By Lance Avery Morgan     Photography by William Geisler Photography

The interior design scene in Austin? While the city has always been known for its style, it has often been overlooked when it comes to its design. Plenty of internationally known architects are based here, yet too few high-level design resources were utilized before the 2000s. Enter a new showroom that is uniquely Austin and Central Texas in scope. It’s an inspiring venue where designers can feel at home, seek inspiration, and find everything they need in one place. Meet Objets.

Objets, established in 2001, has moved into a new 7,000 square feet space in a former 1950s warehouse at 6513 Burnet Lane, and its owner, Sandy Sieracki, welcomes professional designers, architects, and building project specifiers. As we all know, Burnet Road has become a design and furniture hub destination in the past few years, so Objets being located in the thick of it is no surprise.

When asked about the changes in the Austin design scene Sandy Sireacki founded Objets in 2001, she’s quick to note, “This is a tough question because it’s a big time frame. I’ve definitely seen a lot of growth and sophistication. We’ve got a look here in Austin that’s organic, casual and relaxed as well as “edgy”… when I first started, we had to go to Dallas for all of our design needs and now I am thrilled that we don’t have to leave town.”

A re-imagined showroom opened recently, and Objets offers anything a designer or homeowner could ever want. It offers a wide variety of furniture, lighting, and accessories for residential and commercial designers, from the traditional to the contemporary. Some of the current, exclusive lines at Objets include Vanguard Furniture, Hancock & Moore Leather Upholstery, Arte Wall Coverings, JF Fabrics, CR Laine Furniture, and Palecek.

We also love that Objets is a true family business since Sandy Sieracki’s mother, Judith Harris, was a designer before her, and now her daughter, Kinsey is also part of the team. Sieracki wants the same warmth, hospitality, and expert customer service from her own years as a designer to be bestowed on everyone who walks through the doors at Objets. When asked how running a family business supports each of the family members’ vision for Objets success, Sireacki shares three reasons:

  1. Alignment of Values: We tend to reflect the values and principles of one another.
  2. Flexibility: We’re able to adapt more easily to the unique strengths.
  3. Trust and Collaboration: Trust among each other helps collaboration because we’re more likely to communicate openly and work together to achieve shared and individual goals.

Regarding current design trends, Sieracki is quick to share her view. “Gray transitional is finally gone. Traditional mixed with contemporary and lots of color are being implemented since designers are more daring.” Think of Objets as a modern-day salonnière that Sieracki presides over with everyone who visits the showroom as a doyenne of design.

“Walking into a building that has so much natural light, high ceilings, and listening to great music is good for my soul,” says Sandy Sieracki. “Designers have been coming in and staying for hours because they’re feeling the same vibe. That makes me happy.”

For more of the incredible lines at Objets, visit and experience Objets in person at 6513 Burnet Lane, Austin, 78757. And follow on Instagram.