The Nuptials Of CC Cavender And Patrick Mays In San Antonio

By Alexandra del Lago         Photography by David Sixt Photography

CC Cavender, the daughter of Stephanie and Bobby Cavender, and Patrick Mays, the son of Patti and Mark Mays, were married in the couple’s hometown of San Antonio. The duo was married after dating each other for four years and an eleven-month engagement. The bride, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the groom, a graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, now live in Chicago. The Windy City will be their home while Patrick is studying for his MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

The groom proposed at his ranch on a cliff overlooking a stunning sunset. It was a Thursday night, and both of their families drove the next day to meet the couple and celebrate. “CC’s kindness and prioritization of others in her life continually reminds me to be less selfish in my own,” said the groom, Patrick Mays.  About the groom, the bride, CC Cavender, shared, “His smile, contagious laugh, and killer dance moves were what first attracted me to him. Beyond that, now it is also his faith, drive in school, career, and his ability to befriend everyone.”

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The Hotel Emma’s Elephant Room provided the perfect backdrop for the rehearsal dinner. The wedding, held at The Argyle, was an outdoor ceremony that provided sunny skies and a cool breeze for the 500 guests in attendance. The bride wore a dress by Reem Akra Chrysler from Julian Gold Bridal of San Antonio. It was a deep V-neck embroidered gown with intricately embroidered silk petal flowers mixed with hand sewn micro pearls and crystals. Sumptuous layers of tulle and illusion enveloped the body in a smoky cloud of thousands of hand-appliqued flowers and crystal. The outfit was accessorized with jewelry provided by the bride’s mother. Javier Castillo and Robert Gutierrez of Creivax et Cie in San Antonio designed the mother of the bride’s rehearsal dinner dress, the bride’s rehearsal dinner dress and the maid of honor’s wedding ceremony dress comprised of a gorgeous array of stylish designs and colors. 

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The wedding, designed by Sara Faye Egan Events of Dallas, was highlighted by Three Branches Floral’s spring color-laden  décor. Abby Cavender, the maid of honor, wore a dress that was a custom color Swiss tulle embellished with matching color fabric flowers. Also attending the bride were 19 bridesmaids: Charlotte Archer, Mattie Berry, Charlotte Burney, Lena Carr, Meg Carrigan, Paige Cavender, Isa Hetheringron, Claire Hodges, Julie King, Georgia Kuper, Marie Mays, Maggie Mays, Mary Alex Mizell, Juliana Newman, Mae Nixon, Lauren Prioleau, Paige Rahe, Anabelle Reade, and Gina Senese. The groom’s best men were Ryan Mays and Daniel Mays, along with 13 groomsmen and five ushers serving him. “It was the first time we were able to be with all of our friends and family since the pandemic, so it was a special time we will always remember about our wedding,” confided the bride. The wedding evening had added meaning to the couple because the groom’s grandfather was able to attend the wedding and the reception before he passed away soon thereafter.

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The reception, held at The Argyle, was a buffet dinner. The bride’s specialty drink, a Dirty Martini with blue cheese olives, and the groom’s drink, a Smokey Old Fashioned, were favorites of the evening. The bride’s brother, Rob Cavender, sang the first dance of the evening, spotlighting the couple. Party on the Moon played throughout the reception and kept the party vibrant through the evening, until the after party at The Argyle in The Coates Garden. “The most special moment was after the ceremony,” shared the groom. “We went upstairs in the Argyle and had a private dinner before the chaos of the reception. It was incredibly special to have an opportunity to be present with just the two of us before celebrating with friends and family.” The bride added, “The confetti and fireworks during our exit were a surprise that we will always remember.”


The couple honeymooned in Mozambique, Africa. The bride works with TechWerks, LLC. Together they love traveling and trying new restaurants in their new home of Chicago.

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