Where focus goes, energy flows. It’s a physics law that we well understand here, thanks to our talented team who make the wheels turn in the engine to create and produce the Society Texas print magazine, its digital brother, and a host of social media outlets.


This summer, the first one in years of feeling free again post-pandemic, we all have a sense of feeling unleashed and rarin’ to go for good times ahead. In fact, that started this spring across the state, and we are very proud to present a look at how so many philanthropies have made a difference in their communities and beyond. Many are newer organizations, and some are over a century old, such as San Antonio’s weeks-long Fiesta celebrations. We salute Fiesta, which is steeped in a long line of Texas tradition, in this issue with an homage to this year’s Order Of The Alamo coronation court, themed The Court Of The Grand Tour. The gowns and accoutrement are a year in the making, and you can bet that 2023’s outfits are already being designed and made to behold next year. Fiesta is one of those Texas legacies that is a culmination of biography, behavior, and backstory….one that we appreciate greatly.


Socially, the sheer fact is philanthropists have made up for lost time (even though donations were generous during the pandemic) in giving back. A gala that raises $10, 11, or even 12 million in one evening, thanks to its spirited patrons, isn’t rare anymore and happens in almost every single major city that we cover. The work that happens behind the scenes of the talented organizations, who create the gala experience are to be commended, for they are tireless and often not rewarded. We proudly salute them in every issue.


As the summer progresses, If you’re like us, you’ve been up to your necks in planning several warm weather excursions. One of our favorites is Budapest, which Ashley Dobson so eloquently helps unfold with her many insights of VIP things to do when you get there. You’ll want to travel in style, so why not grab a new handbag for the trip, with our inspiring feature on the prettiest ones in this issue? Plus, all of our talented team have again assembled to bring you as much lifestyle, fashion, beauty, automotive, and cultural insight and how-tos on every single page of this issue. We hope it inspires you as much as it does us. 


So, from beach to mountains, we’re with you every step of the way until we meet again in the ballroom. Happy travels for a sensational rest of the summer.


Lance Avery Morgan

Editor-In-Chief &

Creative Director


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Portrait photography by Romy Suskin