Weddings are back. Heck, we’re all back. Like never before. In full force. And we are so excited to be celebrating the very special wedding occasions of some of our favorite families across Texas in this issue. No matter the location or style, we feel like there is something for each of you to be inspired by as we celebrate and elevate across these pages. This issue isn’t just about weddings. It’s about witnessing the kind of spectacle that makes fireworks at a rock concert seem like child’s play. We’ve spared no satin, lace, and certainly no expense. If your definition of ‘wedding goals’ includes swans as ring bearers, a guest list longer than the Great Wall of China, and a dress that requires its own zip code – you’re in for a treat.

We’ve had plenty of experiences over the years covering larger-than-life weddings. We once sat down with a groom over martinis who insisted on getting married in a medieval castle. Suit of armor included. Apparently, he figured that if he was going to make a lifelong commitment, he might as well do it with a sword by his side. Chivalry isn’t dead; it’s often dressed simply in a snazzy tuxedo. Another groom we encountered wanted to arrive at his ceremony by helicopter because why walk down the aisle when you can make an entrance worthy of an action movie hero?

One bride, quite a lovely lass, we met along the way wanted to make her grand debut on a boat adorned with enough flowers to put the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to shame. Practical? Maybe not. But hey, it’s all about the pizzazz and heart-stopping memorable moments, right? We also understand one bride demanded her bridesmaids undergo a rigorous boot camp to achieve ‘wedding-worthy’ fitness. We can only hope they at least got a slice of the twelve-tiered cake as compensation.

On the topic of love, and there’s been plenty written about it in these pages now and over the years with how our nuptial participants met, fell in love, proposed, planned their weddings with families, made things very public or kept them private, honeymooned and then settled into their lives together officially as newlyweds. We are here to guide you through that labyrinth of love, lace, and some ludicrously expensive ceremonies. So, our wildly talented editorial, publishing, and design teams have risen to new heights with this issue. And through those efforts, we have wrangled thousands of participants, stories, and images to create what you are looking at right now. If you’re in the throes of planning your own nuptials or just living vicariously through the extravagant fantasies of others, our luxury weddings offer inspiration for everyone. For a dose of reality amidst the tulle and tiaras, we offer an array of impressive, Texas-sized ceremonies on a silver platter.

This issue promises an adventure into a world where love knows no limits and wedding planners have magical powers. Whether you’re single, taken, or just here for the free planning tips (we don’t judge), we’re here for you. So, grab a copy, find a comfy seat (preferably on a throne made of roses), and prepare to be swept away by the grandeur, glitz, and sheer audacity of love. Let’s toast to the extravagance, boundless creativity, and undeniably stylish chaos that is often the biggest day of our lives. We bid you adieu, still knee-deep in cufflinks and confetti…


Lance Avery Morgan

Editor-In-Chief &

Creative Director

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Portrait photography by Romy Suskin