Texas Cultural Trust’s Texas Women Of The Arts Celebrates Art In Palm Springs

By Rob Giardinelli Photography by Grover Steele  


THE SETTING: Palm Springs was the setting for several days of fun, sun and art. Two dozen members of Texas Cultural Trust’s Texas Women of the Arts recently descended upon the gorgeous desert enclave for an art tour of some of the nation’s most iconic works.

THE STYLE: Amidst the backdrop of picture-perfect weather, the desert-chic crowd spent their days touring some of the most iconic works in the area. Exhibits and venues toured included Lovers Rainbow by Pia Camil, a Palm Springs modern home tour, and visiting the Going Nowhere Pavilion by Julian Hoeber. The tour was capped off with a private tour of Sunnylands, previously known as the Annenberg Estate. Built by philanthropists Walter and Lenore Annenberg, the home is known for hosting eight presidents during their lifetime.

THE PURPOSE: The event raised awareness for Texas Cultural Trust’s Texas Women of the Arts, which is a group of 300 dynamic women from across the Lone Star state who share a mutual love of the arts. The mission of the group is to ensure that every child in Texas has access to arts and education programs, which are essential to a child’s development.

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