Coming to a bookstore near you soon is the latest book by Lance Avery Morgan. Set in the Golden Age of Hollywood in 1932, the rise and rise of film starlet Sarita Silva will inspire you to create your destiny your own way.

There are bushels of them. At least two and a half dozen floral bouquets, in just about every color of the rainbow, are arriving by the truckload at Preeminent Pictures, the biggest little major movie studio in Hollywood. An array of tuberoses, peonies, orchids, and gardenias, all ensconced in elaborately towering vases with gift cards of congratulations and well-wishes, have been delivered since dawn. Their destination is the dressing room of Sarita Silva, forever more known as Academy Award-winning Sarita Silva. The journey in which she receives the fabled golden statue has been rather brief by Hollywood terms, yet arduous to be sure. 


Little did she know, as she naps poolside at her Bel Air rental, less than 10 miles away from Preeminent, sleeping off what was a combination of too much champagne and Duck a L’Orange that the real journey of a lifetime had only begun.


It all has to start somewhere, like all great stories filled with love, heartache, success, and misfortune. Every life is as chock full of them as a cellophane bag of mixed nuts, especially in Hollywood. The bright California sun bathes Hollywood’s bustling, freshly tarred streets in lemony golden hues, setting the stage for both glittering dreams and powerful ambitions to collide.


Among the starry-eyed dreamers, like the tens of thousands of young, ambitious, and beautiful women and men before her, Sarita Silva steps off the bus with intense hope in her heart and determination in her youthful stride. A vision of grace and beauty, she knows she has to take a chance on her dream of becoming a movie star. In fact, her aim is to be the world’s most talented movie star.


The year, 1932, and Hollywood, the City of Dreams, is ablaze in the clinquant daylight with the glimmer of its mostly Spanish Revival architecture…and the distinct aroma of opportunity. Among the hopefuls chasing fame and fortune, the striking Sarita’s Silva realizes her radiant smile is not enough to ignite the silvery screen where celluloid dreams are being conjured every minute of the day somewhere in the world. But her secret weapon is that she possesses genuine talent.


 Busloads of Hollywood hopefuls fall off the turnip truck on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, the always-stirring epicenter where fantasies could come true, and often, life could change in what seemed to be almost overnight. That is what is so wonderful about Hollywood, that state of mind of Hollywood, anyway. Truly anything is possible. If can be dreamed, then it can made, or filmed. On the movie industry’s menu is a veritable feast served of possibilities: freedom, riches, personal fulfillment…and yes, even love.


Sarita straightens the hem of her lavender floral print dress that is accentuated with organdy blouson sleeves and makes sure her gloves remain pristinely white as she steadily holds the rail until she steps onto the sidewalk from the bus. As she navigates her way to the labyrinthine studio stages that lay ahead, Sarita’s almond-shaped and expressive eyes sparkle with excited anticipation. Giddy, really.


The Preeminent Studio gates, freshly painted in navy blue with shiny, intertwining copper Ps to represent the logo of Preeminent, loom ahead of her. The indelible gates are guarded by imposingly authoritative figures in gate-matching navy uniforms, like the police back in Sarita’s hometown of Monterrey, Mexico. She steels herself and walks forward, her fingers trembling as she clutches the audition script for the leading role in a highly anticipated upcoming romantic drama, I Am My Own Woman.


         Ambition courses through her veins, propelling her to conquer the challenges that await in the City of Angels. Sarita is not just content with being a visual spectacle; she possesses an innate talent that sets her apart. Whether it’s her voice, her acting skills, or a combination of both, she has a natural gift that draws attention immediately toward her whenever she steps into a room.


          However, beneath the glamorous exterior and the sparkle of Tinseltown, Sarita is not immune to the challenges that newcomers face. She grapples with what little she has heard about the complexities of the industry, navigating a landscape that can be both thrilling and treacherous. Despite the pitfalls, her determination remains unyielding, and she is willing to fight for her place in the spotlight.




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Suzanne Negley And Austin Hegarty Tie The Knot

By Alexandra Del Lago Photography by Hannah Pickle

Love took center stage with Suzanne Negley, daughter of Susan and Richard Negley of San Antonio, and Austin Hegarty, son of Betty and Kevin Negley of Austin. Suzanne met her future groom after he played in a show…which he does as a hobby. “I was attracted to his intelligence, the way he listens to me, his loyalty, devotion…and his sparkling blue eyes,” enthused Suzanne Negley. “When we met, I loved our effortless connection and her sharp wit. Plus, her intelligence and various hobbies and talents from welding to decorating our beautiful home,” shared Austin Hegarty about his new bride.

The couple dated for four years before a brief engagement of five months. “It was one of those magic, chilly fall Texas days with a bright, clear blue sky when Austin proposed at a family picnic on our family’s ranch, KWW,” said Suzanne Negley. “I made him his favorite sandwich, which I must have gotten exactly right because he got down on one knee, read me a quote from Ray Bradbury (one of our favorite authors), and asked me to marry him. Afterward, we drank champagne, called our families, and watched the Hill Country wildlife as the sunset. He made us dinner, and we watched my favorite movie, Hook, on the projector next to a roaring fire.”

They then turned their attention to their dream wedding in The Big Easy. After a rehearsal dinner at the Cajun Ballroom at the Audubon Zoo the night before, they were wed at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens in City Park. The bride wore a dress from Angelina Mata at Mata Atelier that they designed together. The inspiration was from a Grimm’s fairytale…a dress that comes out of an acorn shell made of stars. The ceremony, where the couple recited their own vows, was a combination of all the couple’s favorite things: the beautiful “flower children” and young adult attendants from the bride’s family as their wedding party, summer camp songs, and musical performances from their talented best friends, along with the officiant, Alicia NcNab’s, wisdom and humor, and the magic of New Orleans. Directly after the ceremony was a Second Line from the band Kinfolk that played throughout the botanical gardens as the sun set.

The reception was a seated buffet dinner for 130 of NOLA-style seafood and had Rockin’ Dopsie, a Zydeco legend, along with the Zydeco Twisters, who performed and enticed everyone on the dance floor. He even let the bride put on a Zydeco washboard and play with him, previously worn by only three other women:  Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and Oprah. Belinda Belk of Blue Gardenia Events was the wedding planner and Antigua Floral created the floral decor.

“New Orleans is our favorite place in the world, so to have all our favorite people come together in our favorite spots felt like an embarrassment of riches and joy, enthused the bride. Suzanne, who attended St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA, works as a stylist. Austin graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and its School of Law and works as a marketing manager at Austin PBS. The couple reside in Austin.



McKenzie Seales And Chase Freeman Tie The Knot

By Lance Avery Morgan         Photography by Stephanie Brazzle

The Texas-sized wedding and celebration when McKenzie Seales, daughter of Kelly and Greg Seales of Dallas, married Chase Freeman, son of Christine and Alan Freeman of Lubbock, was one for the books. After all, the couple met in Gulf Shores as freshmen in college, so they dated for six years and were wed after a year-long engagement.

“I loved how kind he was and that he never stopped pursuing me. He is still the kindest person I know and always makes sure I’m taken care of,” shared Kenzie Freeman about their initial meeting. “Her beautiful smile and her laugh are what I love most about Kenzie,” says Chase Freeman. “She is a ray of sunshine, the life of the party, and now, six years later, she’s even more beautiful and continues to be the most important person in my life.” Chase proposed at the Catbird restaurant in the Thompson Hotel during her birthday dinner, much to Kenzie’s surprise. “All the people we love were there to celebrate with us.”

The wedding and reception, like their relationship, were in full bloom at Arlington Hall in Dallas, thanks to the expert party planning by Molly Rasmussen of Pop Parties, and the floral décor was created by David Kimmel Design. The black and white theme was accentuated when the bride walked down the aisle wearing a classically timeless dress before changing into another one later for the seated reception for the 200 guests. The evening before, the rehearsal dinner was held at the Crescent Club.

“The whole thing was so special and a day I won’t forget,” enthused the bride. “My favorite was Chase wiping his tears as I walked down the aisle. I didn’t expect it at all, and it was so sweet. We had a live artist singing throughout the ceremony, which was unique. We also had newspapers for our guests that listed our wedding party, fun bachelor/bachelorette memories, and a nod to our grandparents who had passed away. Our dog, Lulu, made an appearance, too.”

The bride’s Maid of Honor was Mackenzie Bulls, and she was attended by 11 bridesmaids: Melanie Bray, Kelly Colbert, Riley Edmister, Mackenzie Franz, Kelly Hewitt, Sarah Jackson, Laura Ragsdale, Baylee Richardson, Payton Seales, Morgan Snider, and Chandler Tennant. Chase’s brother, Brock Freeman, served as Best Man and the groom’s attendants were Chase Bray, Seth Freeman, Austin Hoffpauir, Jack Hrncir, Heath Jackson, John Hayden Johnson, Austin Rochow, Hunter Seales, Nick Trachta, and Jake Yarborough.

Kenize, along with the groom, graduated from Texas Tech University and works as an ICU nurse. The groom is a construction consultant. The couple honeymooned in Santorini and Mykonos, Greece. They reside in Dallas, and in their spare time love to play pickleball, golf, travel, and spend time with their families.



The Jet Set getaway is still the go-to choice for many honeymooners. It has everything and more that you could ever want, discovers our intrepid traveler Kristen O’Brien, who shares her barefoot luxury point of view while staying at Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf.

If you are seeking some R&R after a busy wedding season, with ample sun and beach time, with a dash of glitz and glamour, not to mention an incredibly romantic setting, then Saint Barthélemy, aka St. Barts or à la française. St. Barths, the jewel of the Antilles, does not disappoint. The “season” on the island is long, from early November until the end of August when most hotels shutter for the hurricane season. The height of the season is between Thanksgiving and the New Year, when the population of almost 10,000 grows to include a who’s who of monied and well-heeled globe trotters with their yachts on full display in Gustavia’s harbor.

Nestled on a hill above the port of Gustavia, is the capital of St. Barth. The Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf St Barth overlooks one of the most spectacular bays in the Caribbean. Designed by renowned French firm Gilles & Boissier, the five-star resort exudes luxury, elegance, and French-style charm throughout its 21 rooms, suites, and bungalows that all face the ocean. The bungalows have plunge pools, and the 5-bedroom Villa Diane comes with a private chef and butler. The colonial-style Carl Gustaf was built in the 1970s and purchased by the Barrière Group in 2016.

With a roster of luxury properties all over France, including Cannes and Courchevel as well as Marrakech, and the recently opened Hotel Fouquet’s in New York, this was their first venture into the Caribbean. Renovations had to be halted in 2017 due to Hurricane Irma, and therefore, it wasn’t until late 2020 that they finally reopened. The hotel has a chic, French ambiance yet also fits in with the island’s laid-back atmosphere, while still offering all the necessities and luxury one could desire. Pricing for the villa starts at just under $19,000 per night, and for the other accommodations, some rooms are available during the low season for $781 a night.

Le Carl Gustaf offers a newly opened restaurant on site, an “haute couture” meat bar aptly named Beefbar, where guests can savor dishes such as Wagyu steak and Kobe prosciutto, an exclusive menu item developed by founder Riccardo Giradui. There are fresh and light options on the Leaf & Reef, including the iconic Miso Spinach or the refreshing Hamachi Crudo. And of course, a mouth-watering signature Soufflé rounds out the meal. All while enjoying the warm tropical breeze and view of twinkling lights below in Gustavia.

What’s wonderful at the Carl Gustaf is that you don’t need a car and can walk to most of the places you’d want to go…a fabulous beach restaurant and club at Shell Beach, the cute boutiques and haute couture shops of Gustavia, the trendy bars and other incredible restaurants like Bonito, Bagatelle, and Orega, are all walkable if you don’t mind climbing down a steep hill…and up again. The hotel provides electric bicycles for their guests, and a car service to the ferry or airport, the stellar concierge team can organize taxis to other destinations on the island. A great place to start your trip is at Shellona, the private beach club and Greek restaurant on Shell Beach, a quick five-minute walk from the hotel and where guests can easily get a day bed and soak up the sun, enjoy an Aperol, mix with interesting people from around the globe, and watch one of the best sunsets on the island. Like most of the beach restaurants on St. Barts, and there are 22 beaches on the island, there is usually a DJ on site creating a carefree party vibe similar to what you’d expect to find in Ibiza or Mykonos.

Another key benefit of staying at the Carl Gustaf? All the pampering and treatments you can dream of on-site at the Spa Diane Barrière, which offers multi-sensory and bespoke holistic treatments, facials, mani-pedis, and tailored massages in three massage rooms, as well as a fitness and yoga studio. Other activities the hotel offers or can coordinate, besides the electric bikes and aqua bikes, include a Catamaran sailing excursion, water sports, hiking tours, picnics, and fishing.

If you can pull yourself away from the tranquility and pampering at Carl Gustaf then head into Gustavia for shopping at Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, and adorable local boutiques, like Poupette, Lolita Jaca, and Sea Memory. There are also 40 quartiers to discover and so many places to swim, snorkel, hike, enjoy top-notch culinary delights, and dance the night away. No other place compares when it comes to chic and cozy, where you can feel the warm Caribbean breezes, view the stunning water, islands, and mountains, as well as the colorful Caribbean buildings dotted with Swedish architecture and churches. One can hear the church bells ringing, the bleating of the cabris, the mourning doves chirping, and by nightfall, the katydids. St. Barts is a magical place that enchants the senses. The Island is luxurious but understated, although nothing is understated in its stunning beauty and impeccable hospitality.