By Rob Giardinelli        Photography by Sam Frost and Fulton Davenport

Atelier Beauté CHANEL pop-up. Austin, TX

Atelier Beauté CHANEL pop-up. Austin, TX

What happens when the platinum standard of beauty brands descends upon Austin for SXSW? A glowing success that will stay in Austin for several weeks until SXSW ends. On March 11th, Chanel proudly launched their Atelier Beauté CHANEL pop-up with an exclusive cocktail party that featured dozens of Austin’s most notable influencers, sociables and style mavens.

Andra Liemandt, Kelly Green and Erin Thornton

Andra Liemandt, Kelly Green and Erin Thornton

The Austin-chic crowd descended upon stunning boutique located on Austin’s Music Lane where they mingled and shipped champagne while viewing the impressive array of CHANEL makeup, skincare and fragrance products. The launch party featured complimentary consultations and services courtesy of CHANEL celebrity makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown and CHANEL brow artist Jimena Garcia. The atelier allows patrons experiment and create, with no limits, from a wide range of CHANEL products.

Atelier Beauté CHANEL pop-up. Austin, TX

Those who embark on the experience begin by placing their personal items in a locker, named by each icon of the House. Guests then enter the interactive where, via the Atelier’s app, they will have full access to all the products, find detailed product descriptions, book services or events…and make purchases. The result? A dazzling, one-of-a-kind beauty experience where guests can customize CHANEL makeup, skincare and fragrance offerings that perfectly aligns with their own personal aesthetic.

Jamie Chandlee, Kristin Nix and Erin Tice

The Atelier Beauté CHANEL pop-up, located at 1009 South Congress Avenue in Austin is open daily from 10AM-7PM through April 24. For more information, visit

Rob Giardinelli, Kathryn Bowyer, Lance Avery Morgan and Kirstin Ross



Broadway Bank Wealth Management will develop an investment strategy to help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

By The Portfolio Managers at Broadway Bank  

Recent headlines buffeting the stock market have been dominated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, rising inflation.  The two issues are not entirely unrelated.  Recent bans on trade with Russia have driven prices of oil and other commodities higher, but inflation became a concern well before Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border. You might be wondering; how should investors respond? At Broadway Bank Wealth Management, we collaborate with our clients to provide guidance and advice on investment strategies, helping them navigate challenging economic and market conditions, such as those we are seeing now. 

Troublesome headlines and market declines feed what psychologists call a “recency bias,” where we place disproportionate emphasis on the latest events and newest information in our decision making. The result is loss of long-term focus as we overreact to recent market declines while forgetting about the stock market’s 100% cumulative return over the period of 2019-2021. While images in media coverage can be heart wrenching, and the atrocities endured by those directly touched by armed conflict are both real and severe, effects on markets are generally short-lived. 

Consider how the market behaved on news of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait which began on August 3, 1990. As measured by total return of the S&P 500, the market declined 6% in the following month. Three months in, it was down more than 10%. The decline shrunk to just 5% at the six-month point. At nine months, the market was slightly higher that it had been just prior to the invasion (Bloomberg). This pattern is typical for market reactions to news of major armed conflicts. A survey of instances over the last 90 years showed the median market decline was about 8% while the market was about 10% higher a year later (BCA Research). While these statistics are not intended as a forecast for how the current scenario will play out, they do lend perspective. The message we take from them is to think twice before abandoning a well-considered, long-term investing plan because of a patch of market volatility which may not last as long as the crisis which triggered it.

The greater danger to an investor’s wealth is inflation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 7.9% annualized rate of inflation in February, the highest since 1982. Inflation is an insidious thief that robs the purchasing power of your money over time. If your investment returns equal inflation, then your “real” wealth has not changed. While investment exposure to inflation-sensitive commodities such as gold or oil may help to combat inflation in the short term, the primary weapons against it are growth assets. These include stocks and real estate whose values have historically risen over time at a rate higher than inflation. While we may feel the impulse liquidate our investments to wait out a crisis, doing so would be far more likely to harm our efforts to fight inflation beyond the near term, while inflation does its greatest damage over the long term. Therefore, Broadway Bank Wealth Management strongly advocates sticking to a well-designed investment plan as a way to play the better odds for long-term success.

For 80 years, Broadway Bank has been an integral part of South-Central Texas, evolving into one of the largest independently owned banks in Texas. We believe in giving our clients sound financial advice that considers their unique goals and risk tolerance. Your plan-based approach will include a comprehensive asset management proposal, protection and distribution strategy to help you successfully reach your long-term financial goals. As your fiduciary, we will always hold ourselves to the highest standard of care by placing your interest above our own.

ABOUT BROADWAY BANK’s INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT TEAM:  Our in-house, locally based Investment Management team is comprised of impeccably credentialed, best-in-industry professionals. We believe in giving our clients sound financial advice that considers their unique goals and personal preferences. Our team will implement your strategy with a custom-bult investment solution to help you successfully reach your goals. Clients have complete transparency and easy access to their team by phone, in person or online. If you are interested in learning more about Broadway Wealth Management, contact us at or visit




By Lance Avery Morgan        Photography courtesy of BFA for Gucci

What happens when you ignite Gucci, Bumble at one SXSW event? True success, that’s what. Very recently, Gucci proudly opened their Domain Austin store–a boutique that spans over 5,000 square feet and showcases a wide collection of men’s and women’s shoes, handbags, luggage, small leather goods, fashion and silver jewelry, watches, eyewear, and Gucci Beauty and fragrances.

Gucci at The Domain Austin

Later, the must-attend private VIP party happened at Sammie’s in downtown Austin on Friday evening. Co-hosts Susan Chokachi, President and CEO of Gucci Americas, and Selby Drummond, Bumble’s Chief Brand Officer, welcomed the hipster guests. During the cocktail party, Austin locals, conference visitors, and friends of Gucci and Bumble enjoyed a selection of Sammie’s cocktails and dishes while mixing and mingling to the live music tunes of Sir Woman.

Bumble’s Selby Drummond and Gucci’s Susan Chokachi

It’s no surprise that to celebrate Gucci’s arrival in the Austin market and coinciding with SXSW, Gucci and Bumble partnered to spotlight women innovators across fashion, technology, film and music. Bumble and Gucci, through the CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign, are champions of gender equality and in honor of the event and Women’s History Month, are proud to support DivInc, a Texas-based nonprofit organization on a mission to generate social and economic equity through entrepreneurship. Funding will support DivInc’s overall mission and various programming, including their Web3 Tech Accelerator Program.

Elle Fanning

In fact, Gucci is committed to supporting gender equality through its CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign, founded in 2013 to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for gender equality globally. In Texas, through its partnership with Ms. Foundation for Women, CHIME FOR CHANGE has supported Texas-based students, LGBTQ and POC women, and the formerly incarcerated in rebuilding their local communities through education and advocacy. Due to the recent urgent threats to the rights of transgender individuals, CHIME FOR CHANGE is pleased to support Equality Texas’s Queer Texas Crisis Fund to support trans youth and their families.

For information on Gucci products and more, visit



By Jake Gaines          Photography courtesy of Scott Murray Scholarship Fund

Ron Haddock, Jim and Margo Keyes, Carole and Scott Murray & Susan and Hank Alterman

Recently, more than 250 guests gathered in Dallas to celebrate the Inaugural Unsung Hero Award honoring Scott Murray and benefiting the Scott Murray Scholarship Fund. The Fund provides financial assistance to individuals from the Dallas/Fort Worth area who have the desire to further their education but lack the necessary financial resources. Former Dallas Cowboy great Chad Hennings gave a moving speech about how Scott Murray is “the real deal,” noting his decades of service on behalf of local nonprofits to raise millions of dollars. In a surprise announcement, Murray agreed that The Scholarship Fund, founded in 1999, would become the Scott Murray Scholarship Fund going forward. In fact, it received a standing ovation from the 250 people in attendance that night.

Elizabeth Polanco, Bob Hopkins, Bob Whisnant and Nancy Knox

The Texas State Fair-themed event featured entrepreneur extraordinaire Jim Keyes as the emcee and was held at the Fair Park Briscoe Carpenter Pavilion, surrounded by reminders of the State Fair glory from years past. Hunter Sullivan and the Hunter Sullivan Band warmed up the crowd for the first hour. Dinner did not disappoint with dishes from the favorite recipes of star chefs David Holben, Richard Chamberlain, Dean Fearing, Kent Rathbun, and Sevy Severson.

Myrna and Bob Schlegel and Millie Cooper

The event raised $155,000 for the Scott Murray Scholarship Fund. Because of this success and continued fundraising efforts, the Fund plans to offer $100,000 in scholarships and financial assistance for the 2022-2023 school year to students in need. Assistance is available for students attending community colleges or four-year colleges and universities. The Founder of the Unsung Hero Award and Chairman of the Inaugural event is Bob Hopkins, author, educator, and board member of the Scott Murray Scholarship Fund. For more information and students may apply at

Marilyn Augur and David and Sara Martineau



By Jake Gaines   Photography courtesy of SAFE and Mark Ashby Design

When Mark Ashby Design, the top-drawer Austin-based design firm, partnered with SAFE, the non-profit organization in Austin, magic happened. It was the perfect cause because SAFE shelters and supports survivors of violence, sex trafficking and domestic abuse, to redesign 530 square feet of the facility’s public spaces bringing beautiful design and a fresh outlook to six communal living quarters.

The goal was to reimagine the public spaces at SAFE, so the job ahead was no easy task. For the project that would greatly enhance the current SAFE space, Ashby’s firm raised money throughout 2020 and 2021 (during the heart of the pandemic, mind you) by incentivizing their clients with interior design discounts, donating proceeds from design projects, volunteering to design events for corporate donations, and ended the fundraising with a public GoFundMe campaign. It was a true can-do period for both Ashby and SAFE.

The design team enlisted corporate sponsors McCoy Rockford, Four Hands and many others, all of which were generous with their time and donations. Using the most durable fabrics and sturdy pieces, Simon and design partners Callie DeLuca, Ashleigh Malen, and Annie Bacon delineated best practices to create a timeless, serene design plan that can also withstand everyday wear and tear. That meant calming, neutral tones were used with added pops of energetic color to convey positivity.

The emergency shelter communal living spaces accommodate survivors and often multiple families, so it had to be restful and inviting. The team chose to keep the space light, kid friendly, and well planned by creating zones for living room activities, game playing, family meals, and one-on-one conversations. “Our goal was to support the valuable and important work SAFE provides by creating a warm and welcoming environment for survivors to heal and to process the next brave phase of their lives,” says Christina Simon, Senior Designer, Mark Ashby Design.

“Because of Mark Ashby Design and their corporate sponsors, when families and adults come to SAFE’s shelter looking for safety, they will enter a warm and uplifting environment where they can rest and prioritize their healing and recovery,” says Jacqueline Smith-Francis, Corporate Development Specialist SAFE Austin.  “SAFE is deeply grateful to Mark Ashby Design and its corporate partners for lending their professional expertise and connections to help survivors feel valued and supported during their stay with SAFE.”

We applaud the efforts of both Mark Ashby Design and SAFE, both of whom enrich the community so much.




Broadway Bank Wealth Management goes beyond the surface to protect this unique asset for future generations.

By Reid Reagan, VP Oil & Gas/Mineral Department Manager 

Oil and gas mineral ownership is a unique privilege that is often passed from one generation to the next. It can create a significant amount of wealth for you, your family, and its future generations. While mineral ownership is an exceptional opportunity for many, it also comes with challenges that often make ownership complex and difficult to manage compared to more traditional interests. At Broadway Bank Wealth Management, our dedicated team of professionals have unmatched expertise to assist mineral and royalty owners by providing a comprehensive, concierge-level approach to mineral management to ensure owners realize the full potential of this unique asset.

According to the National Association of Royalty Owners, there are an estimated 12 million oil and gas mineral owners in the United States. Together, these owners collect some $50 billion in annual royalty payments. For many individuals and families, mineral assets form the foundation of their wealth generation. Yet too often these assets are at best under-managed, resulting in a significant loss of financial opportunity. In a time of exponential change in both the global economy and the oil and gas industry, it is imperative that mineral owners have a complete understanding of their mineral asset portfolio and its full value potential. 

There are many benefits to enlisting the services of a certified professional to assist with the management of your mineral and royalty assets. First, confirm and verify that you are getting paid correctly and timely for your royalty payments. It’s critical to monitor your monthly payments for accuracy and to ensure that you are getting paid in compliance with the terms of your oil and gas lease. Second, to reclaim time. The effective management of minerals can be very time-consuming and can become overwhelming to many individuals without the necessary tools and skillset. Third, to ensure that your future generations are in the best position to benefit from your mineral assets. This is accomplished by maintaining an up-to-date inventory and status for all your oil and gas assets and when required, managing the conveyance of mineral ownership to properly transfer title and associated revenue. 

For 80 years, Broadway Bank has been an integral part of South-Central Texas, evolving into one of the largest independently owned banks in Texas. Our team empowers mineral owners to protect and optimize the value of their mineral holdings. Our team offers clients industry leading full-scale management services from maintaining current inventory and status for all your assets to marketing unleased mineral properties. We combine decades of industry experience along with cutting edge technology to help mineral and royalty owners navigate the challenging energy environment. 

Reid joined Broadway Bank in February 2020 with over 13 years of experience in the oil and gas exploration and production industry as a mineral and land professional. He has extensive experience in negotiating acquisition and divestiture transactions, oil and gas leasing, business development, prospect evaluation and due diligence. He has spent years developing his oil and gas transactional proficiency while working multiple oilfield basins including the Permian Basin, Anadarko Basin, Powder River Basin, Eagleford Shale and the Barnett Shale. If you are interested in learning more about our oil, gas, and mineral management services contact Reid Reagan at or visit