Stacy Schlagel’s new tome of poetry, Personification of Entelechy, has just been released and it might just be what many in these challenging times are looking for in life: rhyme and reason.

Stacy Schlagel. Portrait photography by Wendy Bowman Butler.

Stacy Elizabeth Schlagel is an author, philanthropist, mother, and homemaker. Her book, Personification of Entelechy, a collection of poems, has just been released. She is also a songwriter and music producer, plus she’s the owner and operator of Regal Recordings. Schlagel enjoys pursuing her passions, which include writing, science, interior design, cooking, and travel. Born in Tucson, Arizona, to adoring parents, who met in a calculus class in college, the family lived in Arizona for two years after her birth. They later moved to Austin, where she would spend her early childhood as a precocious and quick-witted child with a keen sense of justice. She made friends quickly and her kindergarten teacher would describe her in this way, “She thinks she is everyone’s mommy.” 

Schlagel’s father is a retired missile command officer in the U.S. Air Force, and her mother is a retired trigonometry and calculus high school educator. They both instilled in Stacy the value of hard work, honesty, giving back to your community, and competing only with oneself. She was first published in a magazine as a model at eight-years-old. Involved in ballet and cheerleading, what she loved most was zip-lining and playing outside most of the day with the neighborhood children. During her adolescent years, she developed a strong desire to express herself through creative writing, and did so, often rapidly advancing above grade-level in language arts, mathematics, and science, subjects she still enjoys very much to this day. As a teenager, she continued to model, was a cheerleader, and became involved in beauty competitions, all of which have prepared her for life. Upon entering college at the University of Texas-San Antonio campus, Stacy decided to delve into web design. She created her own HTML coding plus Photoshop and quickly started her own web design business that she owned and operated until she graduated from college with honors and a background in teaching and law. 

She is married to David Allen Schlagel, who owns and operates the Natural Resource Consortium. They have one young son, Zachary, who is precocious, strong-willed, empathetic, and kind. She has an older sister, who is a kindergarten educator, and a younger brother, who is a physician. The Schlagel family strongly believes in giving back to their community and living a God-filled life full of learning, new experiences, and adventure. Stacy Schlagel’s motto is simple:  “Learn from your past, live for today, plan for your future, and make every day count.”

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Stacy Schlagel’s book is available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and here’s a sneak peek inside…

Moonlight Lovers

You see me beneath the trees

On a golden dewy autumn night 

Lovers quarrel and they fight

Sadness brings her to her knees 

He is also melancholy 

As both lovers deem to please 

She sighs

He walks out of sight 

Both hearts began to break

Both tremor and violently shake 

Making their way back to the moonlight 

They hold an intoxicating embrace 

She missed his beautiful face

He took her hand, as they began


Together, forever 

Under the golden moonlight

Stepford Wife

When you are walking down the aisle,

you are seeing fairytales and rainbows

Not noisy kids throwing twigs

You absolutely do not know 

The impact of this big decision 

Who am I, merely a Stepford wife?

He scolds, he folds

This is how the cookie crumbles

Women, find your own voice

It’s a matter of CHOICE

Be humble, do not stumble

Make the time to let your OWN light shine

Your family will surely appreciate you

You are not a Stepford wife 

Oh how Divine

Stacey Schlagel. Portrait photography by Wendy Bowman Butler. Dress by Angelina Mata.