Coming to a bookstore near you soon is the latest book by Lance Avery Morgan. Set in the Golden Age of Hollywood in 1932, the rise and rise of film starlet Sarita Silva will inspire you to create your destiny your own way.

There are bushels of them. At least two and a half dozen floral bouquets, in just about every color of the rainbow, are arriving by the truckload at Preeminent Pictures, the biggest little major movie studio in Hollywood. An array of tuberoses, peonies, orchids, and gardenias, all ensconced in elaborately towering vases with gift cards of congratulations and well-wishes, have been delivered since dawn. Their destination is the dressing room of Sarita Silva, forever more known as Academy Award-winning Sarita Silva. The journey in which she receives the fabled golden statue has been rather brief by Hollywood terms, yet arduous to be sure. 


Little did she know, as she naps poolside at her Bel Air rental, less than 10 miles away from Preeminent, sleeping off what was a combination of too much champagne and Duck a L’Orange that the real journey of a lifetime had only begun.


It all has to start somewhere, like all great stories filled with love, heartache, success, and misfortune. Every life is as chock full of them as a cellophane bag of mixed nuts, especially in Hollywood. The bright California sun bathes Hollywood’s bustling, freshly tarred streets in lemony golden hues, setting the stage for both glittering dreams and powerful ambitions to collide.


Among the starry-eyed dreamers, like the tens of thousands of young, ambitious, and beautiful women and men before her, Sarita Silva steps off the bus with intense hope in her heart and determination in her youthful stride. A vision of grace and beauty, she knows she has to take a chance on her dream of becoming a movie star. In fact, her aim is to be the world’s most talented movie star.


The year, 1932, and Hollywood, the City of Dreams, is ablaze in the clinquant daylight with the glimmer of its mostly Spanish Revival architecture…and the distinct aroma of opportunity. Among the hopefuls chasing fame and fortune, the striking Sarita’s Silva realizes her radiant smile is not enough to ignite the silvery screen where celluloid dreams are being conjured every minute of the day somewhere in the world. But her secret weapon is that she possesses genuine talent.


 Busloads of Hollywood hopefuls fall off the turnip truck on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, the always-stirring epicenter where fantasies could come true, and often, life could change in what seemed to be almost overnight. That is what is so wonderful about Hollywood, that state of mind of Hollywood, anyway. Truly anything is possible. If can be dreamed, then it can made, or filmed. On the movie industry’s menu is a veritable feast served of possibilities: freedom, riches, personal fulfillment…and yes, even love.


Sarita straightens the hem of her lavender floral print dress that is accentuated with organdy blouson sleeves and makes sure her gloves remain pristinely white as she steadily holds the rail until she steps onto the sidewalk from the bus. As she navigates her way to the labyrinthine studio stages that lay ahead, Sarita’s almond-shaped and expressive eyes sparkle with excited anticipation. Giddy, really.


The Preeminent Studio gates, freshly painted in navy blue with shiny, intertwining copper Ps to represent the logo of Preeminent, loom ahead of her. The indelible gates are guarded by imposingly authoritative figures in gate-matching navy uniforms, like the police back in Sarita’s hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. She steels herself and walks forward, her fingers trembling as she clutches the audition script for the leading role in a highly anticipated upcoming romantic drama, I Am My Own Woman.


         Ambition courses through her veins, propelling her to conquer the challenges that await in the City of Angels. Sarita is not just content with being a visual spectacle; she possesses an innate talent that sets her apart. Whether it’s her voice, her acting skills, or a combination of both, she has a natural gift that draws attention immediately toward her whenever she steps into a room.


          However, beneath the glamorous exterior and the sparkle of Tinseltown, Sarita is not immune to the challenges that newcomers face. She grapples with what little she has heard about the complexities of the industry, navigating a landscape that can be both thrilling and treacherous. Despite the pitfalls, her determination remains unyielding, and she is willing to fight for her place in the spotlight.