This year’s heatwave of beauty brings looks for every vibe, merging both glowing, natural skin with dewy cheeks and flawless looks with all-out glam eyes. The best part? This season is all about gorgeous, healthy skin and looks that take only moments to create, according to our beauty expert, Ana Bribiesca Hoff.



For a rosy, warm, and feverish flush, try Chantecaille Cheek Gelée and add instant color and luminosity for a radiant, youthful glow. Dab this sheer yet vibrant pigment on temples, cheekbones, and the apples of your cheeks.

$45. At Neiman


The most hypnotic fragrance of the season is surely Issey Miyake’s L’Eau d’Issey Eau & Magnolia. It’s an ode to the plant world’s beauty, materials in a natural state, an incredibly vast range of textures, and inherent sensuality.

$105. At

golden hour


With your fingers, dab a few layers of Bodyography Glitter Pigments in Bubbly all over your lid for a dazzlingly glistening shimmer. Finish with smudged black eyeliner for an imperfectly perfect glam vibe.

$24. At


When you can use the new Sunless Tanning Serum from native Austinite Trish Williams Huddleston, who created COU Skincare, why risk the harsh effects of the sun? We apply at night and wake up with a healthy-looking tan.

$54. At



When on the Riviera, do as the French do. Wear CHANEL’s Pastel Sand nail color, part of their La Pausa Collection. It will add a fresh flair to any summery outfit you adorn.

$30. At


CHANEL has incorporated the soothing, healing spirit of La Pausa, Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite villa in the South of France, into the collection with the launch of Rouge Coco Baume. This moisturizing, tinted lip balm has all the qualities of a lipstick. We recommend Flirty Coral.

$42. At



Lock in makeup, hydrate skin, and provide a breathable, glassy glow with Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Set + Refresh Spray. It’s the perfect pick-me-up before a night on the town.

$36. At


Splash on a hydrated glow with Glam Glow Waterburst Hydrated Glow Moisturizer, a weightless water cream for instant and 72-hour continuous skin-quenching hydration.

$52. At



For hair spun like gold, try Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine, a mist-in-one treatment that adds elasticity, strength, and lustre for optimal hair health while delivering a finished look that boasts magnificent shine.

$32. At Kevin


Saie Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter is an illuminating gel-based luminizer made of 75 percent water that can be mixed with skincare, foundation, or worn alone for a wet, dewy look.

$28. At




Fiesta 2022 Is Celebrated With Annual Viva Garden Soirée

By Jake Gaines Photography by McKenna Kinder and Jenna-Beth Lyde

The annual Viva Garden soirée was held on a glorious and breezy evening during San Antonio’s Fiesta 2022 to celebrate The Court of the Grand Tour. The honorees included The Royal Household’s Her Gracious Majesty, The Queen Ian Brusenhan, and Her Royal Highness, The Princess Marguerite Stewart. The in-town Duchesses and the Visiting Duchesses and their families and friends were also honored at the al fresco event.


Guests arrived to cascading Fiesta streamers hung from 30 feet high amongst the oak trees lining the entrance of the Terrell Hills home of Nancy and Edward Steves and Gloria and Miguel Dilley, swirling to the breeze as a lovely welcome to all the guests. The Viva Garden soirée was elegantly catered by Club Giraud.


The event was hosted by a group of women and men from San Antonio and beyond who continue to organize and produce the evening from year to year.  The Texas Cavaliers’ King Antonio, Bart Simpson, and his court attended the party along with many of The German Club Order of the Alamo members.   

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When the weather heats up, we turn up the cool factor.

This summer, as we all embrace the freedom of travel and gathering with friends and family, we love the long days into evening, don’t you?

Grab your swimsuit and everybody…into the pool.



Alley Theatre Hosts 75th Anniversary Ball, An Evening at the Starlight Room 


By: Jennifer Roosth        Photography by Priscilla Dickson and Jacob Powers 

THE SETTING: Recently, over 650 guests attended the Alley Theatre’s 75th Anniversary Ball, An Evening at the Starlight Room at The Post Oak Hotel, raising a record $1.9 million for the organization’s artistic, educational and community engagement initiatives. As guests arrived, they entered the Grand Ballroom, staged as an elegant supper club reminiscent of The Rainbow Room in New York. 


THE STYLE: The vivacious energy of the room was palpable. Richard Flowers and his team at The Events Company pulled out all the stops for the Alley’s 75th. They had guests gasping at an abundance of quicksand, Sahara, and Majolica roses intertwined with orchids and calla lilies, all set among different banquet-laden tables. Walker Chancey designed the beautiful floral décor. A ballroom-wide champagne toast after dinner and dessert that was served was the cue for the band, Manhattan’s Starlight Experience, to rouse the crowd with their rendition of Bang Bang. The 17-piece show band kept the crowd dancing well past midnight


THE PURPOSE: The evening included heartfelt speeches from Board President Ken Kades, followed by Dean Gladden and Rob Melrose, who sighted the historical significance of the Alley’s 75th anniversary year. Then there was a special tribute to Beth Madison, the champion of arts and education in Houston.


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When we were children, didn’t it seem like an endless summer then? No time constraints to keep us from pursuing fun. Today you can get back–and move forward–to that blissful feeling, according to our professional life coach expert, Angie McCourt.


Our fast-paced world can have us feeling like a robot moving from task to task and decision to decision each day. It may feel like something is missing as we do everything we are supposed to do for our family, work, and others. Have we forgotten something on our busy life journey? Perhaps it was left in our childhood or adolescence? Maybe it was something we enjoyed about ourselves, such as how we learned and engaged with others. What about play? You may ask, are adults supposed to play, like children do? The answer is a resounding yes, and you can add it back into your adult life, starting here and now.

When we are engaged in playful activities, we stimulate our creative minds and increase our imagination, which helps us create new ideas, learn new skills, and problem solve. In fact, engaged play is thought to help increase happiness, align you with your deepest needs, and is a huge predictor of your wellbeing.

Studies show that play improves memory and stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex. Play reduces cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, and releases endorphins (the good feeling hormone.)  Play reduces burnout, stimulates the brain, boosts creativity and innovation, and increases productivity, social skills, and emotional wellbeing.

Let’s focus on creativity for a moment. Creativity is not only about being artistic. Everyone has a form of creativity. It’s all about how they access this resource. It includes solutions, ideas, or approaches that may otherwise be closed off. Play opens up creativity, so we can expand and grow.

Play doesn’t have to include a specific activity; it can also be a state of mind. When we approach challenges from a playful place, we can uncover creative solutions. Developing a carefree nature can be as simple as not taking ourselves or life too seriously.


If you find yourself limiting your playfulness, it’s possible that you’re self-conscious and concerned about how you’ll look and sound to others when attempting to be lighthearted. Or, it could be you have been in the habit of being serious all the time because you’ve been programmed to be serious as an adult. You can shift from this belief and state. Acknowledge these areas, find the deeper truth, and recognize others can feel the same way. You can start small and private in your play.


You might ask, so how am I supposed to play? What should I do? Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling (pun intended). Rediscover what your younger self enjoyed doing. This can take some recall of memories, putting yourself in your own little shoes, or envisioning your 10-year-old self playing and having fun. Host a regular game night with family or friends. Hit the mini-golf course (or standard golf course), bowling alley, etc. Keep in mind not to have an outcome or expectation of a result. Just play. Leave the competition at home.

Laughter is play. Find something that brings you laughter or simply laugh at yourself. The key here is to not take yourself or life too seriously. Play with children or pets. The key here is to be fully present. Leave your phone in the other room/car/home. Grab some paint or a pencil and create. No masterpiece is expected here. Just doodle, color, use Playdoh or knit. Schedule time outside at a park, beach, or other outdoor area doing an activity. Get physical with yoga, Pilates, dancing, acting, singing, biking, hiking, riding roller coasters, mountain climbing, surfing, and snorkeling. Play with the intention for you to have fun, not to prove anything. Create a new game. Who says you must play by someone else’s rules?


  1. When you become stuck in a problem, project, solution, or decision…turn to play. A few laughs and time away from the situation can help open the mind to new creative solutions.
  2. Think of a challenge you currently have. Now think of it in a playful way. In your mind, create avatars of the people involved, have a conversation in a cartoon voice, or think of it from a child’s perspective. What would your 10-year-old self do?
  3. Schedule time for play without setting an outcome or result. Just be open to what comes up for you at that time, even if it’s only daydreaming.

Tapping into this side of yourself (brain, emotions, physical, hormonal) can create more flow in your life. This includes relationships, connections, deep replenishment, and cognitive function. Flow offers balance, ease, and sustainability. As you play, notice how your creativity opens. How can your curiosity and flexibility develop, and how do you loosen your grip on control and the need to force life to happen? In fact, life should always be as playful and enjoyable as possible.  



Broadway Dallas Dinner Series Debuts With New Name


By Cynthia Smoot         Photography by Thomas Garza

THE SETTING: Recently, Dallas Summer Musicals announced a name change to “Broadway Dallas” as well as its 2022/2023 Germania Broadway Series Season at the opening of an exciting new Spotlight Dinner Series of fundraising evenings generously sponsored by PNC Bank. Ken Novice, Broadway Dallas President and CEO, served as host for the first Spotlight Dinner on the stage of Music Hall at Fair Park. The intricately curated program was imagined and executed by Hamilton A. Sneed of HAS Events. 


THE STYLE: Starting in the elaborately decorated Music Hall lobby and in celebration of the upcoming show announcement of My Fair Lady, Act One had guests sipping on British-inspired cocktails paired with passed hors d’oeuvres. Riley Jones, a student from the Broadway Dallas High School Musical Theatre Awards program, entertained during Intermission with a solo performance of I Could Have Danced All Night. For Act Two of the evening, the attendees dined on a four-course meal inspired by the 2022-2203 Broadway Dallas season.


The evening concluded with the curtain lowering and rising again with an encore bow, lights, applause, and a champagne toast to celebrate the announcement of Moulin Rouge! as the theme for the Broadway Dallas Gala to be held in April 2023. Kathryn and Craig Hall will serve as honorary chairs.


THE PURPOSE: This intimate event series, filled with song, fun facts, and always a surprise or two, benefits artistic and educational excellence at Broadway Dallas, including programs in classrooms and throughout the community, serving more than 40,000 students and families each year. Interested patrons can select the dinners that entice them the most or subscribe to the entire series.

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