifted in many directions? With all that behind us now, we’re ready, willing, and able to get back on track like never before…and for many of us, to make up for lost time.


We’re all a year into living with how the pandemic has re-shaped our world. Many of us have grown, and many have grown weary of it. Who can blame them? Fortunately, there is undoubtedly a revitalized global energy now that tangible progress is being made to stem the virus’s tide, offsetting the deleterious delays over the last year.


What has changed across the state? Plenty. All the markets are different­–many enveloped the social distancing mandates, and many didn’t. By now, we all know too many people who have either suffered from COVID-19 or have been exposed to it. So, what has changed here at Society Texas? I’ve always wanted this magazine and its digital platform to be a party that everyone is invited to and where everyone is always welcome. No matter the circumstances, our state’s sociability continues to drive and inspire us like never before.


You’ll see in this issue, not only our usual abundance of sunny optimism but also an exotic look at things. When the going gets tough, the tough get going…to the exotic Canary Islands, which serves as a gorgeous backdrop for our fashion cover feature shot by Mark Oberlin and styled by Dion “Bleu” Drake. We think it’s a chic way to inspire, not only for the new fashions ahead but also for five-star travel in the near future. Then, a legendary Texan, 1950s movie star Jayne Mansfield, gets the star treatment by Lori Duran, with a look back at her Texas roots and her all-too-brief film career acting with such Tinseltown greats as Cary Grant, Joan Collins, and Maurice Chevalier, to name a few. Plus, we are always on the go, no matter where we may be, so we’ve taken a look at the season’s springiest shoes to keep you in stylish step wherever life takes you. These, along with so many of our writers’ optimistic points of view, curated for today’s topics and happenings, are what we hope you enjoy, too.


Even with the pandemic, no matter when it ends in the near future, the show must go on. And onward the shows went,  across the state, whether by socially safe distancing or by virtual gatherings. Raising money for much-needed non-profit organizations always has been, and always will be, tantamount. We historically have, and continually will be, honored to profile these entities who do so much for so many. Count on us to reflect the best of the best. Hey, it’s what we do.


So, happy spring to you and yours as we move forward with life, liberty, and of course, the pursuit of sublime happiness, among all your opportunities. We look forward to reuniting with all of you soon, in the ballroom, and beyond.


Lance Avery Morgan

Editor-In-Chief & Creative Director

Lance@SocietyTexas.comLance Avery Morgan. Photograpy by Romy Suskin

BY PHOTO:  Portrait photography by Romy Suskin