When I was a child actor in community theatre plays and often around mostly adult actors, I looked so forward to being a grown-up. True, I was in a fictionalized cast with fellow actors who were already grown-up, yet I waited in anticipation of being an adult as well. From the hit play near to my heart, Auntie Mame, a breathless expectation of the future, was the cornerstone of the rapid-fire grown-up dialogue. One line still resonates: Light the candles, Get the ice out, Roll the rug up, It’s today!


I have a feeling the rest of the world, like we at Society Texas, is lighting candles, getting the ice out, and rolling up the rug as today–and the tomorrows–all bring a breath of welcome fresh air as we move beyond COVID. With the losses and sacrifices from the pandemic still fresh on our minds, as with any problem-solving technique, we’re looking toward the ripe potential that many tomorrows hold.  Because, even though there is so much to accomplish, the Universe is more expansive than our view of it.


Each and every one of us gets the opportunity to have a new lease on life with this broader view. As Abraham Lincoln once famously said, “I want it said of me by those who knew me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.” So, my question for many at the again now-often dinner parties and social events is: how will you enhance who you are and what you do for the future? What will you do differently, do better, make right, and how will you view the world in perhaps a different light moving forward?


With this in mind, as we are all adults and usually love being one, it’s an exciting time to take steps to reignite and reengage for what’s up ahead in mature ways. Our team is mighty eager to resume what we know and create a bright tomorrow, so what you see in these pages is an unabashedly optimistic look at how much the world and global travel means to all of us. We want it to serve as an inspiration to set sail on new voyages, both literally and metaphorically. Along with our other great stories, profiles, interviews, and insight, we want this summer to be infinitely better than the one before it.


So, suit up and dive into life like never before and we look forward to seeing you all across the state…and the globe, because, as we well know, where there is a Texan, there is fun.


Lance Avery Morgan


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Photo credit by portrait: Photography by Romy Suskin