The German Club Celebrates Debutante Ball At St. Anthony Hotel

By Jake Gaines   Photography by JB Lyde of Parish Photography

THE SETTING: San Antonio’s debutante scene did not disappoint this season as the Jewel Ball shone as bright as a diamond at the St. Anthony Hotel. The evening’s families honoring their daughters were Jessica and Joe Bakke with their daughter Hannah Bakke, Carrie and Tom Green with their daughter Caroline Green, Betty and Daryl Lansdale with daughter Kelsey Lansdale; Amy and Doug Ryder with their daughter Elizabeth Ryder, and Niti and John Volpe with their daughter Alegra Volpe.

THE STYLE: The invitation that arrived set the tone as the theme was brought to life through a series of spectacular moments using creative designs, lovely linens and fabulous finishes at the venue. The theme was inspired by Jewels, a three-act ballet created for the New York City Ballet choreographed by George Balanchine. After visiting legendary jewelers Van Cleef and Arpels as research, Balanchine selected the three most precious stones: emeralds, rubies and diamonds for his three acts, all the colors that were woven into the evening’s décor. In fact, each room at the event was uniquely resplendent in the vibrantly jeweled colors.

Cloche Designs, founded by event industry veterans Laura Nell Burton and Christin Gish, designed and executed every aspect of the ball to its last detail. The duo created a series of spectacular moments brought to life by their team of best-in-class vendors from all over Texas and beyond including floral design, balloons by Botanical No. 9 and entertainment by Taylor Pace Orchestra.

THE PURPOSE: Steeped in tradition, the San Antonio German Club was formed in 1880. Each year since its inception, the organization has presented its debutantes during San Antonio’s social season.

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San Antonio German Club Presents Season’s Debutantes

By Jake Gaines   Photography Greg Harrison

THE SETTING: The 138-year-old San Antonio German Club recently hosted its annual Opening German gala in honor of the season’s debutantes. Held on a crisp, cool evening at the Witte Museum’s Mays Family Center, the ball offered a glorious night of dining and dancing in celebration of the club’s group of young ladies being presented to society.   

THE STYLE: Resplendent in gorgeous white gowns, the debs dazzled as they were presented by their fathers then led to their bows by their escorts. Following the presentation, the celebration continued as guests and debs alike danced late into the night to the various musical stylings of The Big Beyond. The elegant white flowers, paired with natural greenery and the elegant fresh flower wall made up of red and pink roses, were created by Danny Cuellar of Trinity Flowers. The attendees were treated to cuisine and cocktails by Rosemary’s Catering.

THE PURPOSE: Steeped in tradition, the organization was formed in 1880. Each year since its inception, the San Antonio German Club has presented its debutantes during San Antonio’s social season. The President of the German Club is Christopher Noel Petty and the First Vice President is Blake Todd Stouffer.

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