With most of the warm weather behind us, we look forward to finally wearing the cold weather creations from the Fall/Winter shows. While the collections were full of seasonally expected knits, outerwear, and leather, the overall collections felt unexpectedly opulent and ominous, accordingly to our fashion runway trend experts, THE EDIT ADISORY’S Krystal De Lisi and Ellen Mason.


Cozy textiles, such as fur and sherpa have made another cold weather comeback. This season brings the addition of sumptuous velvets and head-to-toe knits. Take these tactile textiles beyond outerwear by adding these textures to your blouses, skirts, dresses, and more.


This is the perfect time to embrace your goth and glamour with head-to-toe black looks that layer metallics, iridescent fabrics, and sequins. From Angelina Jole’s Maleficent to Emma’s Stone’s rendition of Cruella, your typical fairytale ending just may need to be revised.  


Underwear as outerwear has been trending for a while, but this is max. Feminine corsetry and bustier styling, similar to the trend back in the 80s, is in everything from gowns to suiting. Keep the leather and hardware glamorous and romantic by pairing them with sheer and shiny fabrics…as well as soft silhouettes.