Onward and upward. From this moment on. Starting here, starting now. Moving on up. The myriad of euphemisms we consistently use to help propel us forward is legion. Because, really, the past is like a foreign country: they do things differently there, and those customs should be acknowledged, but you don’t have to make it your own. That means, really, let’s not be absorbed in the past, shall we, but make way to embrace the new, the bold, the brilliant things that we can all create with the talents we have…and can form. 


And oh, how we love talent. With the New Year, New You sensibility on our minds around here, we well know how talent works. It’s either inherent (too rare) or acquired (talent and luck happens when preparation meets opportunity, to paraphrase the Roman philosopher, Seneca). Both ways, we embrace how talent can positively affect so many, especially as our world has both contracted and expanded over the last couple of years with the pandemic. So, I think we can all agree that turning the calendar page from 2021 to 2022 felt like a breath of fresh, optimistic air. Out with the old, in with the new.


Something that we always love are weddings and new marriages that represent new life journeys, as you’ll see throughout this special issue devoted to them. From around the state, we have corralled so many fine examples of how the big day was achieved flawlessly…and yes, with plenty of talent to make it happen behind the scenes. What is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for most is memorialized within these pages. I know that I love to look back on family photos of marriages to see how they have progressed from comparatively simple affairs to exuberant expressions of love with many family and friends in attendance as well-wishers. Plus, as we can all attest, the reception is usually the best party in town that weekend. 


So, enjoy these spectacular weddings as we kick the New Year into high gear. We’re excited to take another trip around the sun with you in 2022, and we love being a part of your lives. So, cheers, Skol, down that hatch, and here’s to mud in your eye…as we toast the future with open arms. See you in the ballroom.  


Lance Avery Morgan

Editor-In-Chief &

Creative Director

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Portrait photography by Romy Suskin