Dangerously beautiful and deliriously delightful, fashion is on the move again, just like we all are. Wherever you go, whatever you wear and how you do it counts. So, this fall, make it count more than ever before in the most delectable ensembles that range from florals to bold metallics to graphic inspiration and beyond…because really, anything goes.


Photography by  Mark Oberlin        Styling by Dion “Bleu” Drake

Hair by René Maldonado Cortez

Using Love and Snow Color Wow, Denman brush, Dyson blowdryer, YSPark, IGKhair, and Hot Tools 

Make-up by Tatiyana Elias | Using Lilah B and TMF Cosmetics 

Model: Vilena with Bounty Models

Styling Assistant: Eleanora Morrison | Sittings Producer: Lance Avery Morgan



Now that we are back in the swing of things, some of us are reengaging with others like never before. Others are taking it a bit slowly. Our Austin-based Resonance Repatterning expert, Mary Schneider, offers insight on moving forward with others.


What an amazing night it was…I went to an actual party, yet I haven’t been out again quite yet. I am being gentle with myself. A therapist wisely counseled me to take it easy and not over-expose myself too quickly. Not due to the pandemic, mind you, but in order to not end up with a “hangover” from too much socializing too hastily. Many people have made the same decision.


What has happened in this post-Covid era is slowly becoming a trend. People spent an inordinate amount of time, often alone, in their homes for the past eighteen months. This we know. Many of us developed a curiosity about what society would look like after the pandemic. Welcome. Now we are beginning to get a taste of it. Of course, many people and their families lost loved ones in these last eighteen months. We send them all love, light, healing, and blessings. We wish you peace.


Growing re-connectedness. We have coined a new term here. When you make a new friend, there is a choice. A choice to retreat to old ways of being or maybe, try something new. Covid and its subsequent isolation have provided us with a tabula rasa if you will (the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content; therefore, all knowledge comes from experience or perception). Interacting with selective amounts of people allows us to polish up our communication skills. We are also compelled to go deeper, as opposed to hanging out in what is familiar.

It may just be that we have no desire to do this going deeper-thing. And, being obliged to feel perhaps uncomfortable. There is a wonderful growth opportunity here, though–one of the silver linings of the pandemic. We are invited to try styles of relating to which we may be unaccustomed. Possibly we could be more open. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, we might be more quiet. Being in the same group of people for lengthy periods can magnify our mistakes. Yet, we see that despite our mistakes, we are still loved. We can heal them. I see increased self-acceptance leading to treating oneself more gently, and therefore, intimacy can improve.



Of course, with old friends, we can attribute our newfound relationship conduct to being isolated for so long. Over time as we move back out into society, the improved communication patterns we developed can positively affect all our relationships. We begin to reap the benefits of intimacy as a shared outcome. Intimacy (think of into-me-see) is a process where people know one another on a deep level. Many married couples have this, and best friends can, as well. It depends upon the basis of the relationship. The presence of true intimacy is a gift of divine proportion and is to be treasured. This intimacy requires a certain amount of vulnerability–authenticity coupled with the heart. The heart confers the capacity to express our feelings and state our needs.


Going back out into the world, we find our relationships are transforming. True intimacy allows us to talk about how we feel without remorse. It also allows us to express our needs with the expectation they will be met making us feel loved deeply. The deeper the intimacy, the greater the love. Intimacy and love increase exponentially. Self-love and self-acceptance are present, and we recognize we are beloved.


Ultimately, this agreement we made to engage in a quarantine lifestyle opens us to uncharted territory residing within us that we have always wanted to access. If we give ourselves this gift of self-love, we will have more to come back to when the pandemic is finally truly over. Covid-19 gave some of us a more authentic life.


Most importantly, we took the opportunity we were given and made the most of it. Lemons can always become lemonade. It turns the silver lining into pure gold, allowing us to see that we can love ourselves and love others as ourselves. We can see their mistakes, and we can let them go.



With social gatherings at an all-time high again, we loved the renewed relatability. Join our editors Jake Gaines in Austin, Cynthia Smoot in Dallas, Jennifer Roosth in Houston, and Eleanora Morrison in San Antonio as they share their statewide selections that are perfect to kick off fall.


So Well Done Austin Salad


Whisler’s, the craft-cocktail bar, mezcalería, and speakeasy-style haunt on the Eastside creates cocktails that are completely unexpected and expertly executed…it’s what they are known for most. So for a truly special time with friends, this is the place to gather for a memorable experience.


The Lolo Austin Texas wine bar


In two locations now, Uncle Nicky’s Italian Specialties brings to the city a relaxed and approachable, all-day dining experience reminiscent of the cafes of Northern Italy to the city. With plenty of cocktail selections, the all-day service will have you there morning, noon, or night.


Rebel Cheese Austin Texas


Opening this fall on the trendy SoCo will be the  40,000 square feet of restaurants including Mignette, a bakery, and diner from Michael Fojtasek of Olamaie; a wine bar, butcher shop, and produce store from Salt & Time; Hawaiian pizza chain Fire Dance Pizza; and a location of local charitable coffee shop, Greater Goods Coffee Co., to name a few.



pastry from La Tarte Tropézienne  dallas texas


For many years, in their trips to Napa, Tiffany and Daniel Moon developed a great appreciation of the complexity, sophistication, and different flavor profiles of wine. In 2009 they launched their own signature Estate Reserve wines from Napa Valley as a private passion project, Three Moons Wine. Offerings include a 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, a 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon, or a 2018 Proprietary Red Blend. Prices start at $42 a bottle and are shipped directly to you.


Georgie Dallas Restaurant


Firebird Fowl is serving up classic favorite foods with a Texas twist. In addition to the chicken and turkey menu options, you’ll enjoy the ranch-to-table duck, emu, ostrich and Texas quail choices. The cocktail menu features specialty beverages created from house-made infused spirits–even ice-creams on the dessert menu will be alcohol infused. At this Uptown high energy restaurant and bar, fowl play is encouraged.


Food from Rise & Thyme Dallas tTexas


Loro, an Asian smokehouse and bar concept from Austin’s Chef Tyson Cole and Pitmaster Aaron Franklin, features grilled and smoked meats with Southeast Asian and Japanese-inspired sauces and sides. The communal indoor space and patio were designed to emulate good old Texas dance halls. With Chef de Cuisine Mike Perez at the helm, Loro Dallas offers dishes exclusive to this location, such as fish and chips, French onion brisket melt, and brisket coconut rice.



Bottled Blonde Pizzeria + Bier Garden


There’s a new hot spot in Houston (and Fort Worth) where it’s all fun and games. Pinstripes is a multi-concept restaurant that not only offers terrific food and cocktails, but also is a great venue for entertainment like Bocce ball, bowling, and more.


Chocolate Crepe Sweet Paris Crêperie & Café


Eugene’s, formerly Danton’s in River Oaks, the clientele loves the daily specials, from Gulf Coast favorites red snapper, ling, Mahi Mahi, and grouper, to seasonal specials like crawfish, soft-shell crab, and wild-caught salmon.  Then there’s the all-natural, certified Angus beef filets and ribeye steaks, fire-grilled over oak and hickory.


Adair Restaurant Houston


Gratify Bistro, in the West U neighborhood, transports guests to a classic and Baroque French environment. In fact, it’s a grown-up escape from the every day where the disco ball shimmers and martinis flow. There are plenty of freshly shucked oysters, crudo, tartare, and caviar selections.



Salad from Jardin San Antonio


Landrace, now open at the new Thompson Hotel, honors the pastoral beauty of foods that can be traced back to the land where they are naturally shepherded over time. The seasonal menus  celebrate regional Texas ingredients and heritage growers close to home. James Beard Award finalist Steve McHugh, known as San Antonio’s most celebrated chef, helms it.


Los Azulejos San Antonio


Stout’s Signature, located at the Tobin Center, is the perfect place for a pre-performance gathering. It features upscale plates, from filets to risottos, with a full bar of handcrafted cocktails. We love the wide selection of pizzas and appetizers, too.


Sandwich Best Quality Daughter San Antonio


The airy Guenther House is the Art Nouveau and Victorian home at the Pioneer Flour Mills that offers homey breakfast and lunch, American and Tex-Mex fare, outdoor dining, and event space for special occasions.




Southwest School Of Art Celebrates The Spirit Of The 60s

By Jake Gaines     Photography by Jim Landers Photography

THE SETTING: Southwest School of Art welcomed guests back to the beautiful McNutt Gardens for a groovy celebration, rescheduled due to the pandemic, themed Imagine, inspired by the life and music of John Lennon and all the great artists of the 1960s. To begin the festivities, the Gale Art Sale enticed art lovers to collect new acquisitions in the Coates Chapel that included dy-no-mite pieces contributed by notable local, national, and international artists. Gala patrons were welcomed to the event and thanked for their generosity by SSA Board Chair Randy Cain and President Paula Owen. Co-chairs Sara and Jeremy Jessop gave special thanks to Stephanie Canales, the gala’s general manager.


THE STYLE: The attendees then proceeded to the main event. The tables, spaced with proper social distancing, were beautifully decorated in psychedelic colors for the sold-out event of almost 500 guests with linens by Illusions Rentals & Designs and flowers by Trinity Flowers & Events. Guests were treated to scrumptious passed hors d’oeuvres and a delectable dinner provided by Club Giraud. It featured a duet entrée of charbroiled medallion of tenderloin, topped with sautéed wild mushrooms and sautéed jumbo prawns with garlic caper beurre blanc on acini de pepe pomodoro served with a sautéed spring vegetable medley. The meal ended with a 60s favorite, a decadent Lemon Chiffon Pie with fresh blueberries & Lemon Sauce Anglaise. In keeping with a new tradition, the evening of fun, food, music, and art ended with an outta sight after party in the Frost Garden. Albert Steves’ band, Mothership, created a Studio 54-style atmosphere for guests to dance the night away, with more tempting food and libations as well.


THE PURPOSE: All proceeds benefited the Southwest School of Art, now accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, and Texas’ only independent college of art. The mission of the Southwest School of Art is to teach and advance the visual arts for the benefit of students seeking higher education and for others seeking education and enrichment. 

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San Antonio Gardenia Club Celebrates Queen’s Coronation And Court Presentation


By Jake Gaines   Photography by Jenna Beth Lyde

THE SETTING: Set amid the historical magnificence of the St. Anthony Hotel, the San Antonio Gardenia Club recently held its annual Queens’ Coronation and presentation of the Court. This memorable event, a grand Gardenia Club tradition, was patterned after the first Coronation held there in 1960.


THE STYLE: The hotel’s Peacock Alley, with Covid-19 safety measures in place, served as an elegant setting for cocktails and photography to begin the evening under the backdrop of French tapestries and crystal chandeliers. The splendid Anacacho room was the venue for the magical evening for the duchesses and their escorts as they were presented. The hall and ballroom, adorned in shades of lilac flowers, the Queen’s favorite color, was created by the renowned artistry and design of RTC floristry. The Mistress of Ceremonies, Siobhain Anders Buckley, introduced the Court and this year’s newly crowned Gardenia Queen, Chandler Suzanne Simpson. Chandler, a third-generation Gardenia Queen, is the daughter of Suzanne and Brad Simpson and the granddaughter of DeeAnn and Carlton Skinner Simpson.


THE PURPOSE: This year’s event chairs were DeeAnn Simpson and Kathleen Mayes. The purpose of the San Antonio Gardenia Club is to further interest in the fine arts by providing recognition to students within the San Antonio area, and the proceeds of the annual fundraiser raise funds for local fine arts students. The San Antonio Gardenia Club was founded in 1960, with the mission of providing fine arts scholarships to deserving students who graduate from Bexar County schools, enabling young scholars to continue their education at local colleges. The club also participates in the annual Fiesta Battle of Flowers, Texas Cavaliers River Parade, the Annual Holiday Parade, and the King William Parade.

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The Museum of Fine Arts Houston Celebrates With Grand Gala

By Jennifer Roosth     Photography by Jenny Antill, Daniel Ortiz, and Wilson Parish

THE SETTING: Over 300 guests recently attended the Museum of Fine Arts Grand Gala Ball in the brand-new Nancy Rich Kinder Building of the MFAH. Art patrons walked into an event space, with pandemic safety protocol in place, that was brimming with brightly hued flowers…hot pink peonies and a cascading staircase garland of peonies, garden roses, bougainvillea, and orchids. It was an inspired design collaboration between the chairs and Richard Flowers of The Events Company.

THE STYLE: The evening was all about enjoying the atmosphere and the experience of dining in the new building, which will house the MFAH international collections of modern and contemporary art. City Kitchen prepared a three-course dinner, starting with baby Spanish artichokes with shaved parmesan, wild mushrooms, leeks, spring potatoes, and flowers. Guests were also served grilled sea bass with tomato confit and yuzu beurre blanc, creamy grilled corn polenta, heirloom baby carrots, and snap peas. For dessert, guests enjoyed amaretto cake with raspberry and cream cheese filling with raspberry coulis and raspberry sorbet. The cake, made by Sweet Nation, was modeled to look like the Kinder Building

THE PURPOSE: Phoebe and Bobby Tudor served as chairs for the event that raised over $1.7 million to support the Museum’s general operating budget. The Nancy and Rich Kinder Building, where the event was held, is the final addition to the Susan and Fayez S. Sarofim Campus of the MFAH. Remarks of sentiment and excitement were made by the chairs, Director of the MFAH Gary Tinterow, Mayor Sylvester Turner, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MFAH, Rich Kinder.  

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