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Stacy Schlagel’s new collection of poetry, Personification of Entelechy, has just been released to positive critical acclaim. The San Antonio-based author is putting a new face on what it takes to be a modern creative entrepreneur.   

Stacy Schlagel is a gifted author, philanthropist, mother, and homemaker with a background in teaching and law. Her book, Personification of Entelechy, a collection of poems, is a lifetime goal achievement. She is also a songwriter and music producer, plus she’s the owner and operator of Regal Recordings. Schlagel enjoys pursuing her passions, which include writing, music, science, interior design, cooking, and travel.  

She is married to David Allen Schlagel, who owns and operates the Natural Resource Consortium. They have one young son, Zachary, who is precocious, strong-willed, empathetic, and kind. Schlagel has two adoring and supportive parents: her mom is a retired trigonometry and calculus educator, and her dad is a retired missile command officer in the United States Air Force. Stacy has an older sister who is a kindergarten educator and a younger brother who is a physician.

The Schlagel family strongly believes in giving back to their community and living a God-filled life full of learning, new experiences, and adventure. Stacy says, I thoroughly enjoy writing about love. It’s absolutely the strongest force that there is, and if I can inspire people with my writing, well that is unbelievable.  

Stacy Schlagel’s book is available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  

To listen to songs from Stacy’s Regal Recordings, click below:


Your Face

Lyrics by Stacy Schlagel | Produced by Stacy Schlagel and Tim Ferry | Vocals by Emma Ferry

Oh, Jesus

Lyrics by Stacy Schlagel | Produced by Stacy Schlagel and Kimberly Morrell | Vocals by Kim Morrell


From Personification of Entelechy 

Pretty Face 
So they think I’m merely a pretty face 
A stereotype I can’t seem to escape  
As I scream from within  
WAIT, I have so many talents  
While I stay modest  
And inwardly focused 
Those that love me the most  
See my soul 
They judge me not 
Knowing I will quickly pop off 
What the world needs to discover  
Please don’t judge a book by its cover 

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Moonlight Lovers
You see me beneath the trees
On a golden dewy autumn night
Lovers quarrel and they fight
Sadness brings her to her knees
He is also melancholy
As both lovers deem to please
She sighs
He walks out of sight
Both hearts began to break
Both tremor and violently shake
Making their way back to the moonlight
They hold an intoxicating embrace
She missed his beautiful face
He took her hand, as they began
Together, forever
Under the golden moonlight