Where to go and what to do right now around the state and beyond? Look no further since we’ve assembled the newest and different to try and enjoy, according to our cool culture hunter, Lance Avery Morgan.

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The newest candle to be a hit with those in the know is Social-Lite. Gorgeous and filled with delectable scents with such themes as Set To Jet, Make Mine Champagne, Modern Ingenue, My Secret Past, Darling Really, and Isn’t It Rich, these five-star candles will add a sophisticated element to every room.

$58 each. At SocialLiteCandles.com.


The American Friends of Versailles, led by Amarillo-born Catharine Hamilton, is inviting guests, under the gracious guidance of Princesse Béatrice de Bourbon des Deux Sicilies, to enjoy a spectacular benefit trip of palaces and gatherings from Vienna and Prague. This one-of-a-kind tour of the fabled cities benefits the ongoing renovation of Versailles. Make plans now for October 2–10. $20,000 per person.

At AmericanFriendsOfVersailles.org.

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BOXT luxe table wine, Austin-based and female-owned by Sarah Puil, has launched into the new hot craze of premium boxed wines. The three red and white varietals use Napa winemaking techniques, are eco-friendly, and sourced from the best grapes in the world. Available through a subscription service, with free shipping direct to your doorstep.

At DrinkBOXT.com.


With travel in all of our futures, we can hardly wait. Until we’re on that jet, headed for, say, Italy, we can enjoy the flair of the fabled country with art by San Antonio-based artist Allison Gregory, whose contemporary work of abstract and specific venues, like the Italian Riviera, shown here, always brighten any venue.

At AllisonGregoryFineArt.com.

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You’ll definitely want to see the Texas Performing Arts exhibit Behind the Scenes: Hollywood’s Sistine Chapel.  Among the 50 backdrops received by Texas Performing Arts from the Art Directors Guild Backdrop Recovery Project was a nearly complete replica of the Sistine Chapel.  These 18 backdrops represent full-scale copies of the historic frescos, that are a cornerstone of High Renaissance Art, and were used in MGM’s 1968 papal drama, The Shoes of the Fisherman, starring Anthony Quinn.

At UTPerformingArts.org.                   


The BAE bag is a flagship product from Austin-based Betsy Christian, founder of Bae Liles. The totes, which come in orange and white, and black and white canvas, sport sturdy leather handles. Maker Moms handcraft them in Kenya to create sustainable lives through Fair Trade and every purchase contributes to their financial well-being. Look for a line of easy-to-wear dresses next.

At BaeLiles.com.   

Courtesy of Discovery Green