Fall into more fun, we say. Our editors Lesa Rossick in Austin, Cynthia Smoot in Dallas, Jennifer Roosth in Houston, and Eleanora Morrison in San Antonio share their stellar statewide recommendations that are must-dines as the weather cools down.



La Corsha Hospitality Group has exceeded all expectations with the East Austin Hotel. Sixth and Waller, a counter style restaurant headed by Chef Jason Stude, offers a poolside bar and The Upside rooftop bar that are all perfect spots to relax with a cocktail and delicious eats. At EastAustinHotel.com


Kyoten Sushiko, the beloved sushi spot, has been reopened into a more intimate, omakase-only restaurant. Enjoy a front-row experience as you watch your meal being prepared by the chef, down to the most intricate, delicious detail. At KyotenSushiko.com


Sugar Pine is the new, cheerful eatery that has arrived in North Austin with homemade ice cream, pastries, Onigiri, and so many appetizers. The delicious Bento Boxes are a great option…ranging from grilled salmon to Chicken Karaage. At SugarPineATX.com



Cannon’s Corner Irish Pub is located inside one of Oak Cliff’s oldest and most historic buildings and offers diners a traditional Irish pub experience. Their menu features a wide range of items from hardy starters, sandwiches, and salads and a must-try traditional Irish stew. You can also enjoy a large selection of Irish beers with more than 25 on tap, 200 Irish whiskies and scotches. At CannonsIrishPub.com Photo by Kathy Tran


Beto & Son is the chef-inspired new generation of Mexican restaurant in Trinity Groves that has become quite a popular destination. With tableside-crated liquid Nitrogen margaritas, the fresh farm-to-table ingredients and the warm environment, it’s a spot to which you’ll want to return often. At BetoAndSon.com


Recently opened in the Plaza at Preston Center, il Bracco offers a fresh take on classic Italian dishes with everything made from scratch including breads, pastas, and sauces. The fresh fish is delivered daily and all proteins are butchered on-site and offered on an impressively high quality, crave-able and everyday accessible menu. The chic, but comfortable environment with excellent service and hospitality is a core emphasis At IlBraccoRestaurant.com



Located in the heart of River Oaks District, Loch Bar is Atlas Restaurant Group’s classic seafood tavern with a speakeasy twist. It serves oceanic dishes synonymous with Houston’s cuisine and curates one of the city’s largest raw bars. In addition to offering a wide selection of local craft beers and handcrafted cocktails, the beverage program centers around one of the city’s largest whiskey lists. At LochBar.com


Houston insiders know what a gem Nancy’s Hustle is. Burgers with English muffins instead of a bun? Yes, please. It’s a modern bistro and wine bar on Houston’s east side. With simple fare in mind, they like butter, natural wine, cider, and cocktails that pair well with food. At NancysHustle.com


Located inside the beloved Yellow House at the southwest corner of Evelyn’s Park in the Bellaire neighborhood, Betsy’s offers not only fast casual dining, but also features outdoor grill nights, movies on the lawn, pop up events, and unique workshops.  At BetsysBellaire.com



Founded by Chef Elizabeth Johnson, Pharm Table is the mastermind behind what is arguably the only anti-inflammatory restaurant of its kind. Pharm Table embodies its anti-inflammatory menu with the amazing ability to traverse the nuances of today’s fad diets but also deliver the staying power of centuries-old cultural diets like Ayurvedic and Blue Zones. At PharmTable.com


Brothers José and David Cáceres’ passion for baking at La Panadería began when they were young boys selling their mother, Doña Josefina’s fresh baked bread on the streets of Mexico City. Eventually they took over their mother’s homegrown business and started baking on a larger scale, supplying bread and pan dulce for businesses throughout Mexico. After finding success in Mexico, the brothers realized they wanted to get back to the basics, and decided to bring their passion for bread culture to Texas. At LaPanaderia.com


Located in both Olmos Park and on San Antonio’s North Side, Pesto Ristorante was recently opened by Chef Alejandro Santoyo, who mastered his craft for 18 years in the kitchen of local favorite, Paesano’s restaurant. The restaurant, aptly named for Chef Alex Santoyo’s love of European cuisines, is primarily focused on  Italian cuisine. The perfected recipes crafted with pesto have infused native Mexican flavors with tastes that evoke his own authentic flare. At Pesto-Ristorante.com



Our Native Texan style bon vivant Gordon Kendall, who spends plenty of time in Manhattan, recalls his encounter being photographed by the late Bill Cunningham of the much beloved New York Times’ On The Street fashion column.


We all have our quirks. I’m a “shoe guy” and always have been. Judging from the number of other well-shod gents I see; I know I’m not alone. It won’t, then, come as a surprise that I’ve ended up with lots of shoes: sneakers, loafers, slip-ons, sandals, boots, drivers. Over time, though, my shoes have done more than just get me fashionably from one place to another: they have become my calling card, introductions to new friends and invitations to unexpected fun. My shoes have even helped me step into fashion near immortality.


I got to thinking about that recently after receiving a copy of Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs, by the late Bill Cunningham, of The New York Times’ Style section, photographer of On the Street and Evening Hours. One of fashion’s legendary photographers, he was at every fashion and fashion-able event in New York City for decades, camera at the ready, clad in his signature blue workman’s jacket with multiple pockets to house his camera gear, no matter how swank the affair. His images captured not always the entire person, yet perhaps a specific item of clothing, accessory, or piece of jewelry that captured his unlimited imagination and fashion knowledge. It was this very sense of having caught the master’s eye that came to mean the unseen, sometimes unnamed wearer had gotten it just right. So much so, I have no doubt there are fashion-striving New Yorkers who can attest to sunburns and chilblains from having consistently waited at the corner of Fifth Avenue around East 57th Street for Bill Cunningham to pass by on his bike and take their picture.


Gala partygoers were no better. At one event, an entire table fell silent as a mysterious hand reached over to touch the sleeve of one lady’s rather fabulous Oscar de la Renta gown, camera poised. How could anyone talk, when we were all holding our collective breaths, trying to photobomb the moment? But such was Cunningham’s skill at controlling the setting and the subject that no attempt worked. Especially my own. As it turned out, I had only to wait. I recall a February snow lay in thigh-high berms dotted up and down Seventh Avenue, approaching Chelsea. The sidewalks were a wet mess, but the jaunt from the subway-to-another event was short and I buy my shoes to wear, not decorate my closet. How could I forget how I was shod late that day? It was the Sloane, Glitter Slip-On, by Jimmy Choo. If Darth Vader ever attended the opera, these would be his kicks: covered in sparkling black crystals, its dark, glossy textured surface catching the light, highlighting each step with shine. I had just entered the venue, standing in the lobby, when I felt it. The hand, that hand, at my shoulder. It was him.


This is what I recall from that near minute, I admit, my only one ever, with Bill Cunningham. Turning towards him, watching his camera go ever downward, aiming past the evening jacket, ignoring everything else until it focused on the shoe toe. He shot just that one detail. Nothing else. He then asked who made…not “did”…the shoe. I could only stammer, “Choo. Jimmy Choo.” Then, just in case it wasn’t obvious, I added: “…but the feet are mine.” I recall walking on air the entire evening after that.


My shoes: past, present, and future. I don’t know where they’ll take me, or whom I will meet in them. But one special pair enabled this unabashed shoe guy to step, however briefly, into fashion’s most famous flash.




Homeware,  clothing designer and entrepreneur Kate Hersh of August Morgan has a fanciful sense of humor that’s made her designs a colossal hit. She sat down as our guest on the Success With Style podcast series with co-hosts Rob Giardinelli and Lance Avery Morgan to discuss entertaining in style.

Photography courtesy of August Morgan

Preppie godmother of the 1960s and mad-for-paisley designer Lilly Pulitzer would be proud of her post millennium spirit animal Kate Hersch. What started as an obsession with vintage needle point pillows has evolved into a budding enterprise for Hersch, a busy mother of two, and founder of Austin-based August Morgan, and is thoughtfully turning into well, a potential lifestyle empire.

It seemed simple in the early 2000s when Hersch confidently charged ahead to make the world a more beautiful place. It started out with repurposing grandmother’s embroideries and placing them onto pillows, ottomans and room divider screens. Then, ever the consummate hostess, Hersch mastered the duality of irreverence, intermixed with elegance, by producing a delightful line of hand-embroidered linen cocktail napkins, perfect for any and every occasion.

Double entendre bon mots like No Straw Needed, On A Long Leash, Owl Have Another, and dozens more, started the craze so that every stylish home might be seemingly incomplete without a set­–or eight. Luxe stores like Neiman Marcus, Barney’s, The Breakers, and The Menagerie came knocking to stock her quirky point of view of the 50 different styles and sales have been climbing. “Not everyone is comfortable at a cocktail party, so the napkins are designed to be a conversation starter, as well as a hostess gift,” shares Kate Hersch. Then, creative vision intact, she added a line of stemless cocktail glasses with similar clever sayings.

Now, she’s designing casual clothing because, as she states, ”I knew there was a better and stylish answer to the athleisurewear you see everywhere now.” Whew. The line of easy breezy tops, scarves, pajamas, caftans, and sleek shift dresses have been a Palm Beach-meets-Palm Springs hit and if you see a Texas lass sporting newly chic and bright attire, it might likely be an August Morgan creation. “Essentially, they are for the women who would understand my napkins.”

Hersch spent her early career years working for Sotheby’s Auction House after graduating from The University of Texas and shares, “It was like going to graduate school because I sat through all the auctions, so I learned so much about silver, African art, you name it.” When we ask her if it’s aided her design sensibility, she says, “It did. And, I also think that people who sort of get me, get my stuff I create. Those crazy, crazy people.”

Tongue planted firmly in chic, she likes to say that August Morgan was born in New York City, but was raised in Austin, where she now lives in a Gatsby-eque West Austin home that she’s re-done from top to bottom. At work, from a downtown atelier in the heart of the city, it’s all business. Hersch and her team always seem to be filling the endless orders from web commerce and retailers, as well as attending design gift market shows across the country. From word of mouth to a robust social media presence where consumers can click and buy something that they love immediately has been, as Hersch states, “a game changer to the business.”

Her goal for the brand as it grows is to be in more retail markets like New Orleans, Charleston, and other like-minded cities known for gracious entertaining. That is likely the secret to Kate Hersch’s vision for long term success with August Morgan, “It’s a thoughtfulness and also, you know, it’s the aesthetic that is pretty, southern, and colorful. I like fun energy and I always believe in not taking yourself too seriously.”



Everywhere we look there’s something new to love. Join our inveterate cool hunter Jake Gaines as he scopes the world near and far for the most unique new opportunities you can experience, too.


The upcoming Illustration Art Signature Auction will be one of the best in the world for those who want to own a piece of fine illustrated art. The cool mid-century ones will likely go quickly at the Dallas-based Heritage Auction. Bidding begins Sept. 24. through Oct. 15. At Heritage Auctions.


The 3rd Annual Park Place Luxury & Supercar Showcase, Dallas and Fort Worth’s premier luxury lifestyle and automotive event, returns this fall to the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. This sleek one-day event features three distinct areas of phenomenal cars including a juried Collectors’ Concours, featuring a diverse selection of rare supercars, luxury, sports, vintage and classic cars from private collectors. The Car Club Expo will feature some of the best car clubs in Texas, plus fashion, food, and entertainment offerings. September 28. At LuxurySupercarShowcase.com.


Sure, there are plenty of premium tequilas in the world these days. We love that Casa Dragones is an independent, small batch producer with a passion for crafting exceptional sipping tequila, one gorgeous bottle at a time. Add it to your cocktail cart soon. At CasaDragones.com


Want to relax and tune out? Try Spa in the City, Dallas’ new med spa location on Lovers Lane, where they can also help you create a custom skincare plan just in time for the fall galas. In fact, they specialize in just about every cutting edge aesthetic treatment. At SpaInTheCityDallas.com


Texas Contemporary, Houston’s leading contemporary and modern art fair, will bring top galleries to the area’s contemporary art collector base. Texas Contemporary 2019 will feature 75 exhibitors and an innovative program of special projects and public installations as a continuation and expansion of Texas Contemporary’s notable partnerships with the region’s finest institutions and museums. October 10-13. At TxContemporary.com


The best place for a cocktail these days is near downtown Austin. Think of Nightcap as your extended living room for a cozy dinner, or for a large group. We can’t get enough of this space that has such a welcoming vibe, innovative cocktails and healthy cuisine. At NightcapAustin.com



As our social obligations increase this time of year, it may seem like we have less time for the niceties of life. However, according to our Ms. Modern Mannners Sharon Schweitzer, J.D., here are some ways to be more thoughtful about those around us.  


Dear Ms. Modern Manners,

Our upcoming travels are taking us on a European river cruise where we will delight in culture and devour goodies while wandering through the regions’ markets. What is the best way to politely barter while attending these markets?

Packed With Passport

Dear Packed & Ready,

Ensure you do your research on the specific cultural norms in each of the countries that you will be visiting on your cruise. Learn if bartering is indeed culturally appropriate in particular provinces. If so, incorporate the three P’s into your bartering strategy: personable, polite and private. Don’t reveal how much you are willing to spend, be friendly and always utilize kindness. Respect is universally understood.


Dear Ms., Modern Manners,                                                                                                               
I work in a small office and I adore my colleagues. My wedding has been a major topic of conversation between them, it seems. Do I have to invite everyone?                                                                    

Marrying Soon

Dear Married In The Future,

In the U.S., at the heart of every guest list is a congenial, compatible group of people. If you are friends with your coworkers and are social together, then it is appropriate to extend an invitation. If you are only inviting select coworkers to your wedding, you may discreetly ask them to keep it quiet at the office or workplace. You are in the best position to know whether this will remain quiet. Avoid being surprised when word of the guest list leaks out as it usually does. 

If you do wish to invite colleagues, consider the option of having a standby list or a “B” list. If you have a limited number of guest spots, send the “Save The Date” communication several months or a year in advance to the priority or “A” list Then, send the “official invitation” (by mail, website, or email). When the RSVP deadline arrives, have a friend or family member designated to begin the process of contacting and following-up with all guests who haven’t RSVP’d. Today, guests often fail to RSVP.

After the “A” list has been confirmed, extend invitations to colleagues on the “B” list if space is available. Be sure to wait until all “A” list guests have been contacted or confirmed. In some cultures, like much of Latin AmericaAsia, and specifically India, the social obligation is much stronger to include colleagues, leadership and supervisors, and business associates―including those of the bride and grooms’ parents. Depending on the culture and customs, social ramifications for failing to invite coworkers may cause a loss of face for both parties, and or personal offense. 


Dear Ms. Modern Manners,

Just when I think I’ve figured out modern dating, all these new terms surface. I think I know what “ghosting” is, but how do I know if I’ve been “uncuffed” or if I’ve “benched” someone?

Dating Awkwardly

Dear Awkwardly Seeking,

Modern dating is complicated enough without all of these new words for how a date may conceivably disappear from the scene. Let’s define a few terms that indicate that you just aren’t that into him. Keep in mind that from an etiquette standpoint doing any of these things demonstrates a lack of maturity and poor communication skills. Hopefully you aren’t dating anyone who does this…

Benching is when you like your date well enough to keep seeing them, but not so much that you want to “lock it down with them.” So, you keep your options open with them while continuing to date around.

Cuffing is short for handcuffing someone you have been seeing. Winter is viewed as “cuffing” season when the romantic holidays occur and cooler weather encourages couples to stay indoors binge-watching shows and cuddling together. Being “uncuffed” means you are now single.

Ghosting occurs when your friend or the person you’re dating suddenly cuts off all communication with you, with zero warning or notice before hand, hoping they will get the hint that they’re no longer interested. A ghoster will avoid one in public while simultaneously ignoring their phone calls, texts and on social media. It’s extremely confusing for the recipient.

Breadcrumbing is the brutal act of send flirtatious, but non-committal text messages aka “breadcrumbs” with the goal of luring an intimate partner without expending much effort. It’s also called “leading someone on.”