With the world vigorously coming back to life, one of the things we are most excited to see return are weddings. With weddings come honeymoons. And with honeymoons come travel wardrobes. As the top trends from the recent women’s wear 2022 runways have shown us, fashion is answering that call with a brighter, more contemporary take on fashions. THE EDIT ADVISORY’s Krystal De Lisi and Ellen Mason share their favorite finds.

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Description: A fresh take on the most nostalgic vacation-ready looks. While many resort trends pretend to be somewhat on the clock, Retro Resort is unabashedly Out Of Office.

Key Details: Hot pants, short shorts, and mini-skirts. Bandeaus, as well as bra and bikini-inspired tops, will be a hit. Look for hypnotic swirls, psychedelic paisleys, and retro florals. Coverups are evocative of the 60s and 70s caftans. This is also a great trend to play with scarves worn as tops, sarongs, or headdresses.

As Seen On: Pucci, Lanvin, Balmain, and Stella McCartney.

Destinations: Palm Springs, Miami, and The Azores.

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Description: Body-baring and confident, this trend redefines sexy by highlighting collarbones, shoulders, and sides. In fact, it speaks to both comfort and confidence.

Key Details: Cut-outs, crops, open backs, and asymmetrical necklines. Look for body-hugging knits and other body-con fashions in travel-friendly materials.

As Seen On: Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Diotima, and David Koma.

Destinations: Ibiza, Bora Bora, Nice, and Saint Tropez.

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Description: The traditional school uniform-inspired looks injected with hints of optimism with its use of vibrant color. Borrowed from the boys made feminine with pops of pink, eye-catching florals, and modernized rugby stripes.

Key Details: Letterman jackets, varsity sweaters, and vests. Look for collegiate stripes and color-blocked neon with moments of neutral to ground the look. Form-hugging hot pants and leggings join tennis skirts and preppy outerwear.

As Seen On: Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Sacai.

Destinations:  Martha’s Vineyard, Boston, Paris, and Milan.

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Description: The most overt happy dressing for a post-pandemic ethos, this trend features 60s and 70s, mod to groovy vibes with a dash of 80s optimism. While it is possible to style bright colors for hotter temps, the collections were full of cold weather fashions in these vivid hues.

Key Details: The brighter, the better, as this trend is all about color. Look for color-blocked knits in playful color combinations. Also, look for all-over prints, oversized stripes, oversaturated colors, bright neons, and tie-dye fashions. A more colorful take on graphics and logos will be seen in everything from tee-shirts to tote bags.  

As Seen On: Coach, Christophers John Rogers, and Marina Mascone.

Destinations: Reykjavík, Aspen, and St. Moritz.