Elizabeth Adams And Edward “Chap” Bernet Marry In San Miguel de Allende

By Jake Gaines
Photography by Rox de Luna

Elizabeth Adams, the daughter of Ann and Frank Adams and Edward “Chap” Bernet, the son of Clemmie and Brant Bernet, both of Dallas, suspected they might have a future together way back at Highland Park Middle School. Elizabeth remembered Chap as the funny tall kid in the D.A.R.E. skits and Chap remembered Elizabeth as the tall girl surrounded by friends while walking the track.

The flame ignited in high school and heated up through college (she graduated from the University of Texas and he graduated from Texas Tech University) until the couple became engaged in Boston in 2018. That’s when Chap took Elizabeth on a train to a small beach for the day on their anniversary. A Nor’easter had just passed through, so it was chilly and the waves were massive, according to the couple. Everyone in the sleepy, quaint town was out watching the waves, so privacy was scarce. Chap led Elizabeth on several walks to locate the perfect spot and finally found it by the harbor. Words, laughs and tears were shared until Chap bent down on one knee, and the bride-to-be said yes.

Both loving Mexico, the couple were married in San Miguel de Allende. The festivities kicked off with the rehearsal dinner at Casa San Panco and the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende served as the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception. “The décor, created by Macadamia Flores, was comprised of seasonal flowers from the Guanajuato region that matched the colorful streets of the quaint Mexican city; pinks, reds, yellows and pops of greenery,” shared Elizabeth Adams Bernet. “Guests walked through the Rosewood Lavender Garden upon arrival, where the Jacaranda trees bloomed in vibrant purple and Pampas grass framed the ceremony site.” Brian Worley Productions and Suzanne Reinhard Events teamed to produce the nuptial gathering weekend.

The bride walked down the aisle wearing a Spanish lace, strapless gown by Monique Lhuillier. Her earrings were from her late grandmother, a pearl ring was borrowed from her other grandmother, and lace was sewn into the hem of her dress that came from the wedding gown of the groom’s grandmother. Elizabeth borrowed her veil from her older sister, Stacy Hicks and the blue sapphire fashioned to her bouquet was her father’s first wedding anniversary gift to her mother. When Chap first saw Elizabeth, he started sobbing. Then, she tripped slightly and began laughing with her father, who escorted her, which caused Chap’s tears to turn into the biggest smile, according to the bride. The groom wore a custom Knot Standard white dinner jacket and custom navy tuxedo pants and sported a set of his great grandfather’s cufflinks that he borrowed from his father.

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A dear friend of the couple’s, Elly Hutchings, officiated the wedding and was chosen for her close relationship with Elizabeth and Chap. Commented the couple, “Her way with words always speaks to her positive, contagious spirit.” Elizabeth’s cousins played the processional music at the ceremony where the couple was surrounded by their attendants. The bride’s sisters attended her with Stacy Hicks as matron of honor and Caroline Adams as her maid of honor. The 10 bridesmaids were: Daisy Bernet, Elizabeth Bernet, Phoebe Bernet, Georgie Ferrell, Erica Hubble, Francis Nolan, Ellie O’Neil, Melanie Proctor, Mary Margaret Shamburger, and Laura Wright. The groom’s best man was Charlie Bernet and serving as his 10 groomsmen were: Matt Bonano, Chris Calandro, Dodge Carter, Mack Hicks, Steve Lander, Billy Langhenry,  Edward Neblett, Madison Oden, Tyler Riek, and Ben Stevens. Elizabeth asked her house party to wear bright colors and sit on the aisles so she could see their faces on the way in and out, and they also threw colorful flower petals during the mariachi recessional.

After the ceremony, the venue for the reception had a fantastic view of the Parroquia parish church that was ensconced with ambient and chandelier lighting that created the perfect ambiance for guests dancing under the stars. A buffet and seated supper included guacamole, ceviche and carving stations. As the reception progressed, the first 10 songs (including the first dance) were played by Chap’s family; his grandfather, uncle, father and sister until Elizabeth & Chap joined the band for the last two songs. In fact, Chap performed a song that he had especially written for Elizabeth.

Then, the two DJs took over and as the night progressed, guests swapped their heels for Crocs, colorful ties were passed out for guests to tie around their heads and the DJs drew war paint markings in  pink, red and yellow paint on all of the guests. It was the perfect night. “The Rosewood was beautiful and Elizabeth was the most gorgeous bride anyone had ever seen,” shared the groom. The Rosewood also designed and created the multi-tiered cake that was adorned with fresh flowers and the house party laid their bouquets around it.

The happy couple spent their honeymoon on the Taha’a island in French Polynesia. They make their home in Nashville where the bride works in digital marketing at Suretone Entertainment and the groom is in corporate entertainment booking at the APA Agency. San Miguel will always hold a special place in their hearts and they plan to return often.

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Alice Johnson and Nick Adair MaRry In The Hill Country

By Eleanora Morrison 
Photography by Jennifer Lindberg

Alice Johnson of San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country and Nick Adair of Houston found love in an unexpected place. What began as a professional relationship when Alice applied for a position with Nick’s family restaurant business, Adair Concepts, sparked into a romance only after the newlyweds had worked together for quite some time. After nearly three years of courtship, Alice and Nick tied the knot during a picturesque daytime ceremony under the Texas sun, surrounded by their nearest and dearest family and friends.

With a shared respect of family and tradition, it was only fitting that Alice and Nick planned an authentically elegant and intimate gathering at the bride’s family-owned Chinquapin Ranch in Mountain Home, Texas. Alice’s parents, Cecilia and George Hager and the late Kley Johnson, and Nick’s parents, Betsy and Gary Adair, welcomed 75 of their family members to celebrate the matrimony of their children.

Alice wore a bespoke wedding gown by San Antonio designer Veronica Prida. A collaborative effort between the bride and  designer created the consummate daytime-formal look. Prida used a Swiss dot fabric that incorporated the delicate and feminine embroidery the bride had designed digitally, thus bringing Alice’s  vision to life. The coloration theme of the wedding and reception was inspired by a page out of Lynn von Kersting’s coffee table book, La Strada della Dolce Vita (which means more color, more flowers).

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Maggie Gillespie of Maggie Gillespie Designs deftly planned and coordinated the chic celebration, evoking the most genuine and authentic union of both families. The bride’s attendants were her first cousins, Lila Chumbley Malone, Sarita Pitt Francis, and Allegra Pitt Hawkins. The groomsmen attending Nick were his brother, Scott Adair and his brother-in-law, Paul Barnhart. The bride’s cousin, Stella McMurrey and uncle, Fred McBride sang during the ceremony, and flower girls Sita Francis, Wallis Hager and Noland Hager, and ring bearers Nelson Francis and Wynn Barnhart nearly stole the show.

After the exchange of vows, guests took their seats under a classic white tent enveloped in  greenery and flowers for a brunch reception on the lawn overlooking the water. Sophie Lochte of Sophie’s Bakery in Fredericksburg made the wedding cake  with vanilla and confetti on the inside and  flowers cascading down the side. After brunch shared by the families toasting, dancing and just enjoying the afternoon, everyone changed into their swimsuits and spent the rest of the day swimming  at the ranch. Then, that evening guests loaded a bus and enjoyed dinner at Francisco’s in Kerrville, hosted by the groom’s family, complete with mariachis and more festive celebration. After dinner the attendees ended the evening at the local speakeasy bar, Azul, across the street from the restaurant. It was a memorable day that began at Chinquapin Ranch, which is also available for special event rentals.

The newlyweds and their immediate families all traveled together to Capri, Italy for a group vacation the day after the wedding. The couple then traveled on to South Africa for the remainder of their honeymoon exploring Cape Town, Franschhoek, Kruger National Park and Mozambique. The couple resides in Houston, where Alice is in freelance marketing and Nick is co-owner of Adair Concepts.

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Shara Ticku And Bennet Grill Marry In Marfa

By Eleanora Morrison 
Photography by
Matthew Alvarado of Beloved Photography

It was a match made in Manhattan. For Shara Ticku and Bennet Grill, romance first began to bud the night they met, when they discovered they shared a common bond…that they each called San Antonio home. They grew  together through nearly eight-years of courtship while living and working in New York City. The couple would venture west to rest under the open, starry skies of Texas, which is why it’s no surprise they chose to unite their loved ones and friends and wed in an elegant and cinematic setting in Marfa.  

With a shared admiration for adventure, it was only fitting that Shara and Bennet planned an authentically bohemian fête at the modernized and repurposed local hotspot, Hotel St. George. In a nod to the history of Marfa, where many cherished memories were made for the bride and groom throughout their dating years, the ceremony was held on the lawn of the iconic pink Presidio County Courthouse on the town’s main street. Shara’s parents, Beth and Forrester Smith and the late Dr. Maharaj Ticku, and Bennet’s parents, Jill and Kevin Grill, welcomed 250 guests to celebrate the matrimony of their children.

The bride had twenty attendants, including Leslie Ticku (the bride’s sister) and Calvin Smith (the bride’s step-sister) as her maids of honor. Her eighteen bridesmaids were: Wendy Bowman, Campbell Cannon, Kathryn Conner, Juliana Dusek, Amanda Fox, Eileen Griffith, Juliann Grill, Grace Grill, Katelyn King, Alicia Kuhn, Gracie LePere, Laura McKnight, Ashley Moser, Libby Nichols, Whitney  Park,  Lauren Reinbach, Lauren Romano, Amanda Smith, and Sydney Wallace. The groom had six attendants, including Best Man, Austin Esecson, with Corbin Page, Sean Quinn, Chris Straka,  McLean Smith, and Barrett Sullivan, serving as his groomsmen.

Shara wore a bespoke wedding gown, by designer Hermione de Paula of London that featured embroidered red roses along the bottom of the train. The coloration theme of the wedding and reception was inspired by West Texas sunsets and Georgia O’Keefe’s famed painting, Summer Days. The elegant palette of red, orange, pink and terracotta created a perfectly picturesque backdrop for the event. After the ceremony, the wedding party led a walking parade with all 250 guests down Marfa’s main Highland Street, with mariachis memorably serenading the joyous commute to the reception.

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Carol Peterson, Michelle West and the Gage Hotel wedding team from The Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas flawlessly executed a reception to remember. The signature  drink of the evening was named Ghost Lights, as a tribute to the Marfa Lights. Ranch Water (the bride and groom’s favorite) was also a specialty cocktail of the celebratory weekend. San Antonio’s Paloma Blanca restaurant’s famously irresistible Tres Leches cake was the inspiration for the wedding cake, which was made using the restaurant’s exact recipe.

The Motts band of Austin had guests on their feet dancing all night, and even learned to play a special requested song for the bride and groom, Scar Tissue by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band ended the reception with a classic, Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and sent the newlyweds off in harmony. The late night was topped off with an after-party at the Brite Building, where freshly baked sausage and jalapeño kolaches fed a hungry and happy crowd. Built in 1831, the Brite Building sits in the heart of downtown Marfa, located above the Ayn Foundation, which houses several Andy Warhol artworks.

The newlyweds honeymooned in equal partadventure and relaxationThey began with skiing in Japanand ended in Kauai at the St. Regis Princeville Resort. The couple resides in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood, where Shara is the founder and CEO of C16 Biosciences, a biotech startup she founded that uses biology to produce sustainable alternatives to palm oil, and where Bennet is a principal at Blue Wolf Capital, a private equity firm based in New York.

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Amber Scanio and Al Koehler Marry In Austin

By Rob Giardinelli
Photography by Sarah Doliver and Ben Porter

Amber Scanio and Al Koehler were recently married in a surprise ceremony at the Tarrytown, West Austin home of Chico and Wendy Korth. Amber, a native of Keller, Texas and a University of Texas at Austin alumna and Al, a native of Houston and a Texas A&M alumnus, first met at a birthday party the groom hosted at his home in 2016.

After a two year courtship, in the summer of 2018 while vacationing in London, the couple became engaged at their favorite spot in the city, a private club in the Mayfair section of England’s capital. “As we were about to walk out to meet some friends for dinner, Al told me to wait a second because he had to ask me something,” muses the bride, Amber Scanio Koehler. “My heart skipped a beat. I knew what was about to happen.” She went on to say, “Right there in our cozy room, Al got down on one knee, grabbed my hands and told me he’s known that he wanted to spend forever with me from the very beginning. When he asked me if I would marry him, tears were already streaming down my face. I shouted yes.”

Seven months after their engagement, the couple invited 250 of their family and closest friends to an engagement party at the Korth residence. As partygoers arrived on a picture perfect, crisp late winter evening, some eagle-eyed revelers noticed a stunning Sperry Tent in the back yard that was visible from the street. It left some to wonder if something bigger might be in store beyond what was already supposed to be a very special night.

At the beginning of the evening, the happy couple effortlessly and graciously played the role of party hosts but then  they sneaked away for a “costume change”. While preparing to get ready for their nuptials, a funny thing happened: the zipper of Amber’s engagement party dress became stuck. “I only had a couple of minutes to change into my wedding gown. Instead of panicking, my best friends’ were quick to pull out the scissors to cut the party dress off. We couldn’t risk messing up my hair and makeup,” Amber recalled.

Shortly before the bride and groom were to walk down the aisle, guests were asked to gather in the tent in the back yard. As they walked in, against the backdrop of a Flamenco guitarist, the attendees were dazzled by the white David Kurio-designed floral decor inside and knew the evening was about to get much more special. Chico Korth addressed the audience from the altar and after asking guests to put their phones away for a few moments, let them know they were indeed about to attend a wedding. Al and Amber made a grand entrance into the tent where the bride glowed in a Nicole Miller dress from Unbridaled with a pearl and beaded broach perfectly placed in her hair. Then, the officiate of the ceremony, John Scott, asked friends and family in attendance, “Will you love, support and protect Al and Amber through their lives together?” before the couple whispered their vows in an intimate way so that only they could hear themselves.

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Following the ceremony, guests ventured to the main house for the cake cutting. The multi-tiered cake, in keeping with the white and crème color scheme of the wedding, was polka-dotted with beautiful, intricate ivory pearls and cream colored roses with rose sugar flowers and a floral base covering the bottom tier. After the cake cutting, the happy guests sipped on the couple’s two signature cocktails, Watermelon Martinis and Moscow Mules, while enjoying passed appetizers, as well as burgers and fries courtesy of P-Terry’s.

As the couple departed from the reception, they were showered with fresh, white rose petals by cheering onlookers. The bride and groom then invited guests to board luxury coaches for the after party at the home of Joe and Kirstin Ross, located close by  the wedding venue, where the fun continued for the euphoric guests well into the wee hours of the morning.

The couple, who have a mutual love for travel, plan on a globe-trotting, four-continent trilogy of belated honeymoon trips that will take place over several months. The couple jetted off to Amsterdam and Croatia in May, and after returning to Austin, they left for Europe on a romantic Italian getaway to Positano and Venice in July. Their third honeymoon will be a month-long trip in August and September that will include stops in New Zealand, Vietnam, the Maldives, Kenya, and Istanbul with a final stop in the city where the groom proposed, London.

They reside in Austin where Amber works in marketing, while Al is the founder of Royalty Clearinghouse, an oil and gas acquisition company.

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Victoria Davis and Mitchell Dan Marry In Dallas

By Claire-Lise Greve  
Photography by Claire Casner Photography

Before bending on one knee and popping the question, Mitchell Dan created the perfect proposal. He wrote a heartwarming book about his storybook romance with Victoria Davis and, with the help of her closest high school girlfriends, rigged a white elephant gift exchange to hide the surprise. Her friends made her read the book aloud and when “real life had caught up to the story,” Mitchell walked out of the closet and proposed to Victoria.

At the beginning of their story, Victoria was a young lady from Dallas, and Mitchell was a young man from San Antonio who had both chosen to further their education at the University of Texas at Austin. As luck would have it, the two love birds would meet and end up falling in love. Victoria, the daughter of Kathy and Doug Williams, and Charles Davis, and Mitchell, the son of Nicole and Charles Dan, dated for four exciting years filled with traveling, cooking, and quality time with family and friends. “We really tried to soak up the fun times in life,” doted the couple, “we both appreciate the spontaneity of each other.” And that spontaneity that Victoria fell in love with was exemplified perfectly in the story of how Mitchell proposed. 

After a fifteen month engagement, the couple tied the knot at the Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University in the bride’s hometown of Dallas. The picturesque church with a magnificent steeple and grand columns made a spectacular backdrop for the couple’s memorable event for the black tie occasion.  

The evening before the nuptials, the couple’s rehearsal dinner reflected elements of Michell’s hometown with a seated Mexican dinner adorned with festive decor that added some San Antonio flavor that included Otomi tablecloths, terra cotta mission churches, personalized papel picado, and bright floral arrangements with ribbons.

Both the bride and groom had 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen attendants. Attending Victoria were Marylyn Toledo as her maid of honor with Sarah Dan, Catherine Davis, Morgan Doyle, Alexis Euart,  Christina Florey, Camryn Pennington, Mary Clare Pugh, Taylor Williams, and Kelly Winkle. Attending Mitchell was Tyler Dan as his best man, Brady Blonkvist, Chad Davis, Graham Davis, Evan Golden, Clark Hudnall, Trevor Lovelady, Luke Maloy, Bryson Marshall, and Philip Massari.  

The bride walked down the aisle in a stunning princess style gown with a sweetheart neckline by Rita Vinieris from Ivory Bridal Atelier. For her “something blue,” Mitchell surprised Victoria with a dazzling pair of custom earrings from Lindsey Leigh Jewelry. Victoria’s mother also had a custom “something blue” ring designed for her. The blue and white floral decor, which were featured at both the ceremony and reception, were fashioned by The Garden Gate Dallas and contributed exceptionally well to the blue, white and blush coloration of the wedding.

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While the 250 guests made their way to the reception at the Royal Oaks Country Club, the bride and groom were able to sneak in a secluded moment together where they enjoyed a glass of champagne and hors d’ oeuvres. At the reception, the guests enjoyed an exceptional and sentimental wine since the bride’s parents are investors in the Sonoma Valley Wine Cast, where they grow their own grapes and create delectable wines on their land near Healdsburg, California.

For dinner, the guests were treated to a culinary selection featuring a magnificent filet, crab cakes, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Afterward, the couple cut into their six-tier cake designed by Dallas Affaires Cakes, which featured their custom logo in the center adorned with blue flowers around it. Since Mitchell works in the oil industry, it was only fitting to incorporate elements of his career in  the groom’s cake. Based on the design that Mitchell created, it was a 3D look into the earth’s subsurface in a typical gulf coast oil trap that featured an oil derrick and work crew on top of the cake. 

The wedding planner, Kay Watson, flawlessly executed the dazzling reception for the happy couple. The musical stylings of the Empire 6 Band entertained the guests as they danced under the glamour of the grand chandelier. One of the couple’s favorite moments of the night was when Mitchell’s grandmother, Meme, raised her cane and, in his words, “lit up the dance floor with some incredible moves at the age of 86.” At the end of the reception,  Mitchell and Victoria did a private dance before the guests lined up for the couple’s grand exit into a 1959 Rolls Royce. 

The newlyweds traveled to Greece for their honeymoon where they explored the picturesque countryside and villages. The couple resides in Houston, Texas where Victoria is a pediatric intensive care nurse and Mitchell is a petroleum geologist at Dunn Exploration. 

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