The Order Of The Alamo Hosts The Court Of The Grand Tour Coronation


By Jake Gaines         Photography by Katie Clementson, Billo Smith Photography

With a much anticipated and celebratory return to San Antonio’s beloved Fiesta events and traditions, The Order of the Alamo presented an elegant coronation of its Queen and her court, The Court of the Grand Tourin a dazzling ceremony staged at the enchanting Majestic TheaterThis year’s theme transported spectators on an epic visual adventure that paid homage to the historic Grand Tour tradition of 18th and 19th century Europe. 

A rite of passage for aristocratic young men and women of England, those who embarked on a Grand Tour after their graduation would ride luxury carriages throughout Europe for three to four years on a journey to further their cultural education. The Court of the Grand Tour‘s gown and train designs were inspired by extensive research and honored several cities of the Grand Tour, as well as iconic architecture and crafts from each stop—from the Alhambra of Granada, Spain and the watches of Geneva, Switzerland to Londons Westminster Abbey and Italys famed glassmakers. 

The Mistress of the Robes, Alicia Brusenhan, worked tirelessly alongside dressmakers to bring the elaborate vision to fruition. Under Brusenhan’s leadership, the creative team began designing the courts 26 Queen, Princess, and Duchess dresses and robes for many months before the coronation ceremony. The Court Artists were Lisa Hanson and Francie Calgaard. 


The Queen of The Court of the Grand Tour was Ian Parker Brusenhan, the Mistress of the Robes’ daughter, and was attended by Princess Marguerite Holton Stewart and 24 duchesses from San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and beyond. The 2022 President of the Order of the Alamo was R. Webb Sellers, Jr. The Coronation Chairman was Barclay Houston, while Brett Balthrope served as Lord High Chamberlain. 



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Heartfelt Debut Party For Caroline Kelleher And Maggie Kelleher

By Jake Gaines Photography by Jenna-Beth Lyde

THE SETTING: Valentine’s Day was the chosen theme and timing for this colorful San Antonio debutante party. The honorees Caroline Kelleher, a graduate of The University of Texas and the daughter of Lisa and Mike Kelleher, and Maggie Kelleher, a graduate of Southern Methodist University and the daughter of Kathy and David Kelleher, made sure the theme of love was in the air. The cousins and their families welcomed guests to a red-turfed entrance under a pathway of bronze star-shaped light fixtures hung from the trees at The Argyle.


THE STYLE: A red, six-foot LOVE sculpture, inspired by artist Robert Indiana, greeted the attendees. The main tent entrance included a red, white and pink floral wall with the honorees’ names in neon lights. A large red heart made from over one thousand fresh long-stemmed roses adorned the back side of the wall. Continuing into the main tent overhead were hanging structures adorned with hundreds of ribbons tied with inverted red long-stemmed roses. The floral ambience was orchestrated by Danny Cuellar and his team at Trinity Flowers, so there was no shortage of social media photo opportunities with it as a backdrop. The guest libations included a heart-shaped espresso martini ice luge, and a White Russian bar, as an homage to the Kelleher brothers’ favorite movie, The Big Lebowski


Red Southwest Airlines Co. heart-shaped drink stirrers honored the debutantes’ late legendary grandfather, Herb Kelleher, the airline’s founder. Guests grazed on exquisite Argyle cuisine that included a sushi and raw bar (oysters, crab legs and shrimp) with sparkling and regular sake options. Lobster bisque, tenderloin, chicken-fried quail, mini chicken-pot pies with heart-shaped cut outs in the crust were served. Champagne and desserts of biscotti, chocolate-covered strawberries and mini berry crumbles were found at other stations. Heart-shaped Linzer cookies with raspberry filling were offered as party favors. The dance floor remained packed into the night with live music by the talented Professor D Band. 

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A San Antonio German Club Debutante Honored In Classic Setting


By Jake Gaines      Photography by Jenna Beth Lyde Photography

With three years in the making, the Hollywood theme debutante party for Rita Calvert, hosted by her parents, Emma and Toby Calvert, implemented classic colors of red, black, and gold to fulfill the glamorous vision. With pandemic protocol in place, Rita, Emma, and Toby Calvert greeted their guests upon their red carpet entrance at the Argyle. The attendees’ eyes and ears were in for a treat with musical scores featured from OscarÓ award-winning movies like Casablanca, Star Wars, and Titanic. Rolling movie reels of old Hollywood movies, along with more modern films, played on either side of the stage in the tent for all to enjoy. Carlynne Fikes from Carbon Lily also entertained by singing tunes from the era.


For the décor, Danny Cuellar from Trinity Flowers used white roses, Hollywood-style lamps, and OscarÓ statuettes on the dining tables to create a classic Hollywood setting. Beautiful garlands adorned the balcony porch with red-illuminated stairs that led down to the tent where a red velvet marquise with two seven foot tall, 3D life-size OscarsÓ greeted guests, along with crystal chandeliers illuminating the tent for extra sparkle. A recreation of a lit Hollywood sign provided guests with a glamorous photo opportunity. Katherine Lopez of Sweet August Events planned the event.


Later, attendees were treated to the Argyle’s hors d’oeuvres, passed homemade chicken pot pies and stroganoff in tangine bowls. Dessert included bananas foster bread pudding, along with homemade popcorn. Then, guests danced into the wee morning hours to the Austin-based bands, Matchmaker and PDA.

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New Orleans Serves As Theme Honoring Three San Antonio German Club Debutantes


By Alexandra del Lago    Photography by Lilianna Story

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (Let the Good Times Roll) was the mood recently at the celebratory party honoring three San Antonio German Club debutantes. With pandemic protocol in place, Abigail and George Kampmann, Jr., with their daughter Elizabeth Kampmann, Grace and Ted Liljenwall, with their daughter Emily Liljenwall, and Jennifer and Robert Shemwell, with their daughter Paris Shemwell welcomed guests into a Texas version of the best of The Big Easy.


The affair’s venue, San Antonio Country Club, was festively decorated like the famed Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Danny Cuellar of Trinity Flowers created the floral and décor themed Joyeux Noel Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulet, with the holiday theme taking center stage of the event.


The buffet and cocktails provided by the club served as a testament to the theme, while the attendees danced to the band, Limelight as the night progressed. The Boss Street Band, a five-piece brass jazz band from New Orleans, circulated from room to room throughout the party, providing even more flair to the evening. 

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