By Alexandra del Lago      Photography courtesy of La Perla

La Perla, the leading Italian luxury brand, has opened a chic, new boutique at 47 Highland Park Village in Dallas. It launched with an impressive design debut that provides a luxury experience for the La Perla customer. The new boutique houses a wide selection of La Perla’s latest Spring/Summer 2020 collections, ranging from underwear and pajamas to swimwear and beachwear, alongside a preview of the Fall/Winter 2020 collections and the signature Maison and Petit Macramè collections.

 “The Dallas boutique adds another destination in La Perla’s network of stores, and we look forward to expanding the La Perla experience to our new and existing customers in the Midwest within the historic Highland Park Village,” shared Morgan P. Richardson, Brand President of The Americas. “The store features the brand’s iconic lingerie and sleepwear and adapts to consumer preferences while offering personalized experiences.”

 The décor is as glam as its lingerie. Set within 730 square feet, a simple and elegant interior mirror the brand’s aesthetic, with a modern and inviting seating area and vintage chandelier as the focal point. The parquet brings a warm ambiance to the space while a video display plays campaign imagery that brings the collections to life. As we all know, Highland Park Village was an innovator in the unique luxury shopping experience as one of the first shopping centers, built in 1931.

 La Perla naturally aligns with its heritage in being a pioneer in its own craft. Founded in 1954 by visionary couturier Ada Masotti in her Barcelona laboratory, La Perla’s story began with her mission to intimately understand, complement and empower the female form. The leading luxury brand combines rich Italian artisanal heritage with revolutionary, intricate and unrivaled craftsmanship creating timeless lingerie, swimwear and nightwear pieces to be treasured for a lifetime. With an illustrious history spanning more than six decades, Ada’s vision still remains at La Perla’s core, with innovation in mind and passion at its heart.

 For more information, visit US.LaPerla.com.





Stacy Schlagel’s new tome of poetry, Personification of Entelechy, has just been released and it might just be what many in these challenging times are looking for in life: rhyme and reason.

Stacy Schlagel. Portrait photography by Wendy Bowman Butler.

Stacy Elizabeth Schlagel is an author, philanthropist, mother, and homemaker. Her book, Personification of Entelechy, a collection of poems, has just been released. She is also a songwriter and music producer, plus she’s the owner and operator of Regal Recordings. Schlagel enjoys pursuing her passions, which include writing, science, interior design, cooking, and travel. Born in Tucson, Arizona, to adoring parents, who met in a calculus class in college, the family lived in Arizona for two years after her birth. They later moved to Austin, where she would spend her early childhood as a precocious and quick-witted child with a keen sense of justice. She made friends quickly and her kindergarten teacher would describe her in this way, “She thinks she is everyone’s mommy.” 

Schlagel’s father is a retired missile command officer in the U.S. Air Force, and her mother is a retired trigonometry and calculus high school educator. They both instilled in Stacy the value of hard work, honesty, giving back to your community, and competing only with oneself. She was first published in a magazine as a model at eight-years-old. Involved in ballet and cheerleading, what she loved most was zip-lining and playing outside most of the day with the neighborhood children. During her adolescent years, she developed a strong desire to express herself through creative writing, and did so, often rapidly advancing above grade-level in language arts, mathematics, and science, subjects she still enjoys very much to this day. As a teenager, she continued to model, was a cheerleader, and became involved in beauty competitions, all of which have prepared her for life. Upon entering college at the University of Texas-San Antonio campus, Stacy decided to delve into web design. She created her own HTML coding plus Photoshop and quickly started her own web design business that she owned and operated until she graduated from college with honors and a background in teaching and law. 

She is married to David Allen Schlagel, who owns and operates the Natural Resource Consortium. They have one young son, Zachary, who is precocious, strong-willed, empathetic, and kind. She has an older sister, who is a kindergarten educator, and a younger brother, who is a physician. The Schlagel family strongly believes in giving back to their community and living a God-filled life full of learning, new experiences, and adventure. Stacy Schlagel’s motto is simple:  “Learn from your past, live for today, plan for your future, and make every day count.”

Click image to purchase

Stacy Schlagel’s book is available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and here’s a sneak peek inside…

Moonlight Lovers

You see me beneath the trees

On a golden dewy autumn night 

Lovers quarrel and they fight

Sadness brings her to her knees 

He is also melancholy 

As both lovers deem to please 

She sighs

He walks out of sight 

Both hearts began to break

Both tremor and violently shake 

Making their way back to the moonlight 

They hold an intoxicating embrace 

She missed his beautiful face

He took her hand, as they began


Together, forever 

Under the golden moonlight

Stepford Wife

When you are walking down the aisle,

you are seeing fairytales and rainbows

Not noisy kids throwing twigs

You absolutely do not know 

The impact of this big decision 

Who am I, merely a Stepford wife?

He scolds, he folds

This is how the cookie crumbles

Women, find your own voice

It’s a matter of CHOICE

Be humble, do not stumble

Make the time to let your OWN light shine

Your family will surely appreciate you

You are not a Stepford wife 

Oh how Divine

Stacey Schlagel. Portrait photography by Wendy Bowman Butler. Dress by Angelina Mata.



By Lance Avery Morgan  Photography courtesy of Flickr

Illustration by J.C. Leyendecker. Courtesy of Flickr

In a world of mostly good design, and good design choices, we can often take for granted the art and artistry of things like the Apple suite of products, the Tokyo 2020 (now 2021) design poster, and artists like Shepard Fairey, whose 2008 Obama campaign poster rocketed the art and pop cultural worlds.

But, where did all this begin? Surely in the United States, where artist and illustrator JC. Leyendecker is the father of what we know as clean, modern design. His rise in the Victorian era as a commercial artist and magazine illustrator pulled the world out from a flowery (and stuffy) Victorianism. The German-born and American-raised artist hailed Chicago as his town of primary origin (you don’t have to look far to see artfulness in that city with its stunning architecture and as the home to the Chicago Art Institute, as well as many world-class buildings. 

Illustration by J.C. Leyendecker. Courtesy of Flickr

Leyendecker’s popular work was welcome from Europe to Texas. His aesthetic led to the famous Arrow Collar Man campaign which helped to re-define American masculinity. His covers reflected the bright, shining America of his time. In fact, Leyendecker is credited with “virtually inventing the whole idea of modern magazine design.” Studying at the Chicago Art Institute, then in Paris, he refined his skill with razor- sharp clarity that characterized his subjects, both male and female-focused. His point of view was to produce pieces depicting extraordinarily handsome young men and women in the prime of their lives.

He also created a series of twenty “Kellogg’s Kids” to promote Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and also painted recruitment posters for the United States’ WWI effort–how All-American is that? His work was so prolific during the golden age of magazines, that he produced 322 covers (and some interior illustrations) between 1896-1950.

Illustration by J.C. Leyendecker. Courtesy of Flickr

His personal life was just as glittering. He and his lifetime life partner Charles Beach hosted large galas attended by prominent people from all the pop culture sectors of art, music, literature, theatre, and film.. Their parties they hosted at their New Rochelle home/studio in the 1920s were important social and celebrity-making events.

Illustration by J.C. Leyendecker. Courtesy of Flickr

Leyendecker’s popularity waned after the mid-twentieth century that at his estate sale in the 1950s, most of his original work went for $75 each. Gone, but certainly not forgotten, today there is a renewed collectability of his talents, so keep an eye out for a Leyendecker piece at the next estate sale you may visit.



By Lance Avery Morgan       Photo courtesy of Texas Performing Arts

Christopher Jackson

We love that the Texas Performing Arts announced that it is one of a select group of nonprofit arts organizations participating in a livestream concert event, Christopher Jackson: Live from the West Side on Saturday, August 15 at 7 p.m. CST. Jackson is a Grammy and Emmy Award winning songwriter/composer and is the Tony Award- nominated actor best known for originating the role of George Washington in the cultural phenomenon Hamilton. “Nonprofit arts presenters are the lifeblood of the performing arts industry and a pipeline for young talent. Without them there is no Broadway,” said Jackson. “While everything is shutdown during this terrible pandemic, I am delighted to be able to help spread some joy and help raise some much needed support for these deserving organizations.”

Accompanied by a live band, Jackson will be performing songs from his favorite musicals, pop standards, and some of his original material, and will share stories from his time affiliated with two of the most important musicals of the last decade In The Heights and Hamilton. Audience members will also be invited to text in questions, some of which will be answered during the live event.

“We’re happy to bring Austin’s Broadway fans this unique opportunity to experience a great performer live on screen from New York” noted Texas Performing Arts Executive Director Bob Bursey. “While we can’t experience the power of performance together in person, an interactive live concert specifically for Austin and selected other communities around the country is the next best thing.”

The livestream, a co-production of Dallas Summer Musicals and Entertainment Benefits Group, is being shared by a number of nonprofit arts presenters around the country. The event will take place at New York’s New World Stages, the off-Broadway venue that has housed productions of Jersey Boys, Avenue Q and many others. Proceeds from the ticket sales for Christopher Jackson: Live from the West Side will support Texas Performing Arts’ reopening and recovery efforts. For tickets and more information, visit TexasPerformingArts.org.



When it’s hot, beat the heat with RECOVƎR 180. When you’re just had a grueling tennis match, beat the heat with RECOVƎR 180. When you run your 10,000 daily steps at one stretch, beat the heat with RECOVƎR 180 like I did this weekend. In fact, I tried all three of its delicious flavors (Acai Bery, Citrus, and Blood Orange) and I still can’t decide which is my favorite RECOVƎR 180 beverage.

What’s all the fuss with the new RECOVƎR 180? At three times the electrolytes, half the calories and one-third of the sugar of similar drinks, it’s a home run winner as the healthy choice to hydrate strategically and safely.

According to the scientific team at Recover 180, “We created RECOVƎR 180° to fuel performance beyond sport, engineered not just for elite athletes, but for everyday performance. We deliver high quality hydration to fuel people who see life as a sport and aspire to live every day to the fullest. RECOVƎR 180° brings together the key ingredients of effective hydration – electrolytes, essential vitamins, herbal based extracts, and a dash of organic cane sugar.” How great is that?

We love it since it’s a remedy for so many things like exhaustion, dehydration, muscle fatigue, over-celebration, and travel/jet lag, it’s our new go-to favorite to refresh, reenergize, and reinvigorate. Really, what are you waiting for to create a more healthy essence?

For more information on how to get more RECOVƎR 180° into your life, visit DrinkRecover.com.



By Jake Gaines      Photography courtesy of Jennifer Lynch

Author Jennifer Lynch

There’s a new book for children about inclusivity and celebrating our differences, that the author, Jennifer Lynch, wrote after spending nearly 20 years volunteering to help abused children as a court appointed advocate for foster kids through CASA in Austin. Titled Livi & Grace, the book teaches children to love their individuality and promotes the acceptance of others in a fun, short story about two sisters who are as different as can be. 

According to Jennifer Lynch, these sisters know a secret that they’d like to share with you; Differences are interesting—and life enriching too. Appreciate what’s special about everyone you know, And love what makes you special, from head to tippy toe…. You’re perfect, good, and lovable—yes, just the way you are, And everyone is special: everyone’s a star.

An excerpt from Livi & Grace

But it doesn’t stop with the book. Parents and teachers can access free resources, such as coloring books, note cards, sample letters of kindness, and other interactive activities to supplement the book at www.jenniferlynchbooks.com by request. These tools can also be used by caregivers and teachers to talk to children about the deeper message of self-acceptance and accepting others.

“I have had the joy of working with children of all ages and all backgrounds,” said Lynch. “Every child benefits from a positive, affirming message. The looks on kids’ faces when they realize they are perfect and lovable just as they are is pure magic, and every child deserves that feeling.” Additionally, Lynch owns the You Are Good children’s clothing line, a precious line of children’s shirts with angel wings printed on the back. Since its founding in 2008, she has donated nearly 1,000 shirts to children in foster care and continues to donate 20 percent of the proceeds of that business to children’s charities.

Livi & Grace is available through the above link, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For every book purchased, one will be donated to children’s charities such as CASA, Literacy First, children’s hospitals, and beyond. The book was illustrated by Missi Jay. Her work has earned recognition from Print Magazine and the Addy Awards, and she won the Big Wig Award for best illustrator from the Austin Advertising Federation.