A hit for decades with those who love to sparkle, Calvin’s Fine Jewelry of Austin has been the go-to family-run for quality, custom jewelry. We caught up with Calvin Smith, Jackie Smith and Calvin Smith, Jr. to learn more about the secrets to their success.

By Rob Giardinelli Photography courtesy of Calvin’s Fine Jewelry

Rob Giardinelli: What inspired you to launch Calvin’s Fine Jewelry in 1997?

Calvin Smith: After Jackie and I were married in 1996, we set out to make the dream a reality since I had been making and repairing jewelry for wholesale accounts for many years. I wanted to have my own retail jewelry store and be my own boss ever since leaving my father’s jewelry business at the age of 18.

RG: What influences inspire you to create your custom jewelry pieces?

Jackie Smith: Calvin’s inspirations come about from seeing precious gems that speak to us in a way that claims a certain style of their own. When you see a gorgeous sapphire or uniquely cut emerald for example, we can then imagine the perfect jewelry design for that gem. It is very rewarding to design for people who love jewelry. It has also become quite common for customers to create jewelry from their own inspirations. We specialize in taking their ideas and making them a reality.

RG: What is the benefit of buying custom jewelry pieces from a family run business?

Calvin Smith, Jr.: Our family-run business is dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. It takes the combined efforts of a family who takes pride in something that reflects on them personally. Nothing is more important to us than making sure we deliver a quality piece that makes our customers proud. We receive such wonderful reviews from customers who appreciate this and it’s what keeps us working hard every day to be the best we can be for them. Our customers mean the world to us.

RG: What do you think is unique about Texas clientele?

Calvin Smith: Texans dream big, so we make big.

RG: Why is custom jewelry a great option for your current and new clients?

Jackie Smith: Custom jewelry is perfect for anyone who wants to create a one of a kind piece of jewelry or make something they have seen on social media. Whether it is an engagement ring or any other type of jewelry to mark a specific memory or occasion, it is cherished for holding onto those special moments in time.


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