Going Up! Entering the holiday season, our favorite around here, the excitement mounts. As we have all navigated the pandemic as well as we can, it has offered so many teachable moments of how we individually maneuver through the world, and how the world, well, navigates us. With the tree going up and the festive holiday décor donning just about everywhere we turn, our thoughts take a sentimental turn during these months. Sentiment, a favorite tendency, literally, means many things to many people. For me, it’s enjoying the warmth of the season and reflecting, while also looking forward and projecting ahead. That means thoughts of a long-ago aluminum Christmas tree and favorite toys received, to now, enjoying the younger family folk enjoying their new-found holiday traditions.


We are all swirling back into the ballroom now to support our favorite causes and to make up for lost time. Even though the show did indeed go on during the COVID-19 period, there is currently a renewed robustness and spirit in play. Things have picked up more momentum than in recent memory, so it begs the question, what will the future of philanthropy look like? It’s an important question for all of us. Our theory, and based on many conversations with experts, is that it will grow and evolve like we each individually have. There are still plenty of ways to give back either through volunteerism and public service with a favorite cause or a dozen, sponsoring facets of an organization’s needs, or donating much-needed funds as non-profits get fully back on track again to be a beacon of hope in all our communities.


Knowing that giving is essential, we also know that receiving is worthy, too. Beyond holiday donations that you might consider, we’ve amped up the giving and receiving process like never before with a year’s worth of seeking out the perfect gifts, culminating in our The Riches Of The Season annual holiday gift feature. There’s something for everyone and every budget.


As we enter the chilly months of the year, our fashion cover feature, Mysterious & Majestic, shot by Mark Oberlin and styled by Dion “Bleu” Drake, chronicles a woman’s journey to find her fashionable self in pristine, rarely seen natural surroundings. With new departments like The Edit Advisory, where we forecast the best trends to adapt to your own wardrobe, to our many returning favorite sections that you’ve all come to love, our talented team has you covered as your returning active lifestyle makes up for lost time this past year and a half.


We’re on board to share and show all that we are seeing about the state, thanks to our intrepid contributors who share their tales of adventure and finds they recommend. We are always thankful and ever grateful to you, our wonderful reader and follower. So, as we all enjoy the season, we are excited to journey forward with you as the holidays unfold…and beyond. From our homes to yours, have a joyous season and enjoy as much mistletoe shenanigans as possible. See you ‘round the tree and always know we are rooting for you.


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Portrait photography by Romy Suskin