South Texan-turned-Dallasite Joyce Goss is leading by example. As the executive director of The Goss-Michael Foundation, the Pleasanton native understands the world of philanthropy and art. She’s chaired a zillion galas and is known for her chic style. Here, her longtime pal, Lance Avery Morgan gets up-close and personal with this busy wife, mother, and patron to learn about a few of her favorite things.

Portrait photography by Maxine Heifman


The best career advice I’ve received is…Treat everyone with respect.


How I made my first dollar…I grew up on a farm in South Texas. One of my first summer jobs included hoeing weeds and moving irrigation pipe. I got a great tan as a bonus.


Last thing I binge/marathon watched…Was Schitt’s Creek. It’s beyond hilarious.


Book that left a lasting impression on me…To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.


First album I bought…With Love, Bobby by Bobby Sherman.


My favorite scent I wear is…Frédéric Malle’s Portrait of a Lady.


What everyone should try in her lifetime is…Volunteering. It’s one of the best ways to make an impact on the world.


One thing I am exceptionally good at that most might not know is…Baton twirling. I was a majorette in high school, and I still have my baton. Every once in awhile, when I am feeling bored or a bit nostalgic, I will bring out my baton and twirl. It’s quite a sight.


The beauty essential you’d have to pry out of my cold, dry hands is…YSL’s Touche Éclat highlighter.


A celebrity I would prank phone call and what I would ask them is…I would call George Clooney and ask, May I speak with Amal?.


My style icon is…Katharine Hepburn. Her style was bold and powerful. She could be glamorous in both high fashion and pantsuits.


When it comes to one must-have clothing, one that item I always have to have is…A blazer. Throwing on a blazer makes me feel chic and pulled together. It boosts my confidence when I walk out the door.


My perfect day would end by…Having an amazing dinner with my family, followed by a cocktail, and watching the sunset while listening to some fabulous music.






With warm weather here for a while, getting summer-ready with chic accessories is a priority, according to our luxe lifestyle arbiter Rank & Style CEO Jamie Chandlee, as her Top 10 recommendations will heat things up even more.


Leave your house looking like a movie star in these over-the-top and oversized retro zero UV – square sunglasses with a flat lens at 50mm. Perfectly priced to buy in several colors. $12.99. At


Embrace the 60s Capri beach vibe with Emilio Pucci’s pareo that’s a perfect match for a one-piece or bikini. It’s made in Italy from lightweight cotton-voile and patterned with a vibrant abstract print for which Pucci is so famous. $340. At


This Supergoop hydrating, makeup-gripping primer with SPF 40 and blue-light protection has a pearlescent finish to leave skin luminous with an instant glow. It’s ideal for skin care concerns with dullness, dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. $36. At



Every Bottega Veneta bag becomes an overnight sensation, so don’t expect this BV Twist clutch to be around for long. Made in Italy from buttery caramel leather, it has a slouchy triangular shape with a zip fastening along the bottom. Slip your wrist through the knotted handle for a chic look. $1900. At


Sheltered from the passage of time, libraries have the power to teleport us to a world in suspension. The velvety quality of the paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum, and vanilla, and the omnipresent patchouli is like a backbone that runs through the composition. Perfect for any room. $85. At


Who needs silk sheets when you’ve got this washable-silk tee set that has an oversized relaxed fit with clean geometric lines and a luxe look that’ll have you feeling polished until morning. $198. At


This Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has a softening balm texture that closely adheres to lips for quick absorption. Enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants, its Berry Mix Complex™ offers a nutritiously sweet and fragrant blend of berry extracts to indulge the senses. $20. At


This Alexandre Birman Clarita Plateau cork platform with a chunky heel offers a cushioned footbed and an elastic ankle strap that is perfect for any summer party or gathering. $625. At


This Nancy swimsuit by Hunza G is made from the brand’s signature crinkled seersucker, which is both supportive and stretchy. It’s woven with metallic threads that’ll glisten all vacation, day and night. $180. At


Nurture your inner 70s starlet moment with this Parker Vintage Cut Off Short by Agolde. Made of 100% cotton, it has a buttoned fly, slight whiskering, fading along the front, and distressed areas throughout. $128. At



Texas is a great resource of acting talent and the long list of actors who hail from here, then reach success, just got longer. Meet Glen Powell, Hollywood’s newest star on the horizon.

By Jake Gaines        Photography courtesy of archival

Austin-born Glen Powell is taking Hollywood by storm. This summer, the world will get to know the Texas actor a little better. Actually, much better when Powell steps up as a hunky co-star in Top Gun: Maverick, the much-quoted 80s action-adventure staple that’s gotten a re-boot, where he plays the son of Goose (Anthony Edwards) whose character died in the original film. But it all had to start somewhere before starring with Tom Cruise.

 Fellow Texan Richard Linklater cast Powell in another 80s buddy film homage, Everybody Wants Some! (2016). Before that he was part of the comic ensemble cast in The Expendables 3 (2014). He went on to co-star as astronaut John Glenn in Hidden Figures (2017), about the women behind NASA in the 1960s. After that, he starred in the well-received 1940s period film, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (2018), where he sharpened his chops as a dashing leading man, and he’s been continually busy throughout his budding career.  

 Next up, look for Glen Powell in another fighter pilot role in Devotion, about a pair of U.S. Navy fighter pilots who risk their lives during the Korean War and become some of the Navy’s most celebrated wingmen. When not living the Hollywood high life with a busy career, Powell can be found with his pet Capuchin monkey, Charlie.



Texas’ link to fashion’s most revolutionary transition recalls the remarkably intriguing life of the almost-forgotten French designer Lucien Lelong, who made it possible, according to our vintage fashion chronicler, Gordon Kendall


The major design houses of Lelong’s era shared close physical proximity to each other. From a reasonably small, contained area of Paris, the fashion powers Lelong, Chanel, Patou, Schiaparelli, Lanvin, and so many others, wielded was worldwide. Think of so many color-topped dressmaker’s pins, all going away from a center. The world of French couture was much like a pincushion itself in terms of these far-pointing influences. Each design house, or pin, represented the power it had to attract and collect from private, wealthy clients, and department and specialty stores with ample open-to-buy budgets, and lucrative licensing deals. Such far-reaching influence extended, not surprisingly, to neighboring Germany. However, that influence was not received as positively there as in other parts of the world.


When German forces invaded Paris in June of 1940, it did not take long for them to make their way to the very center of fashion’s pincushion: the offices and files of the Chambre, which they confiscated in due course. Motives for this plan of action have been ascribed to various reasons. Ideologically, the Nazi regime professed the desire to subjugate other nations’ cultures; to suppress them in favor of their own. To that end, French fashion, especially that emanating from the leading couture houses, was considered frivolous, an anathema to the sensible ways of women’s dress proposed by the Third Reich. Historians note their goal, ultimately, was to move the center of fashion from Paris to Berlin and Vienna, already home to more acceptable fashion makers. Raiding the Chambre was the first step in that plan.


The invaders are thought to have wanted to take advantage of the power of the pins.. That is, to tap into and exploit the trove of financial and political information gathered by the fashion houses over the course of years of doing business. This one event began Lelong’s pincushion war. It was to be his and his fight alone to keep French couture, French, and profitable, as well. Here’s where history grows increasingly silent. No one is sure, exactly, how the dapper Frenchman managed to do this.


What is known are Lelong’s accomplishments. He persuaded the invaders to forgo their plans to move the entire French fashion industry, couture included, to Germany, or Austria. This he achieved after traveling under heavy guard to Berlin to speak directly with various Reich ministers and committees. For this feat, however, few records appear to have either been made or continue to exist. He saved an estimated 12,000 lives by preventing their deportation. Again, there are few written explanations as to how he accomplished this incredible task.


Further, he obtained, despite rationing and requisitions, enough fabric for the couture houses to remain in operation during the entire length of time the Germans occupied Paris. He obtained passes for foreign buyers to attend fashion shows in non-occupied France. These, too, appear to have been the result of his persuasive appeal to the Germans. Yet few documents detail exactly how he managed to accomplish feats that rivaled the best efforts of any of the Allied nation’s diplomats. 



Perhaps it is the fate of a successful diplomat to leave behind accomplishments with few traces of themselves, with only their persona remaining. That certainly appears to be the case with Lelong. While his own fashion house has not existed since 1948, and his name now only appears on a scant few perfumes made under license by a New Jersey-based chemical company, the names of designers he mentored, like Dior, now stand prominent in international fashion. Lelong will always be credited with saving French couture and protecting the lives of thousands. He was, for this reason, the ultimate, but understated, patron of his industry. Could any one person in fashion today yield such professional, financial, political, and, yes, cultural power? Bernard Arnauld, current chairman of luxury behemoth LVMH, might be Lelong’s closest contemporary. Perhaps.


Unfortunately, Lelong was powerless when it came to his own health. Long afflicted from wounds dating back to World War I, illnesses, and a list of infirmaries forced him to retire from the rigors of running a business at the time of Dior’s ascent. Accordingly, he missed the Dallas ceremony hosted by Neiman Marcus and Stanley Marcus. But fashion had moved on, as the Neiman Marcus award recognized and underscored. When Lelong died later in 1958, his name had already faded into fashion history. The New Look of fashion heralded by Dior was not just in style, but in newer ways of doing business. Methods became much more under corporate control than paternal protectionism.


In today’s quest for authenticity and brand-controlled storytelling, it seems ironic that any remaining story of Lelong may never be fully known, much less recounted. This year will mark another year since Lelong’s passing. What will start, too, is another year of unanswered questions as to how one of fashion’s most remarkable players accomplished what he did, only to end up what may be the most dreaded of all of fashion’s fates: forgotten.  



This year’s warmer-weather looks are truly a breath of fresh air in these tough times. The new beauty forecast calls for glossy glow, rose gold shimmer, and bronzed complexions…according to our beauty expert, Ana Bribiesca Hoff, who recommends her favourites.


Zesty orange is the perfect on-trend shade for the season. The soft yet statement-making hue looks fresh, healthy, and breathes life into any skin tone. Try the first lipstick from Hermès, Rouge Hermes Poppy Lip Shine. $67. At Bergdorf Goodman.


This season calls for brushed-up, undone, natural-looking feathered eyebrows. Try Hourglass Cosmetics Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, a buildable tinted gel that provides instant color, volume, and definition for bold, full-bushy brows. $28. At Neiman Marcus.


Glass skin, an even-toned, smooth, lustrous, and flawless complexion is achieved with a multi-step skincare routine. A lit-from-within ageless glow appears to be almost translucent. Try these by Glossier for an instant dewy glow that lasts. $18-$24. At


Achieving a healthy-looking natural glow calls for a weightless liquid bronzer that blends effortlessly. Ware bare or mix with makeup for an allover glossy touch of sun. Try Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer. $40. At Neiman Marcus.


Opt for a glossy, clear sheen instead of a predictable bright this season. A perfect complement for natural bold brows and glossy sun-kissed complexions. Try Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish Lip Balm. $38. At Sephora.


As the temperature and glow trend continues to rise, your go-to foundation will be an ultra-sheer, colour correcting tinted moisturizer that hydrates and protects while leaving skin radiant & glowing. Try Giorgio Armani Prima CC Cream. $55. At Neiman Marcus.


The Fitish Tone Down Spray calms soothes, and evens skin tone after an awesome workout or a day in the sun. Hit refresh and let organic aloe, peppermint, and coffee revitalize and perk up your skin. $28. At Neiman Marcus.


This season’s take on no-makeup makeup calls for a bit of natural contouring and a touch of highlighter to enhance cheekbones. Try Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Face Palette with four luminous shades. $71. At Sephora


During these warmer months, a metallic rose gold veil on lids creates a mesmerizing look. Choose a muted shade inspired by the golden sun for an ethereal feel. Try Chanel Ombre Premiere Laque in Quartz Rose. $36. At Neiman Marcus.  


L’BRI’s exclusive blend helps skin attract and retain moisture like never before. This light, non-greasy serum will not clog pores, visibly calms redness and skin inflammation and boosts collagen and elasticity for younger-looking skin. $61.95. At L’



Fashion looks to the past, as the 80s vibe ignites this year. Here’s a wildly fresh take on old favorites as you begin to socialize more in the times ahead. Ruffles are more feminine, necklines are more innovative, and silhouettes are more glamorous than what we saw in the Reagan years. So, now it all feels new to us, as we channel our inner Cindy Crawford, and we wanna dance with somebody in these fresh frocks, don’t you?

Photography by Mark Oberlin                Styling by Dion “Bleu” Drake

 Hair: René Cortez using The Wet Brush, Ibiza round brushes

Makeup: Erik Torppe using Charlotte Tilbury

Model: Dillon    Agency: Nomad Management, LA

Sittings Producer: Lance Avery Morgan