The Nuptials Of Claudia Kiolbassa And Luke Hendry

By Leanne Raesener         Photography by Caroline Jurgensen Photography

Claudia Kiolbassa, of San Antonio, Texas the daughter of Nita and Michael Kiolbassa and Luke Hendry of Boerne, Texas, the son of Tory and Gary Hendry, were recently married in San Antonio. They were attracted to each other’s kindness, faith, and sense of adventure. The couple dated for two and half years and were engaged for 11 months. Luke successfully surprised Claudia by secretly arranging a curated creekside picnic lunch for the couple, thus creating the perfect setting to pop the question. At the same time, his sister concealed herself in the nearby woods‒telephoto lens at the ready to photograph the special occasion. It was a joyful afternoon and cause for celebration. The venue for the rehearsal dinner was at the San Antonio Country Club.

For the wedding ceremony at Christ Episcopal Church, summer garden pastels of blues and pinks were chosen. When the bride arrived at the top of the sanctuary aisle, it took five trumpet calls to catch her attention and that of her father, who were deep in conversation awaiting their cue. Alas, the doors opened to reveal Claudia and the joy on the relieved and very patient groom’s face was worth every suspenseful moment.

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The bride wore a Carolina Herrera wedding dress made of a guipure lace with a strapless fitted bodice with an A-line skirt, accented in back with a blue silk faille bow, from Julian Gold Bridal, San Antonio. The guipure bolero was added to create the complete gown, while the in-house custom veil was also created from the same lace as her gown to frame the train perfectly. The bridesmaids’ gowns, designed by Creivax et Cie of San Antonio, were of satin-backed crepe in sky blue and embellished with white Swiss guipure to match the bride’s gown. The wedding event planning team was Robin Waters of Wedding Planners, Inc., and Carroll Devine Nelson, while Nathan Johnson and Tracy Davy of Gro Floral and Event Design of Dallas planned the exquisite floral décor.

Not only was there a “get the bride down the aisle on time” moment, but there was also a “where’s the bride and groom?” moment. After the ceremony, while the newlyweds were taking pictures at the church, the bride’s brother told the wedding party’s bus driver that they were “good to go.” However, it wasn’t until they were halfway to the reception that they realized they had left the bride and groom behind. The bus and wedding party returned to the church to find Claudia and Luke standing in front of a quiet church and empty parking lot.

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The summer garden party theme continued to be the inspiration for the reception and sumptuous seated dinner at The Argyle, where the floral decor created decorative nuances that enchanted all as a selection of the bride’s favorite Ginger Margaritas and the groom’s preferred Old Fashioneds greeted guests upon arrival. At the same time, a hand-turned champagne decanter supported the grand methuselahs of Perrier Jouet that kept the flutes fresh all evening. 

The evening’s dance band, The Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters from Atlanta, provided a breakout quartet as background music during the reception. As a special surprise for the bride and groom, the tented front lawn was partitioned with a drape, concealing the dance floor and bandstand area during the cocktail hour, which was removed to reveal an acrylic dance floor floating over a continuation of the floral designs. Dueling pianos and brandy freezes punctuated the celebration.

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The bride attended The University of Alabama and is a studio artist. The groom graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and is the marketing manager at Anera Sports. The couple honeymooned on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. They now make Dallas their home. The Hendrys especially enjoy parenting their golden retriever, Scout, and supporting each other’s interests, including travel, art, and golf.

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The Nuptials of Austinites Alexis Simón and Gordon Moore

By Rob Giardinelli            Photography by Rodrigo Varela

Alexis Simón, the daughter of Alejandro and Elsa Simón, and Gordon Moore, the son of Jon and Marisa Moore, were recently wed in beautiful Coral Gables, Florida. The bride and groom initially met through mutual friends. They reconnected when Gordon saw Alexis at a local Austin gym where they were both members. Initially, Alexis was more interested in working out than striking up a conversation with Gordon. However, about a week later, Gordon noticed on Instagram that Alexis was attending a wedding in Cuernavaca, Mexico. “He decided to direct message me a fire emoji to get my attention,” Alexis Simon recalls. The couple was mutually attracted to one another’s philanthropic nature through giving back to their community. They decided to go on their first official date a week later by attending Ballet Austin’s Fête in the Fall of 2018, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After a year and a half of dating, Gordon was more than ready to pop the question, which he did in February 2020, but not without some serious improvising. “I coordinated with Rachel (Alexis’ matron of honor) to get Alexis over to the Four Seasons in Austin for drinks,” muses Gordon. “It was a cloudy, cold evening, and Alexis was reluctant to go outside.” Undeterred, Gordon was able to coax Alexis outside, but not before she saw her favorite photographer at the doorway. Gordon then got down on bended knee to propose to Alexis…with the photographer on hand to commemorate their once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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Like many other engaged couples during the pandemic, the duo created a wedding that was as unique as their love. The couple was wed in a civil ceremony in September 2020 at the Four Seasons Mexico City, where the bride is from and where her family resides, knowing that a Catholic ceremony and reception with loved ones would be on the horizon once the pandemic lifted. A year later, the couple did just that, with 200 of their nearest and dearest joining them for a wedding celebration in Coral Gables, which commenced with a rehearsal dinner at Palm D’or in The Biltmore Hotel. The bi-lingual wedding, officiated by Bishop Joe Vasquez of Austin, included the traditional components of a Catholic wedding ceremony, including the arras and the lasso, in keeping with family tradition.

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The bride’s favorite moment of the ceremony was arriving with her father at The Church of the Little Flower in a 1965 Rolls Royce Phantom. Alexis wore a custom gown by Benito Santos of Mexico, while Gordon wore a custom black tuxedo by Loro Piana. The ceremony went off without a hitch. Almost. With a surprise beforehand. “We were told that the church lost power for several hours due to rainstorms earlier on the day of the wedding. The power came on again just as Bishop Vasquez entered the church 30 minutes before the ceremony,” recalls Alexis with a laugh. A perfect sign to the couple that the power of love always conquers all. The wedding party consisted of ten house party attendants, fourteen bridal attendants, and ten groom attendants. Carly Bucklin served as maid of honor, Rachel Mullins served as matron of honor, and Daniel Price was the groom’s best man.

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The wedding reception, held in the Country Club  Ballroom at The Biltmore Hotel, featured a white and gold color palette that perfectly complimented the timeless, elegant, classic theme. The bride slipped into a wedding reception dress designed by Essence of Australia. The bride and groom’s first dance was Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra, where Gordon, in his favorite moment of the ceremony, lifted up Alexis during the song’s crescendo, as sparklers went off around the perimeter of the dance floor. After dinner, as guests danced to the tunes of the Aragon Artists–Soirée band, they were treated to a French fry bar, tres leches, and NadaMoo! ice cream. The reception was capped off with an after party, which lasted until 5:00 am and included several members of the wedding party jumping into the pool, still in their gowns and tuxedos.

Both the bride and groom completed their undergraduate degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, and Alexis received an Executive MBA from Baylor. They reside in Austin, where they now make their home. The bride is a travel advisor with National Travel, an affiliate of American Express, and the groom is the National Sales Director at NadaMoo!. The couple, who honeymooned at the Four Seasons Hualalai in Kona, Hawaii, have many mutual interests, including a passion for fitness, travel, wine, and supporting non-profit organizations in Austin.

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The Nuptials Of CC Cavender And Patrick Mays In San Antonio

By Alexandra del Lago         Photography by David Sixt Photography

CC Cavender, the daughter of Stephanie and Bobby Cavender, and Patrick Mays, the son of Patti and Mark Mays, were married in the couple’s hometown of San Antonio. The duo was married after dating each other for four years and an eleven-month engagement. The bride, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the groom, a graduate of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, now live in Chicago. The Windy City will be their home while Patrick is studying for his MBA at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

The groom proposed at his ranch on a cliff overlooking a stunning sunset. It was a Thursday night, and both of their families drove the next day to meet the couple and celebrate. “CC’s kindness and prioritization of others in her life continually reminds me to be less selfish in my own,” said the groom, Patrick Mays.  About the groom, the bride, CC Cavender, shared, “His smile, contagious laugh, and killer dance moves were what first attracted me to him. Beyond that, now it is also his faith, drive in school, career, and his ability to befriend everyone.”

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The Hotel Emma’s Elephant Room provided the perfect backdrop for the rehearsal dinner. The wedding, held at The Argyle, was an outdoor ceremony that provided sunny skies and a cool breeze for the 500 guests in attendance. The bride wore a dress by Reem Akra Chrysler from Julian Gold Bridal of San Antonio. It was a deep V-neck embroidered gown with intricately embroidered silk petal flowers mixed with hand sewn micro pearls and crystals. Sumptuous layers of tulle and illusion enveloped the body in a smoky cloud of thousands of hand-appliqued flowers and crystal. The outfit was accessorized with jewelry provided by the bride’s mother. Javier Castillo and Robert Gutierrez of Creivax et Cie in San Antonio designed the mother of the bride’s rehearsal dinner dress, the bride’s rehearsal dinner dress and the maid of honor’s wedding ceremony dress comprised of a gorgeous array of stylish designs and colors. 

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The wedding, designed by Sara Faye Egan Events of Dallas, was highlighted by Three Branches Floral’s spring color-laden  décor. Abby Cavender, the maid of honor, wore a dress that was a custom color Swiss tulle embellished with matching color fabric flowers. Also attending the bride were 19 bridesmaids: Charlotte Archer, Mattie Berry, Charlotte Burney, Lena Carr, Meg Carrigan, Paige Cavender, Isa Hetheringron, Claire Hodges, Julie King, Georgia Kuper, Marie Mays, Maggie Mays, Mary Alex Mizell, Juliana Newman, Mae Nixon, Lauren Prioleau, Paige Rahe, Anabelle Reade, and Gina Senese. The groom’s best men were Ryan Mays and Daniel Mays, along with 13 groomsmen and five ushers serving him. “It was the first time we were able to be with all of our friends and family since the pandemic, so it was a special time we will always remember about our wedding,” confided the bride. The wedding evening had added meaning to the couple because the groom’s grandfather was able to attend the wedding and the reception before he passed away soon thereafter.

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The reception, held at The Argyle, was a buffet dinner. The bride’s specialty drink, a Dirty Martini with blue cheese olives, and the groom’s drink, a Smokey Old Fashioned, were favorites of the evening. The bride’s brother, Rob Cavender, sang the first dance of the evening, spotlighting the couple. Party on the Moon played throughout the reception and kept the party vibrant through the evening, until the after party at The Argyle in The Coates Garden. “The most special moment was after the ceremony,” shared the groom. “We went upstairs in the Argyle and had a private dinner before the chaos of the reception. It was incredibly special to have an opportunity to be present with just the two of us before celebrating with friends and family.” The bride added, “The confetti and fireworks during our exit were a surprise that we will always remember.”


The couple honeymooned in Mozambique, Africa. The bride works with TechWerks, LLC. Together they love traveling and trying new restaurants in their new home of Chicago.

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The Nuptials Of Jillian Fuhrmann and James Moon, Jr.

By Alexandra del Lago         Photography by David Sixt Photography

Jillian Joy Fuhrmann, the daughter of Joy and Triple Fuhrmann and James Graham Moon, Jr., the son of Lisa and Earl Keister, and James Graham Moon, Sr., were married in a ceremony in San Antonio surrounded by family and friends. Jillian, a native San Antonian, and James, a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, have known each other since they met while visiting Texas Christian University, where they both ended up attending. A friend of Jillian’s from Camp Waldemar introduced them, and they dated for six years before becoming engaged for a year. “We were in Port Aransas for Mother’s Day weekend in 2020,” shares Jillian Moon. “We had plans to meet up with our friends for drinks, and James took us on a detour on the golf cart to the Palmilla Golf Course, where he popped the question.”

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The nuptials were at First Presbyterian Church, officiated by Rev. Bob Fuller and Rev. Michael Crocker. The bride wore a Rivini gown from Julian Gold Bridal, San Antonio. With a sophisticated fit and flare style, made of Neo Satin, it was  a modern, elegant trumpet silhouette. The unique oversized double-loop bow in the back finishes this stunning look flowing into a chapel length train. The mother of the bride’s dress was designed and created by Angelina Mata of San Antonio. 

The wedding décor, centered around an elegant garden theme, was selected for the 600 guests. Sweet August Events, led by Katherine Lopez, planned the wedding festivities. The gorgeous floral design included primarily white hydrangeas, was specially chosen because they were reminiscent of the groom’s family roots on Nantucket Island. The hydrangeas were embellished with white roses, created and executed by Danny Cuellar and his team at Trinity Flowers.

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The maids of honor were Jenna Belle Fuhrmann and Carlyle Ivy Fuhrmann. The bridesmaids were Hannah Bakke, Lilly Calvert, Tricia Gregory, Carrie Hancock, Claudia Hendry, Peyton Kennington, Sadie Lawrence, Felicia Mannix, Kelsey Mantz, Spencer Pevahouse, Cecelia Swanson, Averie Thomas, and Karey Tylman. The house party attendants were Amelia Abernathy, Annie Archer, Christa Bunce, Taylor Mac Naughton, Clara Ostrander, Jenna Schuler, Izzie Shea, and Olivia Winton. The best man was George Allen Fowlkes, III. The groomsmen were Berto Alexander, William Alexander, Johnny Chun, Austin Cox, Davis Da Ponte, Wyatt Darden, Robert Durbin, Jason Fisher, Peter Morse, Andrew Robinson, Robert Schuler, and Ridley Wills. His ushers were Stephen Bell, Jimmy Burk, Parker Hollingshead, and Crawford Mitchell.

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The rehearsal dinner was held at the legendary San Antonio favorite, Casa Rio. The reception, a buffet affair, was at The Argyle. One of the groom’s favorite moments was the private sushi dinner the bride and groom enjoyed together during the cocktail hour before walking into the reception. This time together helped them savor the occasion before uniting with family and friends at the reception. Afterward, the bride’s father surprised the couple with their favorite Texas musician, Pat Green, to play the first dance, as well as some of the bride and groom’s families’ favorite songs to kick off the reception. Then, the Georgia Bridgewater Orchestra performed.

The couple honeymooned in Mayakoba and Tulum, Mexico, and make  their home in San Antonio, where the groom is employed by Merrill Lynch. In their spare time, they love to cook, try new restaurants, travel, and enjoy their golden retriever, Luna.

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The Nuptials Of Kristin Kay Sanders and James Robert Hallam

By Jake Gaines         Photography by Danny Campbell Photography and Bryan Chatlien Photography

Kristin Kay Sanders of New Waverly, Texas, the daughter of Pamela Kay Sanders and Steve and Sandra Sanders and James Robert Hallam of Dallas, the son of Howard and Fanchon Hallam, and Kay Nell Wilson (decd), were married in star-studded style in Dallas. Kristin, who had returned to Dallas after selling her Malibu, California-based business, Pure Barre, was introduced to James by a mutual friend who encouraged him to call. “After hanging up the phone with my friend, it rang again, and it was James,” enthused the bride, Kristin Hallam. “I was caught off guard, yet that probably worked in his favor since he simply got right to business and asked ‘what are you doing later?’ and ‘may I take you to dinner?’” I said yes, of course, and it has been a whirlwind ever since.” They dated for three years and were engaged for one.

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“We instantly knew event producer Steve Kemble was the one and only person who could pull off an event of this style and elegance,” shared James Hallam. Steve is such a brilliant personality and has an eye for detail. He and his team utilized this design mastery and created an upscale, black tie affair of our dreams. It was magnificent.” With 625 guests invited, the ceremony was at Highland Park United Methodist Church. “The most memorable point during our vows, led by Reverend Matt Tuggle, was it rained, recalled the couple, just as it had been raining when James proposed.”. The Hindu tradition states that when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, a marriage is supposedly just as difficult to unravel. So, our journey begins with a “double knot” that seems to be unbreakable.” The bride wore a Carolina Herrera gown and custom veil designed by Alisa Culp for Haute Hot Lingerie and the groom donned a custom tuxedo by Vitale Barberis Canonico of Italy, from Neiman Marcus. Dr. Delphinium Designs and Events created the opulent floral décor.

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Friday night’s reception was at Park House, while the Saturday night celebration was held at the Dallas Country Club. Saturday’s reception setting, with its Roaring 20s high glam atmosphere, had state-of-the-art lighting and entertainment. For the guests’ photogenic moments, the oversized spelling of the word LOVE, which was laden in white roses and greenery towered 12 feet as a selfie station. The cocktail napkins, bars, dance floor, all the way down to the yummy Bundt cakes had the signature K&J black and gold initials and theme, created by Kemble. The lobster mac n’ cheese and spareribs were a hit, according to the guests. DJ Mark Ridlen spun his tunes for Friday’s reception while The Dan Band and Jordan Kahn Orchestra entertained guests at Saturday evening’s event. “How fun it was to see our life-long friends, and many from the blocks where we grew up as children,” shared Kristin. “Many people felt that while they were seeing so many of their longtime friends, they had been transported back in time to when they were much younger. What a gift this was for everyone,” said James Hallam.

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The bride, who graduated from Baylor University, is employed at Cheetah Swift. The groom, who received his B.S. degree from St. Edward’s University and M.B.A from Southern Methodist University, is the vice president of Marketing and Legislative Affairs at Ben E. Keith Beverages. The couple, who have children from previous marriages, say they have mastered the three-day travel weekend. Some of their favorite getaways are Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., and New York. They enjoy visiting Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica, and Punta Mita, Mexico, when they have extra time.

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The Nuptials Of Elisabeth Uhl and Elkin Kleberg In West Texas

By Jake Gaines         Photography by Caroline Jugensen Photography  

The ceremony of Victoria (Elisabeth) Uhl and Elkin McGaughy Kleberg was held under the wide-open West Texas sky. Elisabeth is the daughter of Lorrie and Arthur Gustav Uhl III of San Antonio, and Elkin is the son of Julie and Scott Masterson Kleberg of Fort Worth. The groom asked for the bride’s hand in marriage when the couple and his family spent New Year’s in South Texas quail hunting. He surprised Elisabeth by proposing in the pasture. Soon after the proposal, her family unexpectedly appeared, and the families celebrated the impending nuptials together over dinner.

The all-white wedding ceremony was held outside under the wide-open West Texas sky. Ivory and sand toned linens inspired by the landscape, anchored the dinner and reception design, and served as an earthy backdrop for the blue, green, yellow, and orange décor. The reception floral design, a collaboration between Cloche Events of San Antonio and Three Branches Floral of Dallas, was inspired by the region’s sunset and incorporated pink, yellow, and orange tones. The bride and their families chose the mother of the bride’s family land, Pecan Creek Ranch, outside of San Angelo, as the venue for the ceremony and its nearby festivities. With the reception taking place in a remote part of West Texas, on a hill overlooking a magnificent vista, the scaffolding and tenting took two weeks to install. The stage backdrop was designed by Cloche Events, who oversaw the planning of all the wedding details. In fact, the Cloche team, led by Laura Nell Burton and Christin Gish, met the challenges of hosting a summertime ranch wedding with logistical expertise, creativity, grit and love, every step of the way. They were inspired by a trip to South America when they were dating, and it was where they fell in love with the brightly colored architecture with its pink Bougainvillea climbing vines.

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The bride wore a gown previously worn by her mother, aunt, and late grandmother, and she collaborated with Coutures by Laura of Austin in the redesign. The veil, also an heirloom, had been worn by the family members, and her mother placed a sixpence in her shoe prior to the ceremony for good luck. Elisabeth’s Maid of Honor was Hilary Shaw, while her 11 bridesmaids were Maddy Canty, Marlee Cutbirth, Christina Thurmond, Sarah Friedman, Kat Hubbard, Julie King, Elizabeth Kleberg, Ali Koudelka, Sarah Beth Cole, Mallory Morris, and Madeline Thompson. Her nine other attendants were: Hailey Becker, Ellen Crow, Mary Elizabeth Fleming, Callie Fort, Catherine Murray, Rachel Theilmann, Elizabeth Waltrip, Jackie White, and Elizabeth Williamson. Elkin’s best man was Matt Kleberg, and his 13 groomsmen were:  Will Bailey, Reed Brunette, Preston Burkett, Dillon Friedman, Robby Walls, Jeff Johnson, Lukin King, Parker LeCorgne, William Pipkin, Chase Prospere, Carter Thurmond, James Uhl, and Scott Uhl. His six other attendants were: Charlie Gentry, Perry Ginsburg, Cameron Horton, Reagen Hughes, Burke Kleinheinz, and Peter Ray.

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The rehearsal dinner was held at the Cactus Hotel in San Angelo and was catered by Bonnell’s of Fort Worth. The wedding was catered by the team at Perini Ranch Steakhouse of Buffalo Gap. The seated dinner featured their famous beef tenderloin and dusted shrimp. In addition, mini tequila bottle escort cards were implemented to direct the guests to place settings that were personalized with traditional blue and white Spanish Talavera tiles. Guests dined at gold and ivory place settings, with a mix of round and long tables adorned with candlelight and flowers. The couple left the reception in a 1987 Jeep Wagoneer that is an old family vehicle purchased by James (Jimmie) Powell and has been driven by three generations of the bride’s mother’s family.

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Both Elisabeth and Elkin Kleberg graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, where they now make their home. The bride is employed with Endeavor Real Estate Group, and the groom works at ACG Partners. The couple, who honeymooned in Italy, have many mutual interests, including spending time at their families’ ranches, hunting, fishing, skiing, running, and exploring new places.

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