With time off from holiday dressing last year, we’re back in the saddle now and bringing more shine and sparkle to our essence. Here, our new column, THE EDIT ADVISORY, with Krystal De Lisi and Ellen Mason,  spotlights the trends you’ll want to know.

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Trend: Life’s a Party. The party has not stopped. It just looks different.

Description: The rise and rebirth of occasion wear and dress-up clothes. If life on lockdown has taught us anything, it’s life is a party worth dressing for…even, if it’s a party of one. These looks allow us to transcend daily life and make every day a special event. In the immortal words of Audrey Hepburn, “Life’s a party. Dress for it.”     

Key Details: Dresses, dresses, and more dresses. High shine finishes, glittery details, glossy metallics, iridescent fabrics, and over-the-top embellishments. There was a definite theme of the Roaring 20s version 2.0. The 1920s were all about glitz and glamour with an underlying movement toward simplicity in dress. The current looks reinterpret much of this philosophy.

As Seen On: Chanel, Naeem Khan, Lanvin, and Markarian

Celebration: New Year’s Eve in Paris, the office party…even if it’s on Zoom, a fancy holiday meal, or cocktails.

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Trend: Female Power Renaissance. A new dawn of the ultra-feminine aesthetic.

Description: Body-baring and confident, this trend is redefining sexy by highlighting collarbones, shoulders, and sides. This look is all about highlighting the feminine form in unexpected ways with sleek silhouettes that are body-skimming more than body con. Women-defined sexy that is subtle yet more powerful than previous seasons.   

Key Details: Out are ruffles, frills, poofy skirts, and in-your-face femininity. In is sheer cutouts, bras, and bandeaus, and strength. Hot pants and corset details in everything from patent leather to velvet. High neck and maxi-length silhouettes are made sexy with the use of sheer and lace panels.

As Seen On: Dolce & Gabbana, Schiaparelli, Sportmax, and Rokh

Celebration: Anything with your girls. New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, or cocktails.  

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Trend: Down-To-Earth. Grounded inspiration with an elevated twist.

Description: These looks embrace the duality of cozy luxury. An essential yet adaptable wardrobe with pieces that can be dressed up or down in colors and fabrics inspired by nature. Rooted in ease and relaxation, there is a no-fuss vibe even when sequins are involved. Form and function, this trend must be comfortable, polished, and useful. And must have pockets.  

Key Details: Ground unique pieces with basics: Sequins and denim, tulle and linen, knits and satin. Look for loose-fitting trousers, jeans, joggers, and skirts. Layer different textures to bring visual interest to simple, even monochromatic looks.

As Seen On: Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Maison Mai, and Christian Dior

Celebration: Snowy holidays on the East Coast, cozy at-home meals with the family, caroling, tree trimming, and casual cocktails with neighbors.

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Trend: The Future is Green. A color that represents tranquility, luck, and health.

Description: Verdant hues and frondescent prints that reflect our need to bring the outdoors in. It is also a literal manifestation of the need for sustainable clothing and a cleaner fashion industry. 

Key Details: Olive is a key shade in this trend. Also called army green, these camo shades, along with military details, reflect the regimented times in which they were designed. Misty shades or winterized pastels like seafoam or sage were also popular. 

As Seen On: Temperley London, Balmain, Givenchy, and Simone Rocha

Celebration: Holiday traditions, an extravagant hotel holiday brunch, a Saturday matinee of The Nutcracker, and yes, cocktails.