By Lance Avery Morgan    Photography courtesy of American Red Cross Dallas

Svitlana Vasylenko, Sarah Losinger, BJ Murchison-Coffman, Dany Decell, Ariane Einecker, Keith Rhodes, Amy Hofland. Melanie Silberman, Julie Meister, Susan Stone-Poteet, Sandy Nachman and Patti Keirnan

Recently, the American Red Cross Dallas Tiffany Circle Spring Social was in full bloom. Hosted at Trammel Crow’s Arrowhead Drive home it was a wonderful success.

Damian and Dany Decell & Sharna Barbarin

The evening’s program provided an early glimpse at the Red Cross’s climate change and sustainability efforts. Josh Lockwood, the Red Cross vice president of Climate Change & Sustainability, flew in from Chicago for the presentation. Keith Rhodes, CEO of the Red Cross North Texas Region, outlined the significant impact the Tiffany Circle is having on the people of North Texas.

Amy Hofland, Susan Stone-Poteet, Patti Kiernan and Tom Kiernan

The event spotlighted these wonderful ladies and the huge impact they have on the foundation from which the American Red Cross is able to assist locally, nationally, and on a global scale. The following week This High Tea with the Tiffany Circle leaders of Fort Worth followed suit by supporting more great women in the region.

Josh Lockwood, Amy Hofland, and Ariane Einecker

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Darryl Ratliff, Grace Cook and Amy Hofland