Happy New Year with all the excitement it promises. And what an opportunity to make it the best year it can be. A wise sage once told me…be mindful of the energy you bring to any situation or room. It’s something I think about often as we here at Society Texas enter so many of your rooms, ballrooms, and lives. With that in mind, we always do our best to bring you the energy of renewal and refreshment–something, someone, or some place you haven’t seen before. With the beginning of a crisp new year and certainly, with all the weddings we are celebrating in this issue, we love seeing how new lives, formerly separate, form as one.


Being in so many rooms and lives like we are, I believe we owe it to others, and ourselves, to be as interesting as we can. It’s something I learned at a relatively early age from my family and surroundings. To be well-read, well-cultured, and well-exposed. With the world at our fingertips these days, often on the phone, it’s never been easier to incorporate the best of what the world has to offer to help us curate our in-person conversations better.


To me, it’s all about the real-time connectivity we all are able to possess. It’s those savored moments where we share valuable lifelong relationships. It’s about the people, not the flash and the dash. Shiny experiences and shiny things come and go. Silver tarnishes, and gold can melt. Yet, our people…families, friends, and colleagues are in it forever, hopefully. We sure think so around here. Case in point, we are mighty grateful for our editorial, design, and publishing teams who continue to dazzle in every issue with their remarkable talents. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, they create stories, find people, and astonish me at every turn in our printed and digital platforms.


In this new year, we wish you only the best life has to offer and that you seek more role models rather than movements. To seek people who are the real deal and lead by example and actions, not with maliciously divisive words and actions. So, pick up a torch and shine your light as a beacon of hope for others. We’re all in it together, and we’ll see you soon in the ballroom, on the web, and in person to share more great moments together.


Lance Avery Morgan

Editor-In-Chief &

Creative Director


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Portrait photography by Romy Suskin