When you enter a new day spa, you almost always know what to expect. Except for EvolvE in Austin…where you will be amazed at the cutting-edge spa treatments that can have you feeling like a new person after only one visit.


By Lance Avery Morgan   Photography courtesy of EvolvE

There’s something about a wellness venue that seems so full of light and promise…a far cry from the harried world we all live in now. Let’s face it: each of us wants to be pampered now and then. Consider EvolvE the newish go-to destination for wellness devotees. “At EvolvE, we are working with the body’s natural abilities through holistic therapies to accomplish a goal. Whether it be better sleep, reduced pain, more energy, or recovery. Holistic services work with our intrinsic healing powers,” shares the founder, Shannon Maddalena.

For years I have been well aware of EvolvE’s therapeutic benefits. In prior visits, I have enjoyed Cryotherapy, the sub-zero treatment to enhance one’s immunity system, which it does almost immediately. EvolvE is devoted to applying an integrative approach to overall health, pain management, recovery, and aesthetic enhancement that has set them apart in the Austin market. There are leg and arm compression sleeves, massages, and more. Recently I popped in to experience the Infrared Sauna and Regenerative Massage.


Then, drum roll please; there is the Liquid Facelift with a luxuriant formula that is the ultimate in anti-aging, brightening, and hydration. This is the facial of all facials. In fact, this treatment includes Bio EnergyNanotechnology, and Stem Cell Treatment, which incorporates a combination of vitamin infusions and anti-aging properties that are simply unparalleled. The service incorporates more than 50 botanicals and over 100 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, to properly nourish and hydrate. To say that after 80 minutes of the facial, I felt 10 pounds lighter and 10 years younger is an understatement. EvolvE uses only the finest and freshest botanically based skincare products.

According to EvolvE, green beauty takes a tremendous amount of time, attention, and awareness to create, but it reaps amazing rewards in terms of both results as well as our health. While products with these standards are slightly more expensive, so are quality ingredients to procure and produce, and they are well worth the investment.

“At EvolvE, every product is vetted thoroughly before making its way into our Austin’s state-of-the-art Wellness Center,” continues Maddalena. “We house a myriad of services for Austinites and travelers alike, since our core principles are focused around the whole health of the human. After all, we only have this one body. In order to thrive, we need to make great choices for ourselves, our families and our future.”


For those interested in future-thinking wellness, EvolvE also offers IV Therapy, which infuses essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into the bloodstream with Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Lysine, Glutathione B Complex, Magnesium, Biotin, Taurine, and more.


It’s easy to see that there is something for everyone at EvolvE once you try it. For more information, visit




Dallasite Carla Rockmore is a social media superstar, to put it mildly. Her must-follow platform is all about creating from your closet and her no nonsense approach has made her a true media darling. Here, our style chronicler Lance Avery Morgan catches up with her about a few of her favorite things.

I think social media has the power to… Make people feel less alone, lift their spirits, and spark a creative interest they may not have explored.


Three qualities that got me where I am today are…Hard work, a little talent, and being open-minded to pivoting.


My style icon isIf you put Iris Apfel, Franca Sozzani, and Marissa Berenson in a blender.


My personal style signifier is…An eclectic mix that’s ever-changing. I refuse to box myself into one style signifier because I would find that stifling.

The classic movie actress style I most identify with is…
Katharine Hepburn. Not for her style so much, as her individuality and independence.   


The classic designer I wish was still designing today is…It’s a tie between Romeo Gigli and John Galliano for Dior. Both had a romantic, Medieval feel to their work.


Favorite accessory I am loving for fall is…A sequin blazer.


Last thing I binge/marathon watched was…Anatomy of a Scandal.

Book that left a lasting impression on me isOne Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

First CD/album I bought was…Pink Floyd’s The Wall… and it was an eight-track.

If I could live in a foreign city, it would be…London.

The beauty essential you’d have to pry out of my cold dry hands is…A red lipstick.

A celebrity I would prank phone call and what I would ask them is…Sarah Paulson. I would ask her if she wanted to go vintage shopping.

In my fridge you will always find…Kimchi and feta cheese.

On my tombstone, it will say…She Sat Well In Her Skin.

I find that on social media my world has changed into…a real-life full color extravaganza of what is constantly going on in my head. It’s slightly odd to watch myself.


In my fridge, you will always find…Kimchi and feta cheese.

If I could compete in an Olympic sport, it would be…Cross-country skiing.

How I made my first dollar was…Working retail at a children’s snowsuit store.

The best career advice I’ve received is…Throw your education, your hobbies, and a void in the community into a blender. That’s your sweet spot. That’s your convergence of joy and success

What everyone/woman should try in her lifetime is…Combat boots with a ballet pink tulle skirt.



Brittany Allen’s bright and happy designs are as colorful as she is. Her time as a fan favorite on Bravo’s hit, Project Runway, helped pave the path to her design success. Here, she catches up with our Lance Avery Morgan to share her essence with the world. 

What I love most about designing is…the freedom of expression. I love channeling my energy and emotions into a design. It allows me an outlet for what I am passionate about while creating garments that make people feel incredible in their own skin.


My style icon is…Kacey Musgraves. She is timeless, yet so chic all the time.


My personal style signifiers are… bright colors and prints. I always want to wear something that is a statement.


Best career advice I’ve received is…to put your blinders on while doing your thing. It’s like the horses at the Kentucky Derby. Stop looking at what other designers are doing. Whatever they have going on means it’s already being done. Do something different and contribute your personal design aesthetic to the industry.


Three qualities that got me where I am today are…I am a very motivated Type A person, extremely ambitious, and a risk-taker.


How I made my first dollar was…I worked retail at a small boutique in Arkansas, which taught me so much about customer service.


Last show I binge/marathon watched wasStranger Things. It’s my favorite show ever.


First CD I bought happened to be…Britney Spears’ debut album. I haven’t missed one since.


What everyone/woman should try in her lifetime is…to go on a trip and travel by herself at least once because it is exhilarating. You get to do all the things you want to do and see what you want to see.


One thing I am exceptionally good at that most might not know would be… I have formal vocal training. I used to sing through college. I thought it was what I wanted to do, but it didn’t fulfill anything for me.


The beauty essential you’d have to pry out of my cold, dry hands is…dry texturizing spray. My hair is fine, so I need something to help me style it.


I want to make it a greener world by…I like to think we are making a greener world every single day in my studio. We are made-to-order. We aren’t working with manufacturers and sitting on a bunch of inventory like other brands, “hoping it will eventually sell.” That is how fast fashion started, and these brands are why our earth is polluted with so much unused apparel. This industry must change.



Houston native-turned Los Angeleno-turned Austinite Kelly Frye is taking the world by storm. Her personal style, complemented with a mane of stunning red hair, has this actor creating a stir while starring in her latest series, Disney’s Secrets of Sulphur Springs. Our Lance Avery Morgan caught up with Frye to learn more about her secrets to success.

My favorite iPhone wake-up song is…Ludovico Einaudi’s Nuvole Bianche. It’s what I like to start my day with, and it was playing when I walked down the aisle at our recent Rothko Chapel wedding. Such a moving song.

Best career advice I’ve received is…shy doesn’t work. Expect the very best out of the situation you’re walking into, and smile. Always pay it forward.

Three qualities that got me where I am today are…joy, a positive outlook, and resilience.

I made my first dollar by…appearing in a Titleist commercial with Sergio Garcia in Houston when I was 16. I earned my SAG card on that job, and it was my first taste of Hollywood and a professional set.

Last thing I binge/marathon watched…Inventing Anna–whoa.

Book that left a lasting impression on me…the book I constantly recommend to people is Patti Smith’s Just Kids. Her writing is absolutely beautiful, and the storytelling about New York in the 80s transported me there with her.

First album I bought was…Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill.

The beauty essential you’d have to pry out of my cold, dry hands is…Koh Gen Do aqua foundation– the best in the game. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted moisturizer for no-makeup days. And you will never see me without fresh sugar rose lip balm.

My style icon is…Audrey Hepburn. Her style is timeless and classic. Present-day, I love what Zendaya has been putting out there. Her style is fun, classic, and bold.

My personal style signifier is…my hair. The red hair got me teased as a child, but it’s my super-power as an adult. For clothing, I love statement shoes and handbags with skinny jeans and a tied-up silk button-down. That’s my go-to day-to-day look.

In my fridge, you will always find…emergency champagne for celebrations. I love anticipating happy moments to celebrate.

If I could compete in an Olympic sport, it would be…figure skating. I was a figure skater growing up, and I would love to have achieved that level. Some of my favorite childhood memories were at the ice rink.

My perfect day would end…watching the sunset over a beautiful vista having sundowners, as they call them, in England with my (British) husband, art advisor Nick Campbell.

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The best plays, musical performances, and exhibits in Texas are enjoyed by record number crowds, in spite of the pandemic, according to our cultural adventurer Leanne Raesener who shares our favorite recommendations from across the state.


AUS Courtesy of The Texas Performing Arts at The University of Texas Austin, Hollywood, The Prodigal Son


The vast Bass Concert Hall stage turns gallery as Texas Performing Arts presents Behind the Scenes: The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop. Visit mid-century Hollywood through the first-ever public viewing of twelve historic Golden Age film backdrops. Through March 21. At

ON IMAGE: Courtesy of The Texas Performing Arts at The University of Texas Austin, Hollywood, The Prodigal Son.

AUS Torbjørn Rødland, Eggs, 2019. Chromogenic print on Kodak Endura paper. Artwork © Torbjørn Rødland.Courtesy the artist and NILS STÆRK, Copenhagen


Torbjørn Rødland: Bible Eye, The Contemporary Austin’s first solo photography exhibition, features the L.A.-based Norwegian artist’s earlier works alongside a few newer pieces. A few have a direct link to Austin, taken with the show in mind when Rødland was in the Capital City last year. Through August 15. At 

ON IMAGE: Torbjørn Rødland, Eggs, 2019. Chromogenic print on Kodak Endura paper. Artwork © Torbjørn Rødland.Courtesy the artist and NILS STÆRK, Copenhagen.

Texas Gold Changed the World


The Bullock Museum’s new Texas Oil and Gas permanent exhibition brings together Texas’s oil industry history and how it changed Texas and the world. Discover early prospectors’ wealth through artifact highlights such as a beaded opera cape, tuxedo, and alligator bag. Ongoing. At 

ON IMAGE: Elegant, sable trimmed opera cape, ornately embellished with pink, gold, and white sequins in the flowing curves of Art Nouveau design, ca. 1912. Courtesy of The Bullock Museum.


DAL Anna, Paris 2017, Photo by Paolo Roversi_Courtesy of the Dallas Contemporary.


Birds, presented at the Dallas Contemporary, will be the first North American exhibition of legendary Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. It will focus on his long-standing collaboration with the Comme des Garçons fashion brand and its founder Rei Kawakubo. Through August 22. At

ON IMAGE: Anna, Paris 2017, Photo: Paolo Roversi/Courtesy of the Dallas Contemporary.

DAL Photography is Art exhibition, Courtesy of Amon Carter Museum_ Alfred Stieglitz, A Wet Day on the Boulevard, Paris, Photogravure, 2013


This year the Amon Carter Museum of American Art celebrates its sixtieth year of scholarship, collecting, special exhibitions, and its preeminent collection of masterworks since first welcoming visitors in 1961. Through January 9, 2022. At

ON IMAGE: Photography is an Art exhibition, Courtesy of Amon Carter Museum; Alfred Stieglitz, A Wet Day on the Boulevard, Paris, Photogravure, 2013.

DAL Photo by Andy Nguyen. Courtesy of Galleria Dallas


As we’ve seen on the catwalks, the 80s are back and being celebrated. Thanks to Martini Consignment’s Ken Weber, the new exhibit at Galleria Dallas, She’s Got The Look, represents the best of the decade’s fantasy dressing. March 5–April 3. At


HOUS Moooi Works, manufactured by Moooi, Mega Chandelier, 2018, mixed media and bulbs. © Moooi, New York


The Museum of Fine Art Houston’s Electrifying Design: A Century of Lighting is the first large-scale U.S. exhibition to examine international lighting’s artistic and technological evolution over the past 100 years through pivotal creations within major avant-garde design movements by the world’s leading designers. Through May 16. At

ON IMAGE: Moooi Works, manufactured by Moooi, Mega Chandelier, 2018, mixed media and bulbs. © Moooi, New York

HOUS David Novros, Detail of right wall from Untitled, 1973–75. The Menil Collection, Houston jpg


This spring, the Moody Center for the Arts will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Rothko Chapel by presenting Artists and the Rothko Chapel: 50 Years of Inspiration, which will highlight the extraordinary impact the Rothko Chapel has had on both artists and the public since its opening in 1971. Through May 15. At

ON IMAGE: David Novros, Detail of right wall from Untitled, 1973–75, oil on canvas. The Menil Collection, Houston

HOUS Signature Works, Courtesy of Ars Lyrica Houston


Presented by Houston’s Ars Lyrica, Signature Works exemplifies Polish Baroque music illustrating this culture’s significant and little-known contribution to European musical practice during the “golden age” of the 17th and 18th centuries. Virtual performance on March 14. At 

ON IMAGE: Signature Works, Courtesy of Ars Lyrica Houston.


SA Brenda Rae, Metropolitan Opera, Courtesy of Opera San Antonio


Opera San Antonio will return to live performances at the Tobin Center on May 6 and 8 with Gaetano Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor. The production features Metropolitan Opera star Brenda Rae in the title role, Scott Hendricks as Enrico, and Scott Quinn as Edgardo. The opera contains one of the most famous scenes in opera―Lucia’s descent into madness. At

ON IMAGE: Brenda Rae, Metropolitan Opera, Courtesy of Opera San Antonio

SA Martine Gutierrez, Still from Clubbing, 2012. HD video. Collection of the McNay Art Museum, © Martine Gutierrez.


The Limitless! Five Women Reshape Contemporary Art exhibition grew out of the McNay’s highly successful 2018 show Immersed: Local to Global Art Sensations. This exhibit features artworks by women artists only. The McNay has a history of supporting women artists because of its founder, Marion Koogler McNay. Through September 19. At

ON IMAGE: Martine Gutierrez, Still from Clubbing, 2012. HD video. Collection of the McNay Art Museum, © Martine Gutierrez

SA Gladys Roldan-De-Moras Memories From My Home, oil on linen


The Brisco Western Art Museum celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its Night of Artists exhibition, sale, and Grand Live Auction on March 27. This premier Western Art show consists of nearly 300 new paintings, sculptures, and mixed media by over 80 of today’s leading artists. Public exhibition and sale through May 9. At

ON IMAGE: Gladys Roldan-De-Moras Memories From My Home, oil on linen.