Here in the Lone Star State, we often live by a mantra, Everything is Bigger in Texas. Yet, as our alpine adventurer Ashley Dobson discovers, there can be tremendous beauty and exploration when we start to think small…such as in Europe’s Liechtenstein.

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Less than one hundred miles from Zurich, Switzerland, lies a fairytale land with authentic European flair. The gorgeous alpine nation of Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world, covering just 62 square miles. This gorgeous, rich, alpine country is comparable in physical size to McKinney and in population—with just 37,000 citizens­—to Texarkana. Although one can drive the entire country in less time than it takes to commute to work during rush hour in a major Texas city, this in no way indicates that Liechtenstein has a shortage of unique offerings to explore. This hidden gem of a nation is jam-packed with options for the perfect winter getaway. We couldn’t resist, so off we went to explore this sublime land.


Officially an independent royal principality, Liechtenstein is one of Europe’s most unique destinations. Notable not only for its tiny size, it is also one of only two countries in the world that is double landlocked. Both of its bordering countries—Austria to the north and east and Switzerland to the south and west—are also landlocked. But what may have been a strategic disadvantage in the warring days of old makes it an ideal current travel destination to enjoy cultural delights, rich history, and alpine recreation.



If you have ever wanted to cruise over fresh powder in one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, this is the place for you. The lifts and the ski facilities at Malbun are relatively new and conveniently located, but the spirit of this ski area seems to be frozen in time. While most other slope locations worldwide focus on package deals and seem to have never-ending lines for the lifts, Malbun is all about the snow and taking in the beauty of the mountain on your ride down.


Liechtenstein may not be at the top of your list when you think about skiing, particularly if you typically run black diamonds. But as you reach the top and gaze out at the picturesque views of snow-covered mountains in three countries–Liechtenstein, Austria, and Switzerland–any trace of doubt will quickly fade as it did with me. This winter wonderland has more to offer than just skiing. Nearly every town in Liechtenstein sets up its own outdoor ice-skating rink during the winter. Skating with the Alps behind you and the snow softly falling, looks like a scene straight out of a snow globe sitting on your desk.  


Malbun also offers tobogganing down pre-carved runs for those with children or for adults who want to enjoy some childlike fun. Designated winter hiking trails in the Alps allow visitors to this enchanting area to wind between snow walls, fir trees, and snow hollows. Truly intrepid adventurers also can take the opportunity to ride through the Alps in husky dog-drawn sleds and experience the wintry magic in a truly unique way.



If your style is more history buff than snow bunny, or if you want to add a touch of royalty to your après-ski, you’ll want to take the 20-minute drive down the mountain from Malbun to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein.


As you drive into town, the castle on the mountain will immediately draw your eye. With a large round tower made of stone on one side, this medieval-style castle overlooking the Rhine Valley gives Vaduz an idyllic setting. Originally built as a fortress in the 1200s, it was burned down by troops of the Swiss Confederation in the Swabian Wars of 1499. The castle was completely renovated in the 19th century for Liechtenstein’s royal family, who still reside there today. Therefore, the castle is not open to the public, but you can climb a well-marked footpath to see its stunning exterior.


Prince Hans Adam II, Europe’s richest monarch, is Liechtenstein’s current ruler. He is the son of the late Franz Josef II, who died in 1989 after a more than 50-year reign. Franz Josef II was a beloved ruler who famously secured his country’s neutrality during World War II, despite not having an army.


Prince Hans has one of the world’s most impressive private art collections. His collection includes more than 1,700 paintings and 500 sculptures, which, in total, spans more than 500 years of European history. Though the majority of this collection is on display at the Liechtenstein Museum in Vienna, Austria, the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein features a few selections from the royal collection as well.


The Kunstmuseum is the country’s largest museum, and it serves as the national art collection of Liechtenstein. Even the building itself stands as an architectural work of art. Designed as a commanding black box made of tinted concrete and black basalt stone, it has river pebbles embedded in its walls to reflect its gorgeous Alpine surroundings. And with pieces by Gauguin, Bertrand Lavier, and Picasso inside this impressive exterior, this museum is not to be missed. We were dazzled by the array of beauty within its walls.



In Liechtenstein’s capital, you don’t only get to think like royalty you also get to drink like the Prince and his family. Head to the Prince of Liechtenstein’s enchanting 10-acre Herawingert vineyard and visit his Hofkellerei for a wine tasting. Ironclad doors lead to a cellar where a wine steward serves a selection of Vaduzer wines and a few of the Prince’s favorite Austrian Rieslings.


But Liechtenstein is not just a producer of fine royal wines–if you prefer brews to barrels, Liechtensteiner Brauhaus might offer something more to your liking. Liechtenstein has only been making craft wheat beers since 2007, but this young producer has already won awards all over Europe. You’ll want to try a flight of beers, as we did, everywhere you go.


Local spirits unique to Liechtenstein abound, too, and none is more famous than the world-renowned Telser. The oldest producer of fine spirits in Liechtenstein, Telser is primarily known for making whiskey and gin. The distillery famously never ceased production during the two World Wars, but sales slowed during the 1990s. The fourth generation Telser traveled to Scotland to learn how to make Scotch whiskey as a way to save his family’s distillery. Now it’s one of the distillery’s most beloved products.


After a spirited tour of Liechtenstein’s libations, there is no better way to follow up a day of tastings than with a hearty bowl of warm Käseknöpfle, a pasta-like dish with melted cheese that is one of Liechtenstein’s delicacies.


So, the next time you plan a European getaway, put Liechtenstein on your map. You only need a few days to cover the entire country, but its chic offerings may convince you to extend your winter vacation just a little longer.



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Europe’s remarkable destination, Budapest, has attracted the world’s attention since the Roman Empire…and its appeal remains as current as ever. See history come to life in a magnificent feast for all the senses, as our global raconteur Ashley Dobson discovers.

Sailing with my husband down the Danube River one evening with a glass of champagne in my hand, it was easy to see how people fall in love with the beautiful city of Budapest. Paris might have dominated the title of the City of Love for over a century now, but the romance of Budapest can certainly give it a run for its money. Floating along the river through the city infused with rich historical beauty, it felt like we were sailing through a movie set.


On one side of the river, you have the Buda side, known as the Castle district, with historical monuments as far as the eye can see. The other side, Pest, is more lively, featuring some of the city’s most famous attractions. The Danube River, connecting the two halves, flows like the beating heart of the city.



In Budapest, history comes to life right before your very eyes. Vestiges of the Holy Roman Empire can still be found near signs of the 17th-century Turkish occupation. Of course, the Austrian Hapsburg dynasty’s reign over the region figures prominently in Pest’s architecture. The historic Jewish districts tell the story of World War II, and remnants of Communist rule remain in the austere design of buildings from the 1980s. Still growing, the city is working on adding a series of modern buildings to its skyline.


Hollywood is quite familiar with Budapest’s allure and has shown the city a new wave of tourism. The Grand Budapest Hotel, set in the fictional Republic of Zubrowka, sent people to the city searching for similar experiences. Likewise, the July film release of Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris is also set in Budapest. Travelers visiting Budapest will undoubtedly enjoy soaking up the culture and quite literally relish a soak in one of the city’s famed thermal spas. I dipped my toes in both on this Eastern European adventure.



In the spirit of adventure, I set out to discover Pest, the city’s more vivacious half. Here, delightful restaurants and cocktail bars are tucked into repurposed ruins, along with fabulous shopping and, of course, Budapest’s crown jewels, the thermal spas.


The Szechenyi Spa Baths are the most luxurious way to spend a day in Budapest. It was an easy way to escape real life as the naturally warm water swirled around us for hours. However, if you are a regular spa-goer, Szechenyi will be quite a different experience. There is no soft woodwind music playing in the central area, and the thermal treatments are enjoyed in large shared baths.


Despite the communal ambience, the spa offers highly personalized attention. Attendants graciously helped us find our way around the enormous spa. Szechenyi is one of the largest spa baths in Europe, with 15 indoor baths, three outdoor thermal pools, and a stunning gold-colored palace containing rows and rows of private cabins.


A world-class indulgent experience like Szechenyi draws more than just travelers. Locals, too, swear by the water’s healing powers ,and many go out of their way to enjoy a daily soak in the thermal pools. Our local guide couldn’t wait to tell us stories of the people she knew who had been healed by the baths. From infertility to cancer, these magical waters potentially have restorative properties for everyone. In fact, as a healthy-looking woman walked past us in her bathing suit, our guide asked me to guess her age. I thought she was about 55. But the truth is she was in her seventies and had been soaking every day for 30 years. So, if you’re looking for the fountain of youth, you may find it in Budapest.


If it is not the pools that heal you, it just might be the massages. Szechenyi has a rooftop VIP lounge with massage rooms and relaxation areas for more privacy. The deeply soothing Harmony Aroma massage was perfect for me, while my husband opted to spend time in one of the facility’s many saunas.



It was hard to say goodbye to the relaxing waters, but the call of our stomachs demanded to be answered. The food scene in Budapest is one we didn’t want to pass up. With a myriad of renowned restaurants and a food culture centered on meat, the hearty use of paprika, and lots of baked desserts, my husband and I knew we could both find something to love.


The Michelin-starred Onyx Restaurant offers a take on Hungarian food that is almost too pretty to eat, with the presentation being just as important as the food itself. The tasting menu was the perfect sampling of what they had to offer. Onyx also shares a roof with the world-famous Café Gerbeaud confectionery, an added bonus for anyone with room left for a sweet treat after their meal.


Robinson Restaurant in City Park, down the street from the Szechenyi Baths, is the best place in Budapest to get a great steak. The restaurant’s sommelier, Masciuch Béla, really knew his wines and offered fantastic recommendations. Monk’s Bistrot, located just off the bank of the Danube River, is the place to enjoy a dish of lamb or suckling pig. The cozy atmosphere was great for conversation.



Hungarians have a lot to be proud of, yet there is nothing they pride more than their wine. The vast majority of the vineyards and winemakers do not export wine out of the country, so it is a luxury not many foreigners get to enjoy. For the best wine tasting experience in Budapest, there is simply no better spot than Faust Wine Cellar.


Tucked away underground in Buda’s castle district, behind the stunning Matthias Church, and underneath the Hotel Hilton Budapest, Faust Wine Cellar is an exclusive experience. With only five tables and two reservation times per day, getting a seat at the cellar can be difficult. But the intimate setting ensures just the right amount of personalized attention and, even better, access to the most exclusive vintages.


Hungarian wine is the stuff of legends, literally. While sipping a bold red wine, properly called Bikavér, but commonly known as Bull’s Blood, my husband and I were regaled with tales of how the wine got its name. According to one legend, the name came about while the Turks were trying to invade the town of Eger. To give themselves the strength and courage to fight during the siege, the people of Eger drank red wine. The red color of the wine stained their beards and armor, and the invading Turks thought they had been drinking the blood of bulls. The Turks withdrew in fear, and the Hungarians prevailed. Sitting underneath the historical Castle district and drinking a cup of “Bull’s blood,” Budapest made me feel like a fierce warrior ready to take on anything.



But for a city that always leads back to the water, we realized we had eaten all of our meals on land. So on our last night in Budapest, we decided to try one last unique experience. We booked a candlelight dinner cruise down the Danube River on the Legenda Boat and watched the sunset over the water, illuminating the city’s famous landmarks against the night sky.


Our time in Budapest had flown by too quickly. As dinner ended and the Legenda started back to the dock, I wished the boat would slow down. I wasn’t ready for our trip to end. Drifting along with the current, I replayed memories of our trip in my head as we passed back by each location…the Chain Bridge, Hungarian Parliament, Buda Castle. Each one made me smile, and I knew I would be sharing memories about this trip for months to come.


I also knew I couldn’t let this be my last time in Budapest. My husband was thinking the same thing. “When we come back here,” his next sentence started. I was grinning too hard to register the rest of his sentence fully. I only had one reply, “I can’t wait.” So, give yourself the pleasure of experiencing Budapest. You, too, will soon find yourself planning a return voyage to this magical city.




Budapest is a stunning city, so look for a hotel that gives you a great view. Also, consider location. Since the Danube River bisects the city, you should stay on the side of the river where you plan to spend most of your time.


For a regal look and an unbeatable river view, the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest definitely lives up to its architecture by giving you the full royal treatment. Add the bonus of the Four Seasons spa to Budapest’s booming spa culture, and you’re in for the perfect vacation.


Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest

Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 5-6, 1051 Hungary




If you want a city experience and to be close to the famed Hungarian Opera House, Boscolo Budapest is for you.


Boscolo Budapest

Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 9, 1073 Hungary




For true art lovers, boutique hotel Brody House may be more your style. Each room in the Brody House includes a unique art installation. With only 11 rooms on the premises, the concierge promises devoted attention to its guests.


Brody House

Budapest, Bródy Sándor u. 10, 1088 Hungary





Narrowing down what to see in Budapest can be challenging, but here are a few can’t-miss locations.


You must see the immensely impressive State Opera House. If you don’t have time to enjoy a performance, be sure to at least go inside and admire the grand décor.

Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts features an impressive collection of Dutch, German, and French art from the 15th to 19th centuries. It is also home to the second largest collection of Spanish painters after the Prado in Madrid.


The Hungarian Parliament is one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings. It is the largest building in Hungary and the highest building in Budapest.


Matthias Church is simply breathtaking. Located in the Buda’s Castle District, this Roman Catholic Church was constructed in the Gothic style and includes a tile roof with mosaic tiles that can only be found in one other European city, Vienna, Austria. The church also has its own legend surrounding it, the “Mary-wonder.” In 1686, during the siege of Buda, a wall of the church collapsed due to cannon fire. A Madonna statue was hidden behind the wall and was revealed in the fall. As the sculpture of the Virgin Mary appeared before the Muslim invaders, it is said that they fell at her feet and immediately surrendered.


Buda Castle is the historical palace of the Hungarian kings in Budapest. While no traditional castle exists now, the Castle District is famous for its baroque and 19th-century houses, churches, and public buildings. 



This sun-drenched shore has beckoned the famous and infamous for centuries. Here our girl-about-globe Ashley Dobson shares the allure of the French Riviera’s history…as well as the latest trends and tips for this hot destination.

Cruising along in a silver Aston Martin, taking in the entire coastline of the stunning Côte d’Azur, we finally pull up to the grand façade of the Monte Carlo Casino. Dressed to the nines in a tuxedo and long fitted gown, we walked up the red carpet, had our photos taken inside, and then made our way to the bar to grab a drink—shaken, not stirred.

Did I just describe James Bond’s night out or my husband and me on his annual birthday trip? Instead of a party, we take a trip together to celebrate each year. But choosing the right location for the perfect birthday trip can sometimes be a challenge. It needs to have the right blend of relaxation, sights to see – but not too many – and a place to properly celebrate. This year it needed to be even more special because my husband, Cameron, was turning another decade older, and we needed to ring in his milestone birthday in style. The French Riviera delivered on all of these requirements—and more.\


The only international airport in the Riviera is in Nice, France. As the largest city on the Côte d’Azur, Nice makes the perfect home base for your trip. We arrived late in the evening and headed straight to our hotel, which overlooked the crystal-clear water. There is nothing better than waking up to the soft sound of Mediterranean waves crashing upon the shore.

We began our first full day by enjoying coffee on our hotel room balcony, and then strolling down the Promenade des Anglais on our way to Old Town. You could be forgiven for spending the majority of your time in Nice on the Promenade; the views are spectacular, and it feels as though the ocean is actually calling to you. But there is so much more to see.

We left the Promenade for the Cours Saleya pedestrian street in Old Town and spent some time shopping in Nice’s daily market. Striped awnings stretched over stands overflowing with fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, baked goods, and handmade items for sale. Of course, we couldn’t resist the fresh pastries, and we also picked up some lavender-scented soaps made in neighboring Provence.

The Côte d’Azur is nothing short of inspiring with its unique architecture, stunning water, and fields of lavender, and we are far from the only people who felt that energy. Artists have flocked to the region for centuries, and the Riviera features more than 100 museums to prove it. Twelve of these museums are dedicated to a single artist who worked in the Riviera, Marc Chagall.

The Musée Marc Chagall houses the artist’s most impactful pieces, including the 17 Biblical Message painting. Henri Matisse is honored in the Musée Matisse, which holds some of the artist’s best-known works. It is near the artist’s former Nice residence and the cemetery where he lays buried. After a day full of sightseeing and walking along the beach, we returned to our hotel, where we indulged in in-room massages. Feeling relaxed and happy after a perfect first day on vacation, we looked forward to the next day of our adventure.


If the first day of our vacation was about seeing everything the Riviera had to offer, the second day was about experiencing its epicurean offerings. The French Riviera holds more than 50 Michelin stars spread amongst 38 restaurants, not to mention all of the adorable cafes and bistros tucked along almost every street. Good food is easy to find; the more challenging choice is narrowing your options. We let reservations and location help make this choice for us. A word to the wise – many restaurants in the Riviera are booked up months ahead of time, so if you have your heart set on a particular place, it helps to call ahead.

We managed to secure a seating at Jan, a popular spot located in a former motorcycle repair shop, not that you would ever know it thanks to the elegant décor. Every detail, from the blue walls to the unique dishes, were handpicked and added to the restaurant’s sophisticated yet comfortable vibe. Jan has a world-renowned reputation thanks to its South African chef and namesake, Jan Hendrik.

The menu, a mix of South African and French cuisine made with all fresh ingredients from local markets, was inspired by Hendrik’s grandmother. There is no option for a la carte; you must have the chef’s selection – but rest assured, he won’t steer you wrong. Even if the flavors sound like they won’t work—Cucumber Ice Cream, is this for real?—you may just discover your new favorite dish.



The French Riviera is sometimes referred to as a playground for celebrities. In fact, the region has earned this reputation from the annual Festival de Cannes, the international film festival. The invitation-only festival previews new films of all genres from all around the world. The Festival de Cannes celebrated its 70th anniversary this year, with special events at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

The Boulevard de la Croisette is the street on which the festival takes place, and this neighborhood offers a spot with just the right amount of star power. Cannes’ fabled history is loaded with the antics of celebrities during their visits since 1947, when the festivities began. Five-star luxury hotels, luxury shops, and top restaurants line the famed boulevard. One such destination is the Intercontinental Carlton Cannes. The hotel was the setting for Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, and the hotel still pays tribute to this 1955 cinematic masterpiece. Guests can stay in suite 623, where the film was shot, or in a suite named for the film’s leading lady, Grace Kelly. The hotel also honored the brightest stars who have called the hotel home for a night or two by naming ten Prestige Suites after them. If you want to vacation like a celebrity, Cannes is the place to see and be seen.


The different flavors of each city on the Riviera makes the area such a vibrant and exciting place to visit. Monte Carlo, though located in its own independent principality, is considered a part of the French Riviera, and we dedicated our final day of the trip to exploring what this city had to offer.

When I think of Monaco, I immediately think of Grace Kelly, so my first stop had to be the castle where she lived out every girl’s dream of being a real-life princess. Most know Kelly was an American actress who became the Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III in 1956. The Prince’s Palace of Monaco is still the royal family residence, so it is heavily guarded, but you can still see the Renaissance-style façade and catch a glimpse of the view she must have had from her tower.

As we walked around and took in the view, there was one thing we couldn’t help but notice. Beyond the architecture and the seafront, there were luxury cars as far as the eye could see. Ferraris, Buggatis, Maseratis, Aston Martins, you could find them all. Lamborghinis are basically the Hondas of Monte Carlo―commonplace and ubiquitous. There is something about Monte Carlo that insists you step up your game to join the glamourous fun. It is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, or indeed any landmark occasion.

For our final stop, we headed to the famed Hotel de Paris, a recognizable landmark from movies such as The Red Shoes, Iron Man 2, and GoldenEye, and stepped into the very lobby where Audrey Hepburn was discovered as a film starlet. With a marble staircase and a stunning chandelier, it oozed old-school allure.

Cameron chose the hotel’s historic Salle Empire restaurant in the hotel for his birthday dinner, and we were greeted at the entrance with glasses of champagne. Our three-course meal was nothing short of pure decadence, from the cheese plate to the lobster to the Grand Marnier soufflé for dessert. The windows of Salle looked out over the Monte Carlo Casino entrance, and we grew more excited about the next stop of the evening as we watched men and women get out of their exotic cars and climb the red-carpeted steps.

We soon took their lead and found ourselves following in the footsteps of James Bond into the fabled casino. The slot machines were not kind, but we found our luck at the Roulette table. A few rounds in, and it was like we hadn’t spent any money at the casino at all. We decided to leave before Lady Luck decided to favor someone else. After such a perfect vacation, it truly felt as though we couldn’t get any luckier.

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Sky high heels with intergalactic shades of metallics, sparkles, and beyond? Why not step into a new direction this spring for that big night on the town? Here, our editorial team has discovered the most delectable shoes to keep you kicking up your heels and conquering your world like never before.

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Join us as our ardent social chronicler Gordon Kendall recounts his very brief foray as a debutante escort in the Big 80s. Texas Dip included, so pull up a chair as we take an insider’s tongue-in-cheek look at the man behind the bow.


Last year, at an ordinary dinner party (remember those?), the evening took a rather extraordinary turn when I let it slip to all present that, yes, at one time, I had been an escort. All forks dropped to the plates at once. After the seconds of silence, I’m still not quite sure how I should interpret the guffaws of laughter that soon followed. “You?” and “C’mon, really?”  are not affirming credits to any man’s masculine pride. Finally, after a bit of hemming and hawing, I fessed up to having been a debutante escort, which explanation seemed to have satisfied all those assembled for a time.


“So,” it was later asked, “how does that, you know, work? The whole ‘party thing’” Thus, began my wine-enhanced recount of my season being the unsung accessory elbow, an escort to a series of young women as they were introduced to…no pun intended…Society Texas. Although it has, indeed, been a few decades since I donned white tie in the name of chivalry and social custom. However, this elbow will remain anonymously tucked inside its cut-away coat sleeve out of respect to all involved and to make the whole event, just a little more dramatic. Wylie readers, however, may be able to guess a thing or two about the who’s, what’s, and where’s of my experiences, and we’ll leave them to that worthy enterprise. They might be right. Or not. My escort season seemed to end as quickly as it began, yet it was quite a whirlwind of activities.



The life of an escort starts with something usually referred to as an “announcement tea.”. Who will be the upcoming season’s debutantes when the formal presentation will occur, and when the debutante’s individual parties will happen is decided. Often, I know some of the girls from our school days. As a sidenote, escorts for the girls are mentioned with about as much enthusiasm as saying, “Nice weather we’re having.” Then, everyone goes off and talks to someone they haven’t seen since last night’s other party, leaving the escort and deb to initially meet and get to know each other in preparation of “the season.”


If there are any untapped ideas for reality television left, I’d like to suggest Drama Debs, which would recount all the goings‒on that occur during each season. To help draft the pilot, here are other things about the people, places, and happenings the writers should consider. Will she be attractive? Will she be witty? Will you be handsome? Will you be charming? Hers and your faults of beauty or character don’t matter. It’s quite possible the escort and deb will not have known each other previously, so in the first few minutes, with so much at stake, it’s best to agree…to be agreeable with each other. Nothing more is required. The whole thing is “for real,” but only for the others involved. The concept of debs and escorts as players in a saga began much earlier before the first deposits on party venues were paid, before the first contributions to the symphonies, or operas, were put down. This isn’t the time to reinvent the ongoing wheel of societal expectations. Forget that one detail, and it’s going to be reality T.V. time, so watch out. It’s just about having a good time and how many things can you say that about? Hence, that open bar.   

[et_pb_flex_gallery gallery_ids=”42783,42782,42781″ show_title_and_caption=”off” _builder_version=”4.9.10″ _module_preset=”default” global_colors_info=”{}”][/et_pb_flex_gallery]


The girls’ families host a round of parties honoring the debutantes, to celebrate their debut. The themes vary, from Monte Carlo to a simpler fare, like, the State Fair. But, whatever the theme, simple or elaborate, it is the perfect setting for a terrific time for all the attendees to honor the debs.  


These evenings happen across that state…evoking New York’s grandest Fifth Avenue hotels in Austin…recreating Versailles in Houston…70s Studio 54 discos twisting in Dallas…to Luaus hula-ing in Laredo, and beyond. You get the idea: The Texas Debutante Theme Party. Of course, no mention of the escort experience would be complete without mentioning this unique feature of coming out in the Lone Star State. After the Announcement Teas that start off these seasons, there are scores of separate parties as well. They are the enticing amuse-bouches, the tantalizers to prepare one and all for the main course, the grandest gala in the season’s grail of parties, The Presentation Ball.


These season openers come about when one, or several, debs and their families get together and throw some fete-tastic homage to…name your place and time… but think of Paris or French themes as Toujours Favoris. With that in mind, prepare for at least one Les Miz or Mardi Gras inspired to do in any given deb season, or get ready to do your own Can-Can come party time when it’s a Moulin Rouge Rallye, as these parties are called in France. Of course, gardens are always good ideas for these kinds of deb dances, too, but not just any old patch of dirt is party inspiring. They must be Italian Tuscan, or, of course, Provence de France in spirit to be worthy of the debs’ families’ attentions.


Considering the original purpose of the debutante party was to introduce young maidens to society, especially to suitable marriage candidates, you’d think Garden of Eden themes might be popular. Interestingly, but not likely intentionally, economically inflationary epochs, such as the 1950s and 1970s, remain popular themes. Just don’t expect casseroles and Chianti jug wine will ever be served no matter those parties’ homage decades. Costs-of-living be darned; these parties are about having fun and fun…as we know…takes a lot more, a whole lot, to make that happen. So, when it comes to themed deb parties, the sky is the limit to produce these one-night-only fun factories.


Once inside this combination theme park, high school cafeteria at the lunch rush, and rock concert events, what really happens? Dancing, naturally; eating certainly; queuing at bars, inevitably; gawking, a given. And what you will see. How to transform a relatively mundane country club or a generic hotel ballroom into these fantastically focused events? Just as there would be no reason for these parties without debutantes, there would be no way to carry out their themes without flowers. Not just demure arrangements are dotting the tables, but installations that could rival most of the annual floral output of Honduras. That amount will be just about right to hang from the ceilings, fill the corners, line the walkways, and compose huge arrangements surrounding the buffet tables, and flanking the dance floors…all perfect social media backdrop opportunities. The creativity of the florist and their sidekicks, and the lighting pros, know no bounds of checkbook when it comes to not just decorating such plain spaces but transforming them into entertaining environments.


Ultimately, these blooming extravaganzas of the debutante experience will wilt after they are often donated to local charities the following day, the food and drink consumed, and the band packed up. But, inevitably, it will be the memories of these themed parties that will inspire debs in later years to say to their own almost-deb daughters, “It’s up to you, My Dear, certainly, to pick the kind of party you want, but for my party, this is what we did…” 



One and all will deny it, yet the debutantes’ mothers are really the show’s co-stars. They are the ones who sat through countless committee meetings, raised the most money, and hand-addressed the most envelopes. They also were the ones who ever so subtly, politely, but determinedly jockeyed for their daughters to be the jewels, the princesses, the whomever’s being asked to represent whichever group is presenting them. Mess with M.G.M. and you, Mr. Escort, could very well be escorted yourself…out. I’ve heard a few stories of guys who all of a sudden “had obligations” then disappeared from the stag line of escorts and landed into social oblivion. On the other hand, a debutante’s mother who likes an escort can indeed, rally the Oscar-clad crowd of other mothers on his behalf. That happened to me. One deb’s mother just happened to be quite the doyenne. What she said, went and so did I, from well-dressed nobody to hob-nob, because of her. Her David Webb jewels were medals earned from the social battles she’d fought and won to make everything happen, and I’m glad I was able to share in her success.   

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The dress is as much a part of the party as the debutante herself making the coveted bow. So, what if it looks like an upside-down snow cone and costs as much as a nice car? What’s really fun, I hear, is when two debs choose the same style of dress. Rare, but possible. How that issue is resolved is way above my pay grade, but I’m sure it’s nothing that socially savvy mothers can’t work out with no hard feelings, right? As if. When it comes to the actual dress that will appear on the big presentation night, there’s not much you’ll have to worry about, besides not stepping on the huge thing, which is good, because you, Sir, have sartorial problems of your own. To wit.


Imagine having as many as fifteen different articles of clothing you will need to have on your body at once, from fiddly little button-like studs to the more familiar socks and shoes. Now imagine that each of these must be put on in a specific order and in a certain way. Then imagine having to walk, dance, carry things like programs and plates of hors d’oeuvres with all this free-spirited, high-maintenance merchandise attached to you. The first mishap is always with the shirt; trust me on this. “Pop,” “Pop,” “Pop,” go the studs right down the front of your shirt, and everyone might see how well, or not, that new ab routine is working for you. Clear tape and a plain white tee-shirt to your rescue. Not the one covered in logos and what-not sayings. The problems don’t end there. Even at winter events, you will burn up in these layers of wool, silk, and cotton. Think about water in article number sixteen, the hip-flask.   



All dressed up and off you and the deb go. The whole evening will be one of both glamour and grandeur. Lucky you, if you even get to sit down…at all…to enjoy any of it. While everyone else is seated and eating, you and the deb will be backstage, waiting for them to get done, so you can get on with why you’re are there: the presentation. By the time you and the deb line up to get ready, you’re hot, exhausted, and that shirt…it’s always a stiff-as-steel shirt…and has started to come untucked from all the bending over to shake hands. According to some precisely determined order, the same one that says all debs are beautiful, but some go on stage before others, it’s showtime for you and your deb, with all eyes on you two.      


Now, the time comes where it all comes together, so no pressure. Brave is the man who tries to tell the deb what to do, but, as she lowers herself to the floor, arms outstretched, mere seconds before her head goes forward into the white abyss of money that is her gown, you really, really hope she followed your invariable lead and laid off the open bar. In my days of escorting, yoga and Pilates were not the fitness phenomena that they are now, so debs today may actually be stronger than you, Sir. Don’t let your downward dog butt get kicked, just keep an eye on her, nonetheless. Help turn her wobble into a wow. Two well-timed hands at her waist might mean a Rolex on your wrist when it’s all over from appreciative parents. I’ve heard that actually happened: one escort received a gold and stainless TYVM. You may think it’s over after the bow, but that’s when it can get even more interesting.      



We’ll leave it for the etiquette experts to ponder whether an escort is a date, in the “date-date” sense, or just a one-night standup guy. It’s good to get that sorted before all the partying because the deb’s actual date/boyfriend/almost fiancé might just have an opinion about the matter. Leave it to chance, and you’ve set yourself up for a ménage-a-trouble with the three of you. Inevitably, you will not see what she sees in him, the lout. You probably are more fill in the blank than he. He got there first. Don’t forget that and, hopefully, you and the deb will part at some point after the presentation with charming promises to keep in touch and not a terse: “She’s all yours, pal!” ringing in everyone’s ears.

Back to the dinner party that got this walk down memory’s runway started, the inevitable question was asked: would I let my own children do it, be a debutante or escort? My lack of both offspring and funds has already answered for me. So, what can I say? Except for a few evenings, this young man got the chance to play that suave character shown in so many films. So, to those, I’ll take my bow.


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