With the pandemic happening over the last year and a half now and continuing, we’ve all learned something that many of us may not be experts at…flexibility. It’s been a tangible lesson, and it likely remains a teachable moment for all of us as we enter fall. Plus, things that represented fall have evolved, too. New cars would be introduced, TV shows would premiere, sporting seasons began anew, and the weather changed to a cooler, crisper variety than what we know a typical Texas summer to be. While only the Texas weather can be counted on to change, now we all get to be flexible with the other changes due to the timing of world events and those we create ourselves. However, there are still so many bright spots of where we have been…and where we are going. It’s all about the energy of the people with whom we share our time and space.


One thing I recall learning along the way is that people are more apt to laugh when they are with others. Five times. Five times the fun. Five times the connection. Even the random occurrence of connecting with someone who works behind the counter or a passerby on the sidewalk is a golden opportunity. When the good old neighborhood walk became ubiquitous during the pandemic, I always smiled and said or waved hello to anyone who passed by. So many times, I thought, I might be the one and only person they connect with all day, especially my elderly neighbors. That, and tossing up newspapers that hovered the curb onto the front stoops, brought simple joy to me in those limited connectivity days that now seem long ago but wil be in our future once again with family, friends, and colleagues.



Onward and upward, this fall, we’re all rarin’ to go again. Fully charged and full steam ahead, I’d say…just add a bit of flexibility. Although we have loved the ongoing optimism Society Texas offered before, during, and now, we kick into an even higher gear, as you’ll see on these pages with its powerful imagery. Our fashion cover feature, shot in the great outdoors by Mark Oberlin and styled by Dion “Bleu” Drake, reflects the sunny confidence of this season’s best style for you, our coveted reader. Always admiring our native-Texans-done-good, we share the story of Waco-born Travis Banton, whose seminal talents during the Golden Age of Hollywood are still reflected on today’s catwalks. Finally, with social obligations always top of mind, Austin-bred Gordon Kendall looks back fondly and humorously at his days of escorting debutantes.


These features, along with our plethora of stories that our engaging writers and editors bring you and our many social stories that support so many philanthropies that remain fan favorites, have us swingin’ for the fences to bring you more and unique editorial that you’ve come to know and love. So, for everything from lifestyle, insight into new books to read, beauty products to try, cars to drive, and so many other ways to enjoy life more, count on Society Texas to be by your side from the ballroom and beyond. Cheers to a happy fall ahead, and we look forward to learning how your life has created more momentum as we all progress forward.


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By LAM photo: Portrait photography by Romy Suskin