Fiesta 2022 Is Celebrated With Annual Viva Garden Soirée

By Jake Gaines Photography by McKenna Kinder and Jenna-Beth Lyde

The annual Viva Garden soirée was held on a glorious and breezy evening during San Antonio’s Fiesta 2022 to celebrate The Court of the Grand Tour. The honorees included The Royal Household’s Her Gracious Majesty, The Queen Ian Brusenhan, and Her Royal Highness, The Princess Marguerite Stewart. The in-town Duchesses and the Visiting Duchesses and their families and friends were also honored at the al fresco event.


Guests arrived to cascading Fiesta streamers hung from 30 feet high amongst the oak trees lining the entrance of the Terrell Hills home of Nancy and Edward Steves and Gloria and Miguel Dilley, swirling to the breeze as a lovely welcome to all the guests. The Viva Garden soirée was elegantly catered by Club Giraud.


The event was hosted by a group of women and men from San Antonio and beyond who continue to organize and produce the evening from year to year.  The Texas Cavaliers’ King Antonio, Bart Simpson, and his court attended the party along with many of The German Club Order of the Alamo members.   

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Texas Biomedical Forum Hosts Chair-ity Event


By Jake Gaines            Photography by Super Q


THE SETTING:  Recently, the Texas Biomedical Forum held a unique fundraising event at the home of Gloria and Miguel Dilley. Usually, the black-tie gala celebrating the organization is one of the most important social events in the city. This smaller event, which began in 2017, occurred when The Argyle board decided to donate its chairs to the Forum, giving donors a chance to have a piece of the club’s history. The club was originally founded in 1854 and its incarnation as a private club began in 1955.


THE STYLE:  The Argyle contacted the gala’s president at the time, Courtney Percy, who created the idea of getting local interior decorators to put their creative spin on the chairs. The Argyle contacted the Forum’s president at the time, Courtney Percy, who created the idea of getting local interior decorators to put their creative spin on the chairs. Adrianne Frost and Mal Moorman, the 2017 special event chairs, took Percy’s idea and ran with it.


The organization is grateful to The Argyle for donating the chairs to the Forum. With Courtney Percy’s vision, the special events chair leaders’ achievements each year, and with the designers who have donated their time and talents, it has proved to be a perfect combination, thus ensuring its success at every event. The recent event was celebrated by so many well-dressed supporters who love the organization’s goals.


THE PURPOSE:  With this one-of-a-kind fundraiser, this year was the final event chaired by Gloria Dilley and Triana Grossman. The event has successfully raised over $50,000 in its three years. The Texas Biomedical Research Institute is pioneering and sharing scientific breakthroughs that protect you, your families, and our global community from the threat of infectious diseases.


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