By Lance Avery Morgan

Leaders aren’t born that way. They develop and that development is an ongoing opportunity. In fact, we’ve found a new book that can help your own leadership skills.

Authentic Leadership: Embracing Your Archetypal Gifts is a transformational non-fiction book identifying the many outdated behaviors that impact how we show up authentically as a leader whether you lead people or innovation.

The tome offers examples of modeling to identify, activate and integrate these gifts. So, it’s a guide to navigate current leadership evolution. This paradigm shift will change our future innovation, interaction, relationships, and teams.

This book offers ways to:

  • Bring awareness of the state of leadership evolution.
  • Educate on outdated behaviors with tips to activate consciousness.
  • Bring awareness of authentic leadership gifts that may relate to the reader.
  • Provide real life examples through my own stories and observations.
  • Offer stories of how real leaders practice authentic leadership gifts.

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