John Paul And Eloise DeJoria Host An Old-Fashioned Snow Party At Their Malibu Home

By Rob Giardinelli     Photography by Silvia Mautner Photography

THE SETTING: The picturesque afternoon at the home Malibu residence of prominent Texans John Paul and Eloise DeJoria was the setting for a magical winter experience fit for a king…or a kid. Several hundred attendees turned out to experience An Old-Fashioned Snow Party sponsored by Paul Mitchell and the guests left with once-in-a-lifetime memories they will cherish for years to come.

THE STYLE: The fun began immediately upon the arrival of the winter-chic guests who walked into the DeJoria estate and were greeted by the gracious hosts to pose for personal and family photographs to commemorate the occasion. Once inside, the revelry continued with amazing experiences for the whole family. Kids who felt adventurous rock-climbed a snow-covered, mountain-shaped wall. Adults who wanted to luxuriate, ventured to the pop-up Paul Mitchell Salon was on hand for a quick-trim or a complete makeover.

Families and groups, who wanted to create a special moment they could share forever, went sledding complete with views of the Pacific Ocean thanks to the two tons of snow that was trucked in to create the perfect winter landscape. After an afternoon full of activities, everyone was able to savor a wide arrange of delicious savory and sweet morsels including free-range turkey, sliders, cupcakes and a candy bar…capping off the perfect day the kids…and the kid at heart.

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