By Eleanora Morrison
Photography courtesy of Nicole Mera

Private jeweler / graduate gemologist Nikki Swift’s company Nicole Mera is quickly becoming a brand name with a reputation that is picking up speed across South Texas and beyond. Popular among brides and grooms who appreciate classic or contemporary custom creations, Nicole Mera offers clients the opportunity to make meaningfully personalized pieces. Although weddings are a sweet spot, Swift’s services extend well beyond bridal and engagement rings.  

With competitive pricing and quality that equates her pieces to the luxurious lusters of Harry Winston and Tiffany, her efficient concierge approach removes up-ticked costs guaranteed by the big name brands. 

For Swift, gemology is a passion that is rooted far more deeply than just interest in making a quick sale. Nicole Mera’s brand is as much about educating customers and curating a thorough shopping experience as it is about selling shining jewels. Swift is devoted to ensuring that her clients make informed decisions regarding their purchases, and that their pieces remain sound investments that stand the test of time. A pillar of the Nicole Mera experience is for clients to be treated to the best product there is without having to lift a finger. 

In September, Swift is excited to be launching a new Educations Series offered by Nicole Mera. She will educate groups of 8-10 people about colored stones, diamonds, jewelry manufacturing, and much more.

“I think what allows me to stand apart from other jewelers and retailers is that I have this deep understanding of stones and a passion behind them. My ultimate goal is to spread this passion and help women find stones and diamonds that speak to them, so they aren’t just wearing a piece of jewelry, but something of meaning that also tells a story.” I want women to learn about the gems they are purchasing so that they can become collectors, lovers, and hopefully the ones sharing the knowledge of their favorite gemstones to friends and family. Legacy is what this business is all about.
Learn more by watching the video below. To book an appointment with Nikki Swift visit To connect with Nicole Mera and discover more of her work on Instagram, follow her @nicole_mera__

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