Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Hosts 2020 Winter Ball

By Jennifer Roosth Photography Daniel Ortiz and Jacob Power

THE SETTING: Over 550 guests gathered at the Hilton Americas for the 33rd anniversary of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation 2020 Winter Ball, themed Warm Friends on a Winter Night. Glorious gowns took center stage as 11 Houston-area women were honored for their volunteerism in the Houston community.

THE STYLE: The cocktail hour, the dinner, and the live and silent auctions all contributed to the success of the evening. For 33 years, the Chron’s & Colitis Foundation and ABC13 have celebrated remarkable women in Houston. This event’s theme and honorees were chosen as representatives of friendship and the caring spirit of Houston toward its many philanthropic organizations. This year’s Women of Distinction honorees were Cheryl Byington, Zane Carruth, Theresa Chang, Elsie Eckert, Myrtle Jones, Brigitte Kalai, Kelley Lubanko, Joy McCormack, Hannah McNair, Mary Tere Perusquia and Betty Hrncir, the 2020 Ambassador. The evening was led by emcee Tom Koch of ABC13, and produced by Ellie Francisco and Niki Smith.

THE PURPOSE: Lesha Elsenbrook and Bobbie Nau chaired the Winter Ball, both former Women of Distinction, and Sidney Faust and Cora Sue Mac, served as Honorary Chairs, also past Women of Distinction and Ambassadors. The event raised over $800,000. Honored Heroes Marni Goldman, Blake Hicks, Faith Stuchly, and Ambassador Caitlin Rowley, shared their stories and journeys with Crohn’s disease, demonstrating the importance of the funds raised at the event. The night’s major sponsors included Sewell Automotive Companies, Tootsies, H-E-B, BB&T/SunTrust (now Truist), Gittings, and Tenenbaum Jewelers.


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