By Lance Avery Morgan      Photography courtesy of L’BRI Pure ‘n Natural Products and author’s own

Since this is our wedding issue, we wanted to devote some time to our male readers. Whether you’re the groom with your special day, or it’s just another Tuesday in Texas, looking your best reflects feeling your best. Men’s grooming products can be confusing…and it can be a jungle out there with all the potions, lotions and notions making promises for better skin in moments. While many products are indeed worthy, and live up to their reputation (and price), we’ve found a new alternative: L’BRI Pure ‘n Natural.

We have found a difference for the first time we used the product. In fact, we saw and felt an immediate difference. When L’BRI specialist Christine Cox Aubin contacted me and recommended the products to try, I could tell L’BRI was special. “It’s the healing power of aloe that you feel,” she said. “It’s all natural, and as you know, what goes on your skin goes into your blood system, so why shouldn’t it be as natural as possible?”

In fact, aloe barbadensis (the “best of the best” among aloe species) is the first ingredient in L’BRI’s skin care, hair and body products. Most skin care products on the market use water as first ingredient filler, which is very drying and dilutes. Plus, the natural vitamins, herbs, sea plants and botanicals formulated to heal, nurture and rejuvenate the skin. According to the folks at L’BRI, the products contain no drying alcohols, no parabens, pore-clogging waxes or heavy oils, and no artificial colors. Aubin goes on to say, “I’ve used expensive products my entire life. Not only is L’BRI better than them, it also offers more value.”

From the morning shave to shower to busy day…and a final face wash at the end of a long day, I could tell my skin looked—and felt—healthier. I look forward to using L’BRI to help me turn back the hands of time, thwart sun damage and to help me keep putting my best face forward. Here are a few of the products to try…with more information and ordering that can be found at

The Hand & Body Lotion for Men: $17.25

Lightweight hand and body lotion formulated distinctly for men to relieve dryness and heal rough, calloused skin. This aloe vera enriched body lotion is formulated with antioxidants, fruit extracts, vitamins and botanicals to help skin feel healthy and smooth. 8 oz.

The Body Wash for Men: $17.95

Ideal for bath or shower to thoroughly cleanse away daily grime and impurities. This enriched body wash is formulated with antioxidants, fruit extracts, vitamins and botanicals to leave skin feeling revitalized. The natural masculine scents of bergamot and patchouli leave skin feeling fresh and smelling great. 8 oz.