Editor’s Letter

I’ve always felt that to fully live our destiny we must partner in creating it. In fact, raising the bar may many times means doing the heavy lifting. Make it happen, baby, as they say in showbiz. So, ladies and gentleman we give you the new Society Texas magazine, about and for the Quintessential Texan, as we also call you, friend, family and colleague. 

What you see is where you’ll be, so consider you’re P.O.V. as a tantamount source for how we are going to tell the stories of the dynamic Texan, both fabled and actual, and the way you live right now. The scope of our state’s philanthropic largesse is world renownedjust ask any of the dozens of international organizations who benefit from a larger-than-life Texan’s support.

We get it. We get you. As you’ll see in our debut issue, the Texans who support organizations from Malibu to New York and also, in Europe, also gives back right in their own backyard. And we’re ready to share the narrative and images to take you directly there to where it all happens. Meanwhile, we know the Texan is remarkably fashionable and is a forward thinker when it comes to personal style. In fact, from our cover style story to the last page in the book, we’re going to profile you like you want to be seenno stereotypes, but the authenticity you deserve as a high-performing Texas resident.

Art, as we know, is everywhere we look in a Texan’s life, so that’s why we chose to celebrate it, and fashion, on the cover and within our pages. With artistic works by Texas artists who contributed to the piece like Brad Ellis, Allison Gregory, David Kurio, Shanny Lott, McKay Otto and Tracy Williams, our vision with photographer Mark Oberlin and Dion “Bleu” Drake set the tone from the very first thing you see. We think it’s sheer perfection, along with our features on Burgundy and vintage Havana. Along with our stable of talents of contributors, writers, editors, photographers and advertising team we present to you this month’s inaugural editorial of Society Texas magazine.

We are mighty proud, as Texans and media professionals, to be on your team to expand your already wide vision of the world here and beyond, so we look forward to hearing from you. Help us tell your stories and share your talents. See you in the ballroom and we look forward to more fun ahead together.

Lance Avery Morgan