Let’s face it, we all want sustainability in fashion (and in the other parts of our lives). Around here we feel that clothes say something to the world about who we are; as the public signifiers of the private decisions we make every morning when we choose what to wear. American anthropologist Ted Polhemus got it right when he wrote, “At the heart of lifestyle is style–today’s vital, indispensable language of identity. From an ever-growing supermarket of style…we choose those items which signify most precisely where we are at.” After all, the fashion industry is an economic force–to the tune of over $1 trillion globally and ranked as the second biggest worldwide economic activity for intensity of trade. You could call it the intersection of craft, creativity and commerce.

 There are those who might chide the importance of fashion. So why is it, if it’s unimportant, that we can identify a nation more by its national dress than by its international flag? Clothes help define us: who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are aiming to go. Frankly, you are what you wear, just like you are what you eat. During my summer travels, I’ve made some silent style observations everywhere I’ve gone. Those who choose to dress with, well, less style than they could and who took the easy way out, don’t seem happier because they took shortcuts to be comfortable. How comfortable are ill fitting clothes anyway?

 The ease of knowing that you chose your best finish to reflect who you are surely outweighs the idea of comfort versus discomfort. It’s a two-way street, that comfort lane–how comfortable can it be if people avert their eyes because the day’s selection of someone’s clothing just didn’t muster up to respect the venue or occasion? At Society Texas we love that fashion and style are not restricted by race, shape, age, or size. As long as it looks terrific and you feel wonderful in it by projecting your best self forward, hooray for you. And, a hooray for those whose day is brightened by seeing your personal style.

 As this fall fashion-focused issue unfolds, from cover to cover, we’re proud to share our point of view of how to make the world more beautiful. Beautiful with a soul, as we like to call it. Each page has significance to us, and we know it will to you, too. The philanthropic events, and the much-needed funds raised at them, make a difference to so many and we are proud to tell their stories from across the state. What about the fashion imagery, style makers, products, recommendations, and things that make Texas uniquely Texas? We’ve got plenty of it and our editorial, publishing, design and digital teams has been working in overdrive to turn up the volume to make this issue as lively a read as you’ll see anywhere.

 The 19th century designer William Morris wrote, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” From our homes to yours, we couldn’t agree more and we look forward to an exciting fall season ahead with you.


XO Lance Avery Morgan